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Is Bulimia Worse Than Anorexia?

Updated on May 8, 2011

Is Bulimia Worse Than Anorexia?

There are two main eating disorders: bulimia and anorexia. They are both fatal and can cause horrible health issues, especially if the sufferer avoids being discovered. Bulimia, also called bulimia nervosa occurs when a person binges and purges. Put simply, bulimics eat excessively within a short moment and find a way to induce vomiting. According to research findings and facts, these people want to expel food because of fears of getting

Anorexia also referred to, as anorexia nervosa is an eating condition characterized by deliberate efforts to keep the body weight excessively low and unhealthy. This kind of a sufferer is often obsessed with a slender body figure and believes that skipping meals all together can prevent weight gain. So, the person will feel hungry and ignore it continuously, and when he or she does eat, the food quantity would be too small.

While a bulimic feeds excessively and throws up, an anorexic will self-starve partly or completely. People who have had either of the two disorders sometimes wonder which one is worse to have. While all of them have personal reasons for preferring one condition to another, a doctor would recommend none. Both bulimia and anorexia will cause very serious mental or psychological issues, which influence the health condition of the entire body.

Both sufferers will want more freedom and privacy for the reason that they want to hide their eating habits. Withdrawal from friends and family would simply continue to deprive them of their mental peace and freedom. In other words, these people endure consistent depression and anxiety while doing the wrong things to feel better. A bulimic person feels guilty soon after overeating, trying to seek comfort, he or she overeats and purges yet again. The anorexics will insist on believing that they look fat despite other people's comments about their thin bodies.

As a result, some will starve their bodies completely or eat bits of foods just to survive terrible hunger pangs. That is why both diseases cause a sudden weight loss, which is very unhealthy. Between the two, facts indicate that anorexia causes more deaths but that does not mean that suffering bulimia is better off. In fact, bulimia causes very terrible side effects, such as heart attack, stomach ulcers, abnormal periods, diminished gag reflex; teeth enamel erosion, and other painful signs. It is good to never wish to endure either bulimia or anorexia because both are physically and mentally damaging.


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    • profile image

      Chelsea 5 years ago

      My doctor said it was.

      I mainly restricted, but once my doctor found out I started making myself sick, she freaked. She said people do fasts all the time, and not eating or eating a little was one thing, but to make myself sick was another.

      I have dental problems because of stomach acid coroding my teeth, and my potassium is at 1.9 which caused me to be hospitalized because my heart started failing.

      Also the use of laxatives is horrible for your body and dehydrates you!