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Are Detoxing Diets and Internal Cleansing Right For You

Updated on March 14, 2011

What is Body Detoxing?


Body detoxing simply put is when you intentionally try to remove excess heavy metals, excess waste and chemicals from your body using herbal teas, juices, detoxing products and fasting.

Although detoxing has become a bit of a fad lately, it has been performed for thousands of years and is not new by any means. It just seems to be more mainstream lately as more and more people are concerned about the chemicals that are added to our food, water and air

After your body is cleaned and cleared of chemicals (and sometimes years of impacted fecal waste), you will often find that you have more energy, your metabolism gets boosted, your skin will often look clearer, you will be able to sleep better at night and cravings for simple sugars and carbs will often diminish. Most people will also find that they have lost several pounds and that their bellies are flatter, especially their lower belly area.

There are many ways to go about body detoxing (or as it is also called internal cleansing). Some are very simple and easy and others take a bit more time.

On this page we will take a look at the most common forms of body detoxing.

What is a Detox Diet? Dr. Tracy Tranchitella talks about the specifics of a Detox diet

Herbal Detoxification

Like any other detoxification system, an herbal detoxification will help the body get rid of any toxins that are in the system. It will not only focus on cleaning the colon and liver, but it will also flush out the kidneys as well.

After one realizes what the herbal detoxification will do for them then it is time to make a list of everything that you will digest during the detox period. But in order to know that you will have to decide how long you want the detoxification process to last.

Many people choose to go two to three days on the detoxification diet; however, it is only necessary to complete 1 full day, a twenty-four hour period, on the detoxification.

If this is your first body detoxing, make sure that you only stay on the herbal diet for 24 hours. After you have cleansed a few times and you know how your body reacts, you can then go on to a 48 hour detox. Although many people will detox for 72 hours, it's a good idea to only do so while you are under your health practitioners care. For the large majority of the population 24 hours is sufficient.

There are several ways to perform an herbal detoxification plan, too. If you know of a popular health food store they may be able to sell you detoxification systems that include all of the necessary ingredients for the day.

On the other hand, one always has the option of buying the proper ingredients at a normal and local grocery store.

The most popular detox diet is actually a strict juice fast. This is when you only consume juice and water during your 24 hour period. Some will also include flax oil, cayenne pepper or cinnamon. A slight twist on this is the master cleanse diet and the lemonade diet. You can find the recipes for both of these diet by doing an internet search.

The second most popular detox diet adds raw vegetables or a vegetable soup to the diet. A spin on this is the cabbage soup diet or Sacred Heart diet. Both of these diets may be found by doing a Google search.

Please note that both of these diets are often hyped as weight loss diets where you can lose 8-10 pounds. You must remember that if you do lose weight it's not fat loss but water weight loss that will be gained back in a few days. Also these diets will usually cause you to get very gassy, so you won't want to try these if you work in close quarters with coworkers, unless they don't mind you farting all day.

There are many health stores that also have 7 day detox systems, where you take a capsule of herbs in the morning and evening along with a fiber products (this is included in the kit) for 7 days. This dextox is much easier to do for most people and there are two different thoughts on this. Some believe that this way of detoxing does not give the body a full dextox while others believe it does since the detox is over a longer period of time.

More Advanced Detoxing

In addition to staying on the detox diet longer, many detox purists also believe in using a coffee enima to complete the cleanse.

This is done through brewing very stong coffee, letting it cool and then using the coffee in an enima. This will often clear the colon of several pounds of waste. Some with very impacted colon will often eliminate 10 pounds or more of waste. You will need to stick close to a bathroom for several hours so be sure to schedule some time for this.

As with other detox ways the coffee enima is only advised if you are working closely with your health practitioner and many people will go to a special clinic to have this performed.

Daily Detoxing

Once you have performed a detox you will want to keep your body as free as possible from simple sugars, simple carbs and processed foods.

Be sure that you diet includes plenty of raw and cooked veggies, fruit, complex carbs, high fiber foods and plenty of water. Try to keep your fiber gram intake to 30-35 grams per day. Do this through high fiber foods and not commercial fiber products.

One good way to keep your digestive system moving is to eat a least one bowl of plain, unflavored oatmeal every day. This oatmeal will help push waste through your colon so that it does not build up.

So Should You Detox?

The answer really depends on you.

Ask yourself a few simple questions

  • Does my skin look clear and bright or is is dull and lifeless?
  • Do I have enough energy to get through the day or do I find myself dragging and feeling tired mid-afternoon?
  • Do I always find myselg craving sugars and carbs or do I just have ocassional times where I want to treat?
  • Is my diet full of fresh veggies, fresh fruit, 100% whole grain breads or do I rely more on fast food, simple sugars and carbs and heavily processed foods?
  • Do I have at least 30 grams of fiber a day? Both soluble and insoluble fiber.

  • Do I have regular bowel movements or only a few times a week. And when I do have a bowel movement is it large and soft or more like small rocks.
  • Do you have to struggle when you have a bowel movement? Although this may not seem like a big thing, when you have to struggle most will hold their breath while pushing and if you have any underlying medical issues this may cause problems. Remember that Elvis died while going to the bathroom.

When you answer the above questions you'll know if it's time for a detox or internal cleanse. Please remember too, to discuss any health concerns that you may have with your health care provider.

Health and Medical Disclaimer

Before you do any type of detox or detox diet you should always consult your health care provider. They can help you decide on which type of detox is best for you and they will also want to monitor your progress is you have any medical conditions.


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    • sarahshuihan profile image

      Sarah 5 years ago from USA

      I really like this hub because you outline questions people should really consider before a detox. Great job!

    • profile image

      colonox 9 years ago

      Thanks for taking time and doing research on this subject i've been reading a lot about colon cleansing and using ColonOX

    • profile image

      george 10 years ago

      Your gonna be getting me healthy again!! I used to do colon cleanses regularly years ago. i should do it again!

    • profile image

      erun 10 years ago

      Eye opening information on detoxing. Keep up the good work.

    • SendaCowChip profile image

      SendaCowChip 10 years ago

      This article supports other articles I have read on the same subject matter and has given me a better understanding. Do