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Is High Protein Diet Safe

Updated on November 14, 2015

What Is High Protein Diet

Many people want to lose weight, so they look to different diets to accomplish this goals. In the recent years the anti-carbohydrate mentality has swept not only across the US, but other countries.

With low carb diet a new diet emerged - high protein diet. High protein diet consists of a lot of meats, and other products which contain protein such as eggs, nuts, cheese, etc.

A high protein diet for many people constitutes of about 50-70% calories from proteins, the rest is split between fats and carbs.

Is High Protein Diet Safe

A person may benefit from a high protein diet safely for a very short period of time. Since it is not a balanced diet, it cannot become a part of someone's lifestyle without side effects.

Some of the side effects may include heart disease due to an increased intake of meats and fats from meats (even if it's lean).

It is important to understand that our bodies rely on carbohydrates as the main source of fuel. When this fuel is not present, then it gets the energy from stored fats. This can be great for a short period of time, but very quickly our bodies can become very acidic due to the process which turns fats into fuel. An acidic body is a sick body.

Lastly, if the body doesn't have enough carbohydrates and fats to use for fuel, it will turn to protein. This is when the body starts breaking down muscle which is definitely not a good thing. Having muscle is an important part of high metabolism in the body.

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A Great Advice For A Balance Diet

What About Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are great for athletes to use in order to boost their protein intake. However, there are certain protein shakes which contain way too much artificial content such as sucralose (also found in Splenda).

Combining protein shakes with some carbs or fats can help your body process these proteins better to be used for rebuilding muscles after your workout.

Some shakes on the market even contain carbs in them and are considered a meal replacement. This is a perfect type of protein shake to drink after a hard workout.

When choosing your protein shakes always take a look at the ingredients and make sure that they are all natural and will not harm your body.

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    • profile image

      anitabreeze 4 years ago

      I'm most successful on paleo which a lot of people confuse with high protein. Paleo has a sufficient amount of carbs, and they are healthy.

    • sarifearnbd profile image

      Shariful Islam 4 years ago from Bangladesh

      Great hub, packed with so much information. Thanks for sharing,voted up.