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Aging Is a Disease, And We Can Cure it

Updated on November 19, 2010

Is the Fountain of Youth Within Us?

Have we been misguided?
Have we been misguided?

What if aging were an option?

Aging may be a cruel joke, but this article is not. It's a serious examination of aging by one who has spent more than forty years studying the mind both personally and clinically as a psychotherapist. It's also certainly not for everyone. It is for those open enough to read and run it through their creative mind, the source all new discoveries. Albert Einstein said that he never made a discovery with his thinking mind, because imagination, that contains all the answers that ever will be discovered, is much more important than knowledge.Carl Sagan, another of our great scientists said, "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be discovered." Perhaps, this is one of those somethings.

Every since we were born, we've been led to believe that we don't know anything, and so we've been systematically focused outside of ourselves for answers. Whether it was our parents, our priest, our doctor, or all the other “experts,” we were always told that the answers we needed for anything were in someone else's mind, not our own. Not a good start for our self-confidence. So it's not surprising at all that when it comes to something as intimately important as aging, we would look to outside sources to guide us. We have been conditioned that aging is inevitable, and it is a process that follows certain concrete steps to a final and inevitable conclusion. The age-old myth of the fountain of youth has involved the search for either an actual source of healing water, or a pill, or a magic formula, but it may be really something quite different and amazing.The real fountain may be within us, our own marvelous mind.

An increasing number of scientists are telling us that aging is a disease, and we can cure it. Of course, they are looking for the cure through the power of science. Well, isn't the source of the power of science our own incredible mind, and so it just may also be the source of growing younger. What if aging is a conditioned response to all of the billions of big and small bits of data and information that we have been absorbing in our subconscious mind throughout out our lifetime, and perhaps many lifetimes. From the dying leaves and flowers in the fall, to the death of pets, friends, relatives, and especially high-profile celebrities with all the money one would think is enough keep them alive forever, we are constantly bombarded with realities that say, “Aging is inevitable, and no one has ever escaped it and neither will you.” In other words, we may age because we have been subconsciously programed to age; so, we obediently complete the program. And, I'm speaking here of aging, not death, although they are obviously related, which is another issue to be discussed separately.

Because we are so heavily programmed to believe that we must inevitably age, we accept it without question, and our powerful subconscious mind, which is neutral and responsible for all our major decisions, makes it happen according to the program. Come on, we say, everything ages and dies, why not us? None of those creatures that we watch succumb to the “ravages of time” has the awesome mind that we do. Our brain contains the memory of perfect cells. Why is it that we gradually create more and more cells that are sick and aging? In every area of our lives, without knowing it, we actually subconsciously guide our brain to do what we want it to do. Few know this immensely powerful secret, because it is done below conscious level, and we have not been taught to do it consciously. The reason I know the power of the subconscious intimately is that, as her therapist, I help a woman heal herself of terminal cancer that she herself was causing to punishing herself for a childhood indiscretion. She became her own judge, jury, and executioner. What other powerful consequence may there be beneath our awareness?

It doesn't matter whether or not you believe this. What does matter is looking at it through the lens of your creative mind without the negative interference of your thinking brain that really knows nothing except what has it has already experienced or been taught. Only our creative mind, intuitive mind is capable of catapulting us to new heights of knowledge and new life giving discoveries. In a subsequent article, I will give concrete strategies for staying young and growing younger by using the powerful combination of our mind, body, spirit. In the mean time, you can, if you chose, start preparing yourself by establishing a permanent state of inner calm as a foundation for the inner clarity necessary for investigating your mind's abilities.


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    • profile image

      sheila graber 

      7 years ago

      seems that you are what you think...

      and yes, I believe like Carl Sagan - and probably millions more if they just opened their minds that:-

      "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be discovered." looks like we could all be around to experience it!


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