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Ionized Atoms

Updated on April 14, 2013

Ionized Atoms

electrified woman
electrified woman | Source

Ionized Atoms

Ionized Atoms

The invisible electromagnetic sphere (our body) can be induced by ionized atoms and molecules that endow an ionosphere with its electrical conductivity either with a compelling positive or negative charge (Lee, E.W. (1970) Magnetism).

The currents and frequencies are mesmeric, gyrate, shock, exhilarate, and jolt oersteds [Oe] into the body that stimulate and electrify the body’s senses and nerve receptors into action.

It is an electromotive force that stimulates cells, atoms, molecules, muscle, tissue, bone and the bloodstream. The currents are called eddy-currents or oersteds (magnetic current [Oe]) that create a functional electrical current in an irresistible magnetic force moving the body; and changing its temperature. The bodies just like earth in a paramagnetic field that is magnetic with two Polar Regions the north and the south poles. The body has magnetic poles in the north and south regions of its sphere. The magnetic poles located in the earth that are closest to the equator are the highly magnetic fields of the earth. On the body; the equator would be considered the mid-torso this is actually midway from head to toe. The head of the body considered being the North Polar Region and the toe is the South Polar Region in the body (Paramagnetic).

Today, electrical treatments for youth and beauty are being performed on the skin to induce the cells to replicate and stimulate blood flows that have been inhibited in one way or another. They are performed with a mini-wand that is thermo-electric in its output in stimulating the skin.

At 96º C; the cells duplicate, anything above or below 96º C, they are rearranged and replicated in a different order than its original cellular structure (Skins: Changing Hues,

Oersteds for 96ºC are converted at a 7639.43726841 ampere/meter reading of the magnetic field strength ( The temperature is a key element in whether or not the cells will be duplicated in its original double helix or whether they will be replicated and rearranged because of the temperature change; in a possible mutated state.

We discussed areas of interest with the greatest amount of magnetic field energy that could induce the body naturally where Tasmania, located in Australia has the highest level of magnetic energy, but Brazil and Central Africa closely follow. Tasmania has almost every type of energy source in abundance in natural resource energy like thermo-energy, wind energy, and highly magnetized rock energy, etc. etc. that could and very well has been produced with the upwelling’s of magma that formed rock or what is called thermoremanent magnetization rock (dolerite), it also maintains quartzite’s in its mineral-rich plateau’s that were formed with the thrust of volcanic activity. The really interesting and fascinating component of magnetized rock is that it maintains the magnetic energy it was endowed with at the time it was formed and therefore emits or radiates the energy in magnetized form. So this type of magma contains thermo nuclear properties because it is magnetized.

Consider again that cancer and diseases of the blood system are all forms of immune deficiency symptoms and syndromes.

Those people who have artificial heart defillibrators should not consider magnets as alternate treatment therapy (bracelets, necklaces, or beads) or visiting these highly magnetic locations or sites without consultation with their physicians may be detrimental because it could affect the performance of the artificial defrillibrator.

Another form of Ionization is in the form of radiation therapy, and this type of therapy is currently employed to aid cancer patients. It involves high levels of radiation energy (X-rays) to kill cancer cells, but could also kill healthy cells, either by a high intensity x-ray (gamma rays) or by intravenous injection of radioactive iodine injected into the bloodstream. There are several treatments that a patient would have to consider and talk to their doctor about before even considering the radiation therapy options. Consulting with your physician is crucial to your wellbeing and ability to sustain treatments; and should always be the first consideration anyone should do in planning and maintaining your health or wellbeing.

Volume 1, Issue 36, 4-14-2013


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