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Is It Safe to Drink Green Tea During Pregnancy?- A Quick Guide

Updated on October 10, 2018

Teas are one of the oldest beverages we have. This magical drink has been refreshing people from thousand years. We find different types and combinations of teas across the globe. Varieties like green tea are known for their several health benefits. The powerful antioxidants in herbal teas ensure a healthy heart and antioxidants. During pregnancy, hot cup of green tea can help you to get rid of morning sickness. Some experts even say that it decreases the duration of labor. But all types of herbal or green teas are not safe when you are expecting and these should be strictly avoided from your intake.

Which Green Tea Varieties Will Help in Pregnancy?

Green tea works best to provide essential nutrients during the pregnancy. You get ample dosages of iron, magnesium and calcium through green tea. It works perfect when it comes to hydrating the body. Get Rooibos tea to get all these benefits along with antioxidants. The product is totally caffeine-free. There are other green teas which can be helpful to achieve specific results. Ginger and mint tea helps in preventing morning sickness. Red raspberry leaf tea is used for better contractions during labor. For better sleep, try to sip some chamomile tea. Many midwives will advise you about these helpful herbal teas.

The most recommended herbal tea during pregnancy is Nettle leaf. It is also known as stinging nettles which provides large amount of minerals and vitamins along with potassium, iron and vitamins K, C and A. Only use dried nettle leaves in your tea. It stimulates the uterus and hence should be avoided during first trimester. You can control the concentration of tea by reducing the amount of leaves you put in the boiling water.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea during Pregnancy

* It regulates the blood pressure and blood sugar levels

* Reduces indigestion during pregnancy

* Helps in fighting illnesses

* Regulates mood swings during pregnancy

* Resolves skin issues and makes it smoother

* Antioxidants help regulate the mood swings

What Green Tea to Avoid and When during Pregnancy?

One must stay away from detoxification, cleansing, diet and PMS teas during pregnancy. You can get complete list of what teas to avoid during pregnancy online. It includes dong quai, blue cohosh and black cohosh. Be careful about what you are picking up in the supermarket. Carefully read the ingredients and labels before you purchase. Teas such as senna increase the amount of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and chlorides. These laxative teas must be avoided as it may increase urination and can even cause diarrhea in extreme cases. Such dehydrating teas shouldn’t be used until you finish the breastfeeding.

Pregnant women who consume lot of caffeine through traditional non herbal teas are more likely to have a miscarriage as compared to those who have lower caffeine intake. Check the caffeine intake in your tea even if it is herbal. Normally each cup of herbal tea has 0.4 milligrams of caffeine as compared to 40-50 milligrams per cup in black tea. Caffeine affects the liver which has important role in the digestion of pregnancy hormones.

What drinks are safe during pregnancy

Guide Green Tea Drinking During Pregnancy

  • Don't ever drink green tea first thing in the morning when you are pregnant. Also, avoid it having empty stomach (in case you ended up fasting for few hours while napping). It can cause acidity and stomach aches.
  • You can have up to two cups a day, not more. As green tea consists of some caffeine it is good to avoid over dose of it.
  • It is suggested that your drink green tea either two hours before or after the meal. It will help in digestion. Avoid drinking it during the meal.
  • In third trimester, it is good to reduce consumption of the green tea, esp if you are not getting enough sleep. For many moms it happens naturally.
  • You can chose decaf green tea. Start with mixing equal proportions of decaf and regular green tea but then start increasing the decaf version as you get used to its taste and intensity.

Decaf your Green tea when pregnant

The caffeine is the first ingredient which gets dissolved in water. Use the method of steeping for 25 seconds and then put the tea in hot water again for 25 seconds. Remove the water and your decaf tea is ready.


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