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Is A Drug Test In Your Immediate Future?

Updated on September 23, 2013
Is A Drug Test In Your Immediate Future
Is A Drug Test In Your Immediate Future
Marijuana and THC which it contains can stay in your body for thirty days or longer and cause you to fail any drug test you take.
Marijuana and THC which it contains can stay in your body for thirty days or longer and cause you to fail any drug test you take.

More Information On How To Pass Drug Tests

First of all let me state that the information I am sharing here is for information purposes only. I am not in any way condoning breaking the law. Just giving general information that anyone could find with research.

You Can Try Cranberry Juice Cocktail To Pass Drug Tests

Some people have had great success with drinking copious amounts of cranberry juice cocktail in the 24 hours leading up to the drug test. This will only work for cannabis ( THC ) and will only work for a urine drug test. It will have no effect whatsoever $6 on a hair or blood test for illegal drugs.

You will want to stop using cannabis products as soon as you know your going to take a urine drug test. In the 24 hours leading up to the urine drug test drink two full bottles of cranberry juice cocktail and you should pass your drug test. Yes I know this is 128 ounces of fluid and yes your going to be passing a lot of urine. Now THC collects in fatty deposits in your body and this is not going to be removed by the Cranberry Juice Cocktail. What the Cranberry Juice Cocktail will do is clean out your kidneys of almost all traces of THC and enable you to pass your urine drug test.

People who have tried using water in large amounts say that the while the water has not always worked for them that the Cranberry Juice Cocktail always has. You need to drink it in the 24 hours leading up to the time for the test and you need to finish up with a couple of glasses of water for it to be the most effective.

The best way to pass a Drug Test is to not use illegal drugs. If you know thirty or more days from now that your going to have to take a drug test stop smoking cannabis. This will guarantee that you will pass the test. I would still do the clean out with the Cranberry Juice Cocktail before I took a Drug Test.

Please Vote In Our Poll Now.

Would You Be Worried If You Were Asked To Take A Drug Test?

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Please Vote In Our Poll.

What Would Happen If You Were Tested For THC, Cannabis?

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The above polls are completely anonymous. Your not giving your name or other information and no one will know you voted in them. I just thought it might be interesting for all of us to get some ideal of how people thought they would do if they were asked to take a drug test. For a lot of people it would be scary and could ruin some people legally and financially if they were asked to take a drug test.

The best way to pass any drug test is to be drug free. I know its easy to write that but if you know that failing a drug test is going to cost you your job or get you locked up in prison you need to quit. And if you can't stop using illegal drugs on your own you need to seek professional help. Sometimes professional help is the only thing that will work.

I have had many friends whose life's have been ruined or changed forever by their use of illegal drugs. I think marijuana should be legal and be taxed but until that day comes protect yourself. If you want to know how to pass a drug test do your own research so you can pass the drug test.

I really would like to hear people's comments on what they think about drug tests. If you would like please post a comment down below in the comment section now. Do you have any horror stories about drug tests that you would like to share. Knowing ahead of time that your going to have to pass a drug test gives you the time to stop using what are now illegal drugs and get clean. But if your told today that your going to have to take a drug test tomorrow you may find yourself in serious legal trouble unless you can find a solution.

What Will You Do If Your Asked To Take A Drug Test?

I am going to start out here by telling you that some day the odds are that you will be asked to take a drug test and you should know all the information you can before that day comes. Especially if you are doing recreational drugs like marijuana or taking a pill offered by a friend for pain. Incidentally both can be felonies and you could find yourself in serious legal trouble. First of all you should know that cannabis can be detected in your urine for up to thirty days or longer. If its Monday and you've been smoking pot on a regular basis and your told you're going to be taking a drug test on Thursday you're not going to pass. And there really isn't much you can do to make yourself pass the drug test.

Drinking vinegar is not going to help you to pass a drug screening test looking for marijuana. This is an old wives tail that does have some basis in fact but it is amphetamines that may be cleaned out of your system by drinking vinegar. The consumption of the vinegar will lower your bloods PH and will help to clear substances like amphetamines out of your body. But I wouldn't count on that even helping you to pass a drug test for amphetamine. Drug tests are being improved all the time and getting better and better at even detecting trace amounts of certain drugs or illegal substances. If you are being asked to take a hair drug test there really isn't much you can do short of going in and telling the person or authorities giving the drug teat that your willing to take the drug test but your going to fail the test or test positive.

Sometimes especially if you've had a long term period of employment with a company you can report yourself and get help with your drug problem. You could even save your job by turning yourself in. Mandatory drug testing catches more cannabis users than anything else. If your on probation or parole you're likely to be drug tested and if you smoke marijuana you may very well test positive. This can can get you into more legal trouble and you may end up on stricter probation or parole or you may end up going to prison. The best thing to do if you are addicted to cannabis is to discuss your problem with your attorney and let the court system know that you have a problem you need help with. But you have to seriously want help or it's not going to work. A 28 day program can't stop you from wanting to smoke pot. You have to want to stop. Aside from having to take drug tests for legal reasons you will be asked to take a drug test if you join the military, apply for employment at some work places or take part in organized sports.

There are of course other reasons you may be asked to take a drug test but those are a few of the reasons. For instance if you have an automobile wreck and no alcohol is involved the police may ask you to take a drug test especially if you appear to be high or intoxicated. With so many drug tests being given people look for ways to beat the drug test. This has resulted in a lot of myths and urban legends being put out as fact. And you will find companies all over the internet and probably down at your corner store offering products for sale guaranteed to make you test clean especially for marijuana. You will find products being sold that are shampoos guaranteed to help you pass a hair drug test to complete body cleanses that your supposed to drink and pass your drug test. And some of these products do work to varying degrees.

If you're a very light marijuana user you may be able to drink large amounts of water in the time leading up to the test and pass a urine drug test for cannabis. But it will take a lot of water. The increased water going into your body is supposed to flush out the toxins in your body including the THC from the cannabis which is what the urine drug test for marijuana is looking for. Some people try to tamper with the urine in some way to pass the test but with today's more sophisticated testing this is unlikely to work and will get you in serious trouble if you are caught. The best way to pass a urine test for marijuana is to stop smoking it for at least 30 days before you have to take the test. If it's a hair drug test you may quit for 30 days and still get caught. If you plan to join the military in the near future stop doing any illegal drugs so that you can pass the drug test when it comes. Your future may depend on it.

Some people claim to take an aspirin three times a day before they take a drug test for marijuana will let them pass the test. But know that taking too much aspirin could be potentially dangerous to your health. Aspirin thins your blood and if you cut yourself or were in an accident you will bleed much more quickly. I am in no way condoning cheating on a drug test. Just giving you general information that anyone could find if they would do a little research. The best way to pass a drug test of any type is to not do illegal drugs. And if you need help in getting off illegal drugs discuss this with a parent, friend, or your doctor. All will be willing to help you if you'll just ask. I hope I have provided you with information that can help you. Please post a comment below now and thanks for reading my Hub Page , Is A Drug Test In Your Immediate Future?

Please Post A Comment About, Is A Drug Test In Your Immediate Future? And Thanks For Reading.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Do yuh guys think it's possible to pass a dug test in 3 days?n how can I pass it.?i weight 138 n work out n one day I passed a drug test if a thousand on less than a week.

    • Katharella profile image


      7 years ago from Lost in America

      Hi crazyhorseghost, while I do love your hubs, I'm not trying to gang up on you with your other poster, but you do say you're in a Carolina. North Carolina is a decriminalized, hemp producing state, our government DOES in fact profit from it. Marijuana is not addicting, as it has been proven time and time over. (It "could" become psychologically addicting as can almost any thing but it has no physical addicting properties)

      It is also prescribed in 16 states for a number of ailments. Also it is stored in fatty tissues, so a thin person can (and have, because I seen it) pass a urine test whether they are or not a chronic smoker. My ex boyfriend was a construction worker and tested monthly and never failed a test. MJ is no referred to as MMJ (Medicinal Marijuana- MJ is "Mary Jane")

      It is a federal offense to pass on pain medications to another, and should not be done at all because you never know what another persons health problem is. It could be fatal. The addiction there is purely chemical. Some people can take them for years and go completely off without so much as a days withdrawal (Re: People vs. Larry Flint) as others can become addicted in weeks and go through horrible withdrawals.

      Sadly all you need is one prescription in order for it to be fine to take. The Military learned narcotic medications have quite a long life span and the morphine in the packs of WWII soldiers was found still as potent now as it was then.

      I have chronic pain and depending on my level of pain my 120 pills can last me 2+ months other times gone in weeks. The reason for that is I just endured the hurricane, and clean up was hard and a lot of physical work, thus more medicine, but when I don't have that, because I'm not chemically addicted they sit in the bottle unused for longer than when there is plenty of work.

      If you would take time to view and see he was a highly decorated Veteran at FT. Bragg which is close to my home, he had chosen MMJ over morphine for pain relief and was killed for it because of an uneducated, overzealous policeman.

      It also lifts depressive phases, and depression exacerbates pain. When MMJ relieves mental (as you say recreational use) pain, it also relives physical pain.

      I don't care about your spelling, but it might help if you research your hubs before you write them.

      p.s. As per cocaine, in it's pure form, the leaf is completely harmless and even babies are given the leaves to chew on when they are cranky from teething. It numbs the pain, as well as lifts the mood of the child, and is not addicting and in it's original pure form is a plus. It's all the chemical process that is dangerous and addicting. Heating it separates the true grain from the leaf, and that is how it's used by drug users who choose to use a needle. There are quite a few "clean needle" states so disease is not passed. Drug testing is actually becoming less rather than more.

      More information on on each state can be found at just look up each state to find their laws, it is updated frequently and is located in Washington D.C. (Where the best MMJ in the country is readily available.)

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      7 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks I was checking the grammar. I think I have it all fixed now. And a great comment to. Thanks.


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