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Is,it-Genetics-chemicals-that are the cause in serious Deformed humans and Animals that keep being born in kind

Updated on May 10, 2011

Genetics and chemical illnesses

I saw this news article on AOL Memorial day 2009.The story was written may 23,2009 posted under national weird news.The calf was born at the steamboat vetetrinary hospital in Springs, Colorado as reported by the Pilot & Today.


The Black Angus calf died shortly after birth,.It had two spines and seven legs.and was grotesque.looking.

One commenter on AOL claims this unusual calf birth is a normal genetic anomaly.

Although the commentor dosn't say how they know this,and they give the impression that it's their opinion and not an exculsively scientific fact.Since their anonymous they could very well be someone from a chemical supply company ,since some chemicals have been linked to birth defects in nature which the commentor dosn't even mention.

Remember the little girl in India who was born with eight legs! I don't think that was a normal genetic anomaly either but I could be wrong.

We know about the explotation by certain chemical industries in India as well as elsewhere.Even in the unitedstates specifically Florida where the Phosphate industry polluted fresh water supplies and were sued by farmers who lost cattle due to chemical poisoning.and some frogs are especially affected by enviromental chemicals.

It has been proven that genetic anomalies such as cancer can be influenced by radio active sources like x-rays ,which can be natural or manmadeSo ,I will have to admit that there is a possibility although it's very remote that radio activity possibly from some types of granite rock in nature can cause health deformity caused by backround radiation ,I admit to not being perfect unlike someone who assumes that they know the whole truth ,or that have a special interest and only want to confuse the readers.What do you think?

Genetics or Environment

What do you think causes the most Deformities in animal or human bodies

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