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Is Death a better choice than life?

Updated on April 13, 2012
connieow profile image

Connie is a lifestyle coach, Reiki Master/Teacher (6 y), for 25 yrs, she received her MS in Psychology & Spiritual Leadership and Reiki Cert

Life is everywhere

Took this after the rain cleared. Reminded me of life after the storm.
Took this after the rain cleared. Reminded me of life after the storm. | Source
One of the many squirrels that sit just across from my dog run and eat their meals.
One of the many squirrels that sit just across from my dog run and eat their meals. | Source
Caught this out my window one morning. God & Goddess to us even when we do not listen.
Caught this out my window one morning. God & Goddess to us even when we do not listen. | Source

What do you believe?

The first thought? With death it is over.

For those who have lived a lifetime of pain, fear, dread, and no solution, no cure, death is a welcome visitor. Fear is a powerful companion. It sits with you, sometimes quiet, other times screaming in your face.

For many this is a life of tiresome and difficult tasks to shut Fear up. It gets exhausting and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. If there is, it is so small and so far away the obstacles that lie in the way are too heavy. Fear stops one from asking for help, then when one does, accepting that help is terrifying. Someone has offered before, acceptance equates to pain, listening to demeaning and berating.

Death? He or she is a wonderful companion, offering solace and peace. These offers can seem so exciting and wonderful. Who does not want all their problem erased? Who would not accept Death's offer to destroy Fear? All you have to do is embrace Death, hold his or her hand and away you go.

Those who have experienced a moment when an answer was not immediate may understand the choices. For the people who are caught in the clutches of dismay, listening to Fear whispering and sharing the disastrous and horrid choices that lie ahead, Death has offered solace.

Unless you are faced with losing your home, not being able to feed yourself or your family, even pets, the depth of despair and the lack of mental acuity is unknown. The mind is empty, thought is about the horrors and filled with Fear's retinue. The litany is never ending.

When a person who has contemplated death, does reach out and ask for help, I have to understand the anguish and options open. Removing all emotion, personal considerations and ego is a step that must also take place. Only then am I able to offer another solution, that one which sits within each of us.

Guiding someone who has the worse thoughts, behaved in what other's determine as inappropriate, and feels great shame and guilt is a delicate task. Many have worked through education, achieved degrees and forgot to remove self from the equation. Ego stands in the way. Another great companion of destruction.

Death is an option, one of many solutions. No one wants to think about it that way. Fear whispers quietly to those who react to that phrase or nay-says someone who has spoken up about contemplating it.

Understanding is a much safer and healthier companion. Fear is a worthwhile companion, only after learning to understand her. Everything has its place, including Fear, Death, and Love. Love is a companion of all, including Fear and Death.

Live from love and you will understand and find the ability to share compassion. Listening and intuitively knowing what to say and how to help. Death quites when Love is present. He does not have so much to offer when Love pays a visit to the conversation.

Next time someone is present and it appears Fear is screaming at the person. Ask if you can listen to what is rattling around in the mind. Love, do nothing else, breathe and love. Become an observer. Share in love and you cannot help but be honest.


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    • profile image

      Olde Cashmere 6 years ago

      What a beautiful hub. Thank you for spreading the message of love and how it can make us all live better lives especially when we develop our compassion for all of humanity. Wonderful writing, voted up and beautiful (: Thank you for a thoughtful and good intentioned article.

    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 6 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      Thank you. It takes a great deal of spiritual acceptance to share love with those who are considering death as an option. Twice, people have come to me at the edge of taking their own lives. Both times, I sat with them lovingly, and did not press them to change their minds. Both times, their hearts opened to Life and Love, and both are still alive and with us.

    • ruthclark3 profile image

      Ruth Clark 6 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      Very insightful. One of my best, lifelong friends was a depressive and alcoholic. He was one of the most compassionate people I've ever known. He helped more people. I ached for him to find the peace that he so often helped to bring to others.

      Finally, in the twilight of his life, pain and disease made his final decision. He said once, "Death is so final; unless there is no other way, it's better not to take one's own life. You can't change your mind."

      In the end, he did just that and he is still sorely missed. He wanted to live but when the quality of life was gone, he made his choice.

      I remember him often when listening to others and think of what he would say. I wish he could have heard what he was saying just one more time. But, then, I am being selfish. His physical pain was horrendous.