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Is Cancer A Fungus?

Updated on July 14, 2012

Could it be possible that cancer is a fungus?

Recently there has been a heated debate on Hubpages about just that. True Cures, a fellow hubber, seems to believe that cancer is a fungus. Ever since he has been brave enough to state his opinion on this subject he has been attacked by other people on Hubpages.

I am writing this hub today to tell people that True Cures is in good company when it comes to the cancer is a fungus debate, because the Mayo Clinic has also come to the conclusion that cancer is a fungus! And its about time too, because now that we know what cancer is, we can fight it in better ways, and indeed, Dr Simoncini, an oncologist, has found a way to cure cancer without surgery, without chemo, and without radiation! BTW, did you know that 75% of all doctors REFUSE to have chemo therapy, and they REFUSE it as well for their families? Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't?

Get informed, here are just a few links you can check out.

The above links are just the start, do your own research, it just might save the life of a loved one.

Until now, surgery, chemo and radiation has been the ONLY approved method for the treatment of cancer, and it has been a dismal failure. If you are lucky enough for this treatment to kill the cancer in your body, you will probably NOT be lucky enough to survive the treatment. Chemo and radiation damage the immune system, setting you up for even more cancer.

Now, there are oncologists that are treating cancer in a different way. Meet Dr Simoncini, an oncologist who is KILLING cancer and CURING people! I know what a BOLD statement this is. But I think its about time we take our blinders off and look at cancer treatment for what it really is. It all comes down to MONEY in the end, and no one cares if you have to suffer and die, as long as they get paid.

Sr Simoncini, the oncologist, now CURES cancer in just a few weeks using baking soda! Yes, baking soda that stuff that is in the back of your cupboard somewhere.

If you want to know more about Dr Simoncini, check out the videos below.



So, now its up to you! I gave you this information, I did my part, what you do with it is up to you. I know just like True Cures that I will probably be discredited, and I say SO WHAT!

No one deserves to die from cancer, it is one of the most horrible things that can happen to anyone. I have lost 3 immediate family members to this disease, and now I am not taking it anymore. Remember a full 75% of all doctors refuse chemotherapy because they know the TRUTH.

It always amazes me that when someone like True Cures comes along with the TRUTH, people hate him. But then Jesus was treated in the same way, they did not want to listen to what he had to say either, and he raised people from the dead. I guess stupidity will always be part of the human condition, but hopefully more people are waking up.

Please refrain from commenting unless you at least visit some of the links and watch the videos, as you cannot fully appreciate what this hub is about until you do so. I too was very skeptical of these claims until I actually read the links and watched the videos.

I fully believe there is a cure for cancer, however I also fully believe it is being repressed because it is big business. People should know that doctors are told what they can and cannot do by the massive administrations that run the hospitals and rake in the money. If they want to pay off their student loans and have a career they have to go along with the program.


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    • slcockerham profile image


      5 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Thanks Mag for your brave stand against "Big Pharma!" My wife was diagnosed with skin cancer on her lip. Before the surgery, we had researched alternative natural remedies, and saw the ones you mentioned on baking soda, also Hoxsey's videos on using iodine for skin cancers. She treated the hideous wart-like thing with iodine and it was gone before she went in for surgery, so they rebiopsied that spot and others. The original spot came back negative, and they acted like that was a fluke. They basically talked her into either burning off or doing surgery on another half dozen cancerous spots. She wishes now that she had decided against their treatments and relied again on what worked.

      We definitely don't want to discuss how psychiatric medications are truly responsible in most of the school shootings and other violence either. That revelation could hurt advertising for the MSM and stop the largest lobbyist and campaign contributor in DC. Now we know why the sign for medicine is a snake crawling up a cross...

    • profile image

      Me Again 

      6 years ago

      By the way, people are going to use baking soda for every meal. Millions of baking soda products and treatments will be used and sold and in the end only a very small handful of people will experience relief and that will be because of their own immune system and ability to heal and in time, because all the gimmick fungicides like baking soda, oregano oil and every other mainstream popular products will fail the world will conclude that cancer is not a fungus and Dr. Simoncini will be just a fad.

      I'm not saying baking soda will not work for people who are sliced open with baking soda placed directly on the fungus, it very well could work but drinking and eating baking soda isn't going to do anything but make a joke of the truth that cancer and fungus are most often the same.

      By the way, there is NO scientific evidence that Lamisil is hard on the liver, just a whole lot of medical opinion from the same commercial scientist responsible for making sure nothing is cured.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      LOL, Mags, it is I, True Cures posting under the Candida handle not Screendoor/Dr.Fungus.

      I am simply cautioning you on the over use of the candida propaganda. The natural field of medicine blames almost everything on Candida.

      Candida is the least of one's worries as it is not the most deadly fungus we have and yes every cancer patient has fungus in their blood but so does every allergy patient, asthma patient or any patient with any "autoimmune" disease.

      As for the ONCOLOGIST credentials, what good are they? The only perk for Dr. Simoncini is he can physically see the tumors where someone without credentials cannot see the tumors or actual disease. His training is the same training as my Cousin Dr. David Euhus in Texas one of the leading US Oncologist. I doubt he would give an credit to the notion of cancer being fungus. He would probably fight it tooth and nail. I would talk to him, but the last time I spoke to him, he hung up on me.

      The reason people get fungus later on after using Lamisil is because Lamisil is a drug that kills fungus it doesn't change the person's immune system so the person does not become immune to fungus. That is why there is no natural or alternative medicine that actually improves one's health. To improve one's health one must build their immunity and drugs will not do that. Lamisil is a POOR choice but people will use it because it is convenient and it works better than any other drug on the market for killing disease causing pathogens.

      Dr. Simoncini is right, cancer is fungus, fungus is cancer. Systemic antifungals with the right active ingredient will be the most effective current medial treatment but that is only because no one is trying to develop a drug to cure cancer.

      The majority of the medical industry attack Simoncini without mercy which is why I question the source who says the Mayo Clinic is on board with the fungus cancer connection. I'm sure Dr. Stephen Barrett from Quack Watch has some choice things to say about Dr. Simoncini, doesn't make it true but make no mistake, the medical industry is not bracing the idea that fungus is cancer and cancer is fungus.

      None the less, curing cancer as a fungus is VERY easy, with or without medication. Will the medical industry endorse and use cures for cancer? Highly unlikely. As it sets, the only way Simoncini can cure someone from what is called cancer is if he tells them they can be cured and they believe him. Once a person believes they can be cured they can create an effective immune response that could very well cure them of cancer.

      I was banned from Hubpages because I argued, no doubt about it. I was on hubpages for many years without being banned but once my information became indisputable and once it became known that Lamisil cured psoriasis and Eczema, proving the conditions were fungal they had no choice to ban me for arguing and contradicting popular medical opinion. Hubpages exact words where, "your hubs contradict herpes scientific facts". Hubpages couldn't list a single scientific herpes fact anymore than you or any reader here could so instead of argue with me they went ahead and banned me. They didn't have a choice and you will get banned too if you ever hit the nail on the head.

      True Cures

      Check my IP Address with your other hubs.

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wisconsin


      One other thing, are you aware that every cancer patient has fungus in their blood??

      I did not know that until about 6 months ago.

      LOL....try to explain that one away. We are back to the chicken and the egg.

      Like I said, we have to keep an open mind.

      One thing True Cures promoted was Lamisil, I do not agree on excess usage of it. It can cause liver problems, and you have to sometimes take it for years(orally) to even get rid of toenail fungus. and then after a few months the fungus is back again. It is not a successful drug, what I know of it. I did not want to get in a long drawn out ordeal with TC about that, so I never stated my opinion, but I would not advocate it.

      Antifungals are not as effective as most people think, the fungi adapt and actually eat and thrive on many antifungals, Dr Simoncini addresses that and that was one of the things I was impressed with.

      Remember, we are talking an ONCOLOGIST here.

      I looked him up, he has a degree, he is who he says he is.

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Well Candida, Screendoor..LOL..or whoever you may be...please check out the first link listed in this hub, it seems that even the Mayo Clinic is now on the cancer is a fungus bandwagon.

      I think we need to keep an open mind about medicine especially. I have friends in the research field who tell me that almost every other week. All the real break throughs were always viewed with skepticism at first.

      As for True Cures, he was on Hubpages to argue more than write, and thats probably the true reason he was shut out.

      Anyhow, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Be careful Mags, focusing on or even using the word candida is counterproductive. It is one of the greatest distraction from real truth ever introduced to alternative medicine.

      This world is filled with deadly fungus, candida being the least likely case scenario. It is Simoncini's focus on "candida" that prevents him from ever truly making any real effective breakthroughs.

      Carbs are likely the main problem, not sugar. The world today survives off of mostly carbs and very little protein. Carbs turn to sugar and feed fungus, fungi that is more deadly than candida.

      The poor people of Africa are fed mostly if not solely carbs. The signs and symptoms of their AIDS outbreaks are the same signs and symptoms of any deadly form of cancer. Africans are dying from fungus which is very convenient because they cannot feed themselves so people have to donate and the more carbs donated the less people who will need to be fed.

      By the way, True Cures has been removed from Hubpages for "promoting dubious offers" and "contradicting scientific facts" in regards to the disease herpes. It seems Hubpages is unaware that there is not ONE single published medical fact in regards to the disease known as herpes but they still had a duty to suspend True Cures and remove his hubs.

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Hi Dave, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have heard for a long time that surgar will make cancer grow. I always said "No Way", but now I am thinking different. Dr Simoncini says the kind of fungus that causes cancer is candida, and now the whole thing makes sense to me, because candida THRIVES on sugar.

      I agree with you, people have to cut back on sugar, and I would think that the addition of probiotics would help too. I know I'm going to start eating yogurt again.

      If I ever do get cancer, I am going with the baking soda cure first, even if that means traveling to Italy and seeing Dr Simoncini there.


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