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Iodine Therapy for Thyroid Health & Managing Thyroid Cancer

Updated on July 13, 2016

Function of Thyroid Gland

Your thyroid gland is an important part of your body that regulates your metabolism and creates hormones that benefit a lot of other aspects of your body. If it does present a problem, you want to take care of it as best as you can and get it treated.

Borderline Thyroid Issues-One Of The Most Important Glands

The most common symptoms associated with hypothyroidism and those who are borderline are the following; feeling fatigued, inability to lose weight, gaining weight, irritability, poor skin anxiety, complexion and depression. These symptoms can still be problematic to you even though you do not have hypothyroidism, so you will still want to shore up your thyroid and get it working even better so that you can get rid of these symptoms.

It is when your thyroid is slower than it should be which can result in a variety of problems. There are many more people who do not actually have hypothyroidism, but instead have Borderline Thyroid Issues.

While minor, it is still important to talk to your doctor about it. If left untreated only your doctor can determine the proper course of action to get you in tip top shape. Be aware that even minor issues may turn major.

Observations and Concerns

Your doctor can prescribe you medication to help get your thyroid back in balance and working correctly. While a little cumbersome to have to deal with, these sorts of thyroid issues are nothing major and easily treated. You may have to take some medication for the rest of your life but beyond that you will not have to worry about much.

The first thing you will want to do is to go and see your doctor, if you suspect your symptoms are caused by your thyroid. It may sound like a good idea to just start taking iodine supplements, but too much iodine is equally as harmful as too little. Make sure to consult your doctor and find out if iodine deficiency is the cause, and if so find out how much you need to get to correct the issue.

Iodine Sources

Iodine can be found in a wide array of places, however the best place to get natural iodine is from seafood. Fish and kelp especially contain large amounts of iodine and if you only have Borderline Thyroid Issues simply adjusting your diet may be all that you need to do.

Sea Vegetables: These are easy to incorporate into your diet and they are packed with iodine! Sea vegetables alkalize the body and removes excess fat and water in the tissues. It is often used by naturopathic practitioners to transform toxic metals in the body to harmless salts that can be easily flushed from the body. Sea vegetables also contain Vitamin B-12.

Iodine is a substance required by your thyroid to function, it acts as a sort of fuel. Having Borderline Thyroid Issues means you are taking in enough iodine not to have hypothyroidism, but not enough iodine to keep your thyroid running properly, thus you still suffer symptoms.

One of the most important glands in your body is the Thyroid Gland. Your thyroid not only regulates your metabolism, but the hormones it creates can help a wide array of bodily functions. You want to make sure you take care of it and support it properly so that it can continue to work at peak efficiency.

Below is an easy recipe for adding iodine into your diet.

Seaweed Salad, Naturally High in Iodine

Sea Vegetables and Seafood
Sea Vegetables and Seafood

Sea Veggie Topping Recipe by Dr. Linda Page N.D. Ph.D.

  • 3/4 Cup Dried Dulse Seaweed, Chopped
  • 1/4 Cup Dried Wakame Seaweed, Chopped
  • 1/4 Cup Dried Nori or Sea Palm Seaweed
  • 1/4 Cup Dried Kombu Seaweed, Chopped
  • 1/2 Cup Sesame Seeds, Toasted


  1. Just barely whirl dry ingredients in the blender so there are big chunks left. Add a sprinkle or tablespoon to soups and any foods that are liquid. These will turn a beautiful ocean green color. Store in a dry place.
  2. Crumble these high iodine sea veggies over pizza or use as a topping over soups and casseroles. It can also be added to smoothies but might give a fishy taste. Do not do this if you only like fruit smoothies. Note: Only purchase seaweed from sustainably sourced brands. [Source:Book: Cooking for Healthy Healing]

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Iodine For Radiation Therapy-Treatment For Thyroid Cancer

In decades past we figured we would have cured cancer by now, and even though sentients and doctors strive to find a cure, there is not anything out there. The treatment required of course depends on the type of cancer and how early it was caught.

Cancer is a major issue and if you catch it early enough then surgery or Iodine for radiation therapy can help treat it and ultimately get rid of it. If you wait too long it might be too late. If you even suspect you have it then you should see your doctor as soon as possible as any delay could have dire consequences.

If you have these symptoms you should immediately see your doctor and have them run standard tests to determine whether or not you have thyroid cancer.

Iodine Deficiency: 72% are Deficient. Are You?

Early Detection

Iodine for radiation therapy is one of the treatments for thyroid cancer. Essentially they pass radiated iodine through your thyroid gland in the hopes of eradicating the cancer cells.

The best defense against cancer is to simply catch it early on. In almost all cases, if caught early enough it can be treated effectively. Surgery and Iodine for radiation therapy can work, but their odds of working are increased exponentially the earlier the cancer is discovered.

Your thyroid gland is an important part of your body that regulates your metabolism and creates hormones that benefit a lot of other aspects of your body. If it does present a problem, you want to take care of it as best you can and get it treated.

Symptoms That Might Indicate Thyroid Imbalance

Typical Causes
Chronic Fatigue
Iodine Depletion
Weight Gain
Zinc & Vitamin D Deficiency
Unable to Lose Weight
Overuse of Diet Pills
Feeling Weak/Sluggish
Slow Thinking
Environmental Pollution

Do Your Research

It is important to do thorough research before embarking on a natural healing protocol of any kind.  If the motivation is driven by real concerns of health and symptoms, consult your doctor for a diagnosis, blood tests, x-rays, etc.
It is important to do thorough research before embarking on a natural healing protocol of any kind. If the motivation is driven by real concerns of health and symptoms, consult your doctor for a diagnosis, blood tests, x-rays, etc.


Depending on how early the cancer is caught one of the preferred treatments is simply to cut it out. If caught early enough, the cancer can be confined to the thyroid gland and doctors may opt to just remove the tumor and infected tissue outright.

Unlike a lot of types of cancer out there, thyroid cancer has symptoms you can look for and check for yourself. Some of these symptoms can include a small tumor on the front of your neck, difficulty speaking, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing and pain in your neck.

The doctor will discuss your options and share information if you do have it. In any event, you will need to figure out what was causing those symptoms to begin with - If you are fortunate and do not have thyroid cancer.

If it is not cancer, it still might be something serious so it is important you do not just give a big sigh of relief and call it a day! Health scares are good opportunities to do a health tune-up and start a lifestyle change that will give benefits for many years.


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