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Is Bronchitis Contagious Should You Be Worried

Updated on February 27, 2010

Is bronchitis contagious? This is a common question that is asked by many people all over the world. Before answering the question it is important to know what bronchitis actually means and how it affects the person infected with it. Bronchitis is a common infection that affects people of all ages. This infection is caused by pathogens like bacteria and viruses that lead to the infection of the large bronchi of the lungs. Bronchitisis the swelling in the passage of the windpipe that is connected to the lungs. This infection begins with the irritation of the bronchial tubes. After this inflammation there is the formation of mucus that deposit and block the air passage and results in breathing problems.

Bronchitis is of two primary types and they are acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. The former is generally caused by severe colds and stays for a shorter period of time. The latter results in chest pain and is accompanied by cough and fever. A person has a lot of difficulties in breathing in the case of chronic bronchitis. In this type of bronchitis the mucus is released through the cough of the person. People find it difficult to breathe for a longer time and they also are susceptible to ling infections as well. There are other clinical names for chronic bronchitis and they are “chronic obstructive lung disease” and “chronic obstructive air passage disease”

From the above it is evident that bronchitis is an infection that affects people of all ages and a common question that people ask themselves when affected is – Is Bronchitis contagious? Well, there are certain types of bronchitis like asthmatic bronchitis that does not have the involvement of bacteria or virus. This type of bronchitis is not contagious at all. The condition is only contagious when the bronchitis has been caused by bacteria or virus and is transmitted through direct or indirect contact.

The next answer to the question “Is bronchitis contagious?” leads us to the fact that both the acute and the chronic forms of bronchitis are contagious as they are caused by bacteria and viral attacks. This kind of bronchitis generally spreads when common vessels and utensils are touched and shared with the infected person. When handkerchiefs and tissues are also shared with the infected person the possibility of contracting the infection is high too.

In the case of this infection the virus or the bacteria may be transferred to the other person when you cough or sneeze. When you are initially affected by this infection there is swelling in the air passage and it is for this reason inflammable occurs in the air passage of the person. At this stage there is no formation of the virus. The virus or the bacteria is spread to the other person when the person coughs or sneezes. This is the reason why the infected person must consult a doctor for immediate medical attention. If the infection is left untreated it will lead to pneumonia. Both the above types of bronchitis are contagious and the infection can be spread by direct and indirect contact of the affected person.

Thus, the answer to the question – “Is Bronchitis contagious?” is yes and when infected with this Bronchitis you should take immediate precautions to prevent it from spreading.


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      Merlene 6 years ago

      Thank you for a comprehensive answer to my question.