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Is Atkins Diet Bad For You?

Updated on September 1, 2015
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Short answer:

No, Atkins is not bad for you. It is a highly effective dieting plan and works with minimum side effects.

Long answer:

The Atkins diet takes a different approach to weight loss compared to other weight loss plans. While many other plans are focused on the number of calories consumed, Atkins works by reducing the amount of sugar and carbohydrates taken while allowing the dieter to have their fill of other food groups like vegetables and protein. The dieter consumes the least amount of sugar and carbohydrates possible. In the case of plant carbohydrates like wheat and rice, whole meal and brown unprocessed varieties are preferred due to their lower sugar content and additional nutritional benefits.

The body burns carbohydrates for heat and energy. In the body, excess is stored as fat. When the intake of carbohydrates and sugar is low, the blood sugar levels drop triggering production of a hormone called glucagon. Glucagon initiates breakdown of stored fat to carbohydrates for energy production. This is the principle behind the Atkins diet.

Several clinical studies have been carried out to prove the success of this diet plan. One of these was done by Dr. Robert Atkins himself where 80 subjects went under the low carbohydrates diet. Some have been published in the Journal of The American Medical Association. The results showed that reducing the body’s carbohydrate supply helps a lot in weight loss. Other studies have been carried out by groups such as the Harvard University Public Health Group.


Long term effects of Atkins diet

  • For people with low body fat content, the Atkins diet denies the body much needed fuel leading to fatigue and general body weakness.
  • May not be effective in all dieters due to differences in metabolism rates.

Benefits of Atkins

  • No starvation is involved thus the dieter is not likely to suffer fatigue, headaches or dizzy spells.
  • Studies have proven that it is actually highly effective in weight loss.
  • Eliminates hunger spells and cravings.
  • It is easy and hustle-free as there is no need to monitor calorie intake.

Alternatives to Atkins

  • Balanced diet
  • Regular physical exercise
  • Raw fruit diet


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