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Is Croup Contagious

Updated on March 13, 2010

The swelling of the trachea (windpipe) and larynx (cords) results in a coup and this result in random and harsh cough. One of the main causes of this respiratory system condition is due to the presence of the parainfluenza virus and other respiratory viruses in the respiratory tract. This condition is more common in children and in the initial stages there are small airways that get blocked. The cough can occur in the croup sound that sounds similar to the barking of the seals and it sometimes may turn out to be scary. This will be more concerning for children. However, according to many reports and case studies, it is a serious disorder but can be treated with simple remedies.

The question “is croup contagious?” Croup can be highly contagious among children and it can spread immediately with infectious droplets of saliva that comes out through sneezing or coughing. It also spread through doors, cloths, furnitures, toys and with other objects that gets connected with the mucus and sputum of the affected child. When a healthy child comes up with the contacts of these objects, he/she is likely to get infected. The croup is more common among children of 5 years of age and rarely happens in adults.

The croup can be contagious and there is no such time limit for how long the disease can be contagious. One of the initial symptoms for the croup is fever and illness and in children, fever is more likely to happen.

There are even other symptoms that include noisy and high pitched sounds, while the can also be difficulty in inhaling or agitation. Sometimes breathing problems may occur with croup and also cause development in fever. In some cases, the affected child may be seen with bluish and gray colors on their nose, fingernails and mouth.

Croup treatments can possible by breathing moist air and drinking lots of fluids like water, breast milk, apple juice, lemonade, Gatorade or tea. All these items can initiate faster recuperation. You can place a warm, moist cloth on the nose or mouth and breath the warm steam as the air reaches the esophagus, the croup condition is likely to get minimized. You should keep the vaporizer near the child’s bed and this will help in reliving him/her from the croup symptoms. For infants, you can half them in an upright position because that will help them to breathe easier. The warm steam can be very effective for children as they ease the breathing process and relax the vocal chords improving the stridor. You can even make your child bath in warm hot water and for the purpose you make him/her seat and allow them to breathe in the steam.

These remedies will allow the child with speedy recovery without any medicine. If the symptoms don’t show any favorable signs then it is advisable that children should be carried to the doctors immediately.

So, coming back to the question, “is croup contagious?” you may have fair bit of idea regarding the croup’s contagious character. The symptoms can be contagious in some cases. However, prevention and treatment is necessary so that you can take care of yourself and your baby.


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