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Chronic Victimhood Syndrome

Updated on June 26, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life long student of the psycho-philosophy of living, and a devoted practitioner of many techniques enhancing personal evolution.

To Some Folks Life Is Just Too Much of a Burden
To Some Folks Life Is Just Too Much of a Burden

Playing a Chronic Victim

To avoid anything that could look like boasting, I'll just say how I consider myself to be a fairly self-disciplined dude when it comes to the ways how I am handling my own emotionality. Even at those beginning stages of that emotional self-reliance I was seriously questioning the usefulness, or the very sense in sharing our crappy emotions.

Now, I know, here I seem to defy one of the basic traits of being human, if not the whole cultural paradigm of human mutuality, since the very definition of closeness implies this "being there for one another".

"For better and for worse" is even that part of our vows given at the wedding, and then it stretches to all meaningful relationships, whether romantic, friendly, or familial. And yet, as you may soon agree with me, something is not quite right there, especially when people get themselves into some kind of addiction of whining, complaining, playing victims---while expecting from others a constant flow of emotional support.

Let's face it, folks, they may show their willingness to "always be there for us", but in all honesty we might be just burdening them with something that we should be taking care of by ourselves.

Metaphorically: Some Right Tools and a Few Screws May Be Better Than Crying Over a Broken Thing
Metaphorically: Some Right Tools and a Few Screws May Be Better Than Crying Over a Broken Thing

Others' Empathy Doesn't Fix It

The mention of emotional self-discipline might sound like a ruthless "drill of suppressing" what we feel, while it is actually far from being the case. Quite on the contrary, since such a disciplined person is always going proactive and willing to do something about the causes of those lousy emotions, they can squarely face their true feelings, not suppress them, not run away from them.

On the other hand, those who are letting it all hang out usually making a drama for everyone to watch, don't really know what is truly behind those emotions, while being too busy feeling sorry for themselves in their privileged status of someone too precious and delicate.

All those bad emotions are bound to subside once that we give them our full attention with an intent to fix the source of them. Moping around and just passively wallowing in our misery will prolong them---with no outside help being effective, except for a superficial satisfaction of getting their pampering and comforting attention.

It Started at Times When Mommy Was Always Around with a Comforting Hand
It Started at Times When Mommy Was Always Around with a Comforting Hand

"Why Do You Do It to Yourself?"

Such an attitude was in its making long time ago starting with that support of ever understanding mommy whose job it was to protect us, even from our own feelings, since we were too young to rationally handle them ourselves.

It's a part of parental love, and it's beautiful---except that so many of us forget that the time comes when no one is obligated to "change our emotional diapers". Unfortunately for us, and for all mankind, so many don't want that support to be over, bringing into their adulthood a need for any kind of surrogate mommy and daddy.

Then it became a strong trend and a parameter of a good relationship---"how much we can count on others to offer their shoulder for crying". Whole professions and institutions are created to cater to "our soft side"---be it a shrink, a priest, or a social worker of some sort; anybody to understand our emotional mess.

All right, maybe I picked up too much from Erhard Seminars Training back in seventies. Namely, when an attendant started whining about their "unhappy childhood", or their "not being understood", Werner---or the instructor would bluntly tell them: "Why are you being such an asshole to do it to yourself?"

Yes, there were tears, and more that that, as those closed settings also got to be called "no-piss seminar"---but at the end of two weekends people came out transformed and responsible for their attitudes and emotions.

We Could Call It: "A Street Convention of Some Unhappy Folks"
We Could Call It: "A Street Convention of Some Unhappy Folks"

Begging for Attention

I would obviously make a very bad psychoanalyst. Especially when I think of that mantra-question that's so typical for their therapeutic procedure: "And how does that make you feel?" ---which then opens the dam with a long string of complaints that only gets cut when the good doctor looks for the last time at the clock.

I hope I don't really have to emphasize it, but I'll say it anyway: none of this includes those tragic moments of a sad loss or misfortune when we all need those close to us to be at our side for an emotional support. I had to say it, just in case if everything said here would paint me as a heartless s.o.b.

With that behind us, let me continue by saying how those complainers and "professional" victims" will use anyone's ears who won't instantly change the subject after they hear that introduction: "Life is a bitch".

It could even be comical if it was not so annoying how they tend to hold everyone, especially those of some authority responsible for their emotional crappiness---I guess that's the medical term for that diagnosis.

Now, O.K., Werner Erhard, don't you dare use your favorite mantra question on those demonstrators and rioters out there demanding their president to step down. Those good people probably know what bothers them, as he must have done something unforgivable that no other leader ever did.

No, they are certainly not folks who would create an epidemic of hysteria---if only he was just another run of the mill lying politician caring for his career and not listening to their wishes, any of those that they must be immune to by now.

Except maybe for one or two in that unhappy crowd who would fit my descriptions of emotionally unstable folks who are just using social media, or joining those on the streets to yell and discharge some of that accumulated private misery.

Those are basically the ones that I mean here; those who think that it's the whole world's duty to listen to their tantrum-like ranting.

When We Get a Look Like That, It May Be Time to Change the Subject
When We Get a Look Like That, It May Be Time to Change the Subject

Victims Victimizing Others

Well, there is almost always---and I said "almost" for the record---a mixture of something immoral and psychological in excessive displays of emotionality. In that respect, even people like Hitler or Charles Manson could be viewed under the magnifying glass of a compassion---with a strong possibility to find something neuro-pathological in their brain technology of reasoning.

However, the level of their being emotionally messed up doesn't justify that morally evil aspect of it, so we tend to strip them of entitlement for our sympathy. I like using such extreme examples to show increased obviousness of a phenomenon in human behavior.

In an incomparable smaller form and version---but similar would apply to those whiners who are victimizing the people of their life by dumping onto them their emotional trash. Indeed, it so often swells up into something morally unacceptable. The expressions like "drama queen" must have been originated by people who were victimized in such ways.

A part of the blame we could trace in our general cultural paradigm, encouraging such folks to do such a "normal" thing as "sharing their emotions, because keeping them inside would turn them into a time bomb just waiting to go off".

All sorts of "high philosophy" masquerading as good psychology has been invented by those learned professionals who completely left from sight something like emotional maturation. So it became a cultural trend to enjoy those soap operas that we could identify with; read those mushy novels, and watch those tear-jerkers in theatres.

Using a Shoulder for a Hug Makes a Friendship Better Than Using It for Crying
Using a Shoulder for a Hug Makes a Friendship Better Than Using It for Crying

A Poor Investment into Relationship

I said it in much more detail in another article or two, but in the context of this theme let's repeat how the mainstream news media are not doing anything useful for the emotional health of the public. Did you know that the word "republic" comes from the Latin "res publica" meaning "public matter"?

Well, that's what their job boils down to, as they make us believe that we have to know about every sneeze released by every politician, or celebrity, or other public figure, domestic or foreign. So some of us just imitate the general trend by boring people to death with their perturbations of all sorts, from bad health to misbehaving kids and problems at work.

Once when that pattern sets in, it doesn't even matter anymore what they makes them pissed off. I remember a Christmas party at my home when I had to ask one of my guests to leave, because he simply couldn't stop ranting about every problem imaginable---which literally gave my wife a headache. Well, the dude was a true definition of a jerk.

So, all in all, maybe it could be a good and even enlightening idea to tell such people what they are doing---in any tactful way possible. For they may not be aware of the fact that people are not "eager to be there for them" every time when they are feeling crappy---but rather just tolerating their emotional tirades.

After all, no matter what relationship we may be talking about, it's a lousy investment into it, and some folks may even appreciate being told to correct it. Of course, not all of them, but those are the ones that usually don't matter much, and without any guilty conscience we can always feel free to change the subject when they start their pathetic story.

I hope these few words may inspire you to put those chronic whiners in place---one day when they become too much even for your size of patience.


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    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 11 months ago from Canada

      Threekeys---I deeply appreciate your compliments. If, in my articles I chose to express only my spiritual(not religious) self--- a result of my meditations, self-hypnosis, alpha training, qigong, Sedona Method...----readers would call me something like "insanely positivistic".

      So I have to reduce it all, and opt mostly for inspiring folks to see where we go wrong in the way we limit ourselves as we allow ourselves to be brainwashed, and otherwise settle for a less than optimal version of who we truly are.

      Never speaking from a "high platform of a teacher", just humbly suggesting. I am still only learning---never to graduate. All the best. Val

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 11 months ago from Australia

      Somehow, I think you may well despise the word "nice"? How about then, "spreading a bit of cheer" instead of spreading the ugly and violent side of human nature? If I had a choice, I would do "nice" any time of the day...PS. Some of your articles can be deep and/or take a completely different angle, which is like an invigorating breath of fresh air. Compliments to you.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 11 months ago from Canada

      Threekeys---It's true, you never know what response to expect from people. It reminds me of my own complimenting some other writers on this website, and someone smart took it as if I was "looking for a date online". Well, it takes all kinds, I guess, and there isn't much we can do but learn, and not repeat the "mistake of being nice".

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 11 months ago from Australia

      Good for you. I feel I seem to know less and less as time moves foward.

      The world is showing so many upside down things that the inner foundations I used to use to make sense of people and situations, just doesnt make things add up any more. Its all strange to me.

      Yesterday it was World Compliments Day. As things have been just too heavy on the news and around me I pushed myself to spread some cheer and decided to txt a compliment to some I knew and didnt know in the animal welfare organization I volunteer for. You wouldnt credit it but for saying "you are fantastic" i got two txts back saying "you harass me again and I will sue you. I couldnt believe it. How could anyone read it in that way! These people have to be damaged in such a horrible and unbelievable way to react in this way. I am still stunned. I hate to be the thinker of their thoughts. You just dont know with people anymore...