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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment Removes Solar Keratosis

Updated on May 1, 2012

Hydrogen Peroxide Applied To Leg

I applied food grade H2O2 to a solar keratosis on my leg. After a few days of treatment the hydrogen peroxide caused the keratosis to scab then drop off, as you can see from the photo

Is hydrogen peroxide safe to drink? I hope so. Because I have drunk about half a litre of it so far. There are strict precautions for both internal and external use, which I'll go into further down the page.

The H2O2 information I read encouraged me to try hydrogen peroxide on everything, which is how I discovered its potential to heal.

Basic online research reveals that food grade hydrogen peroxide, or H2O2, has apparently cured an amazing number of unwanted conditions and diseases.

So many, in fact, that H2O2 could qualify as a universal panacea that mankind has hoped and prayed for since the first time someone ever got sick.

Hydrogen peroxide worked for me. As well as drinking it I applied it to a potential skin cancer condition. As you can see from the photo - it worked!

If you thought hydrogen peroxide was only for bleaching hair, watch the following six minute video promoting the 1 Minute Cure for virtually all known diseases.

Solar keratosis removed with hydrogen peroxide treatment
Solar keratosis removed with hydrogen peroxide treatment

Hydrogen Peroxide Warnings

You should know that The One Minute Cure is talking about hydrogen peroxide.

At age fifty nine I had a number of conditions which I a hoped would respond to hydrogen peroxide treatment.

During my research I saw warnings against using hydrogen peroxide. But only from the medical establishment. For me, this is evidence that the substance could in fact be effective against diseases and unwanted conditions.

Some important things I discovered. The stuff sold at pharmacies is different than the standard known as food grade. That is, it contains contaminants and preservatives.It's been suggested these agents are deliberately added to prevent people using hydrogen peroxide as a curative.

Therefore for health purposes it is recommended to only use only food grade hydrogen peroxide. Also, H2O2 comes in solutions of various strengths, for example 3% or 8% or 35%, etc. Obviously the more concentrated it is then the more you need to dilute it for use.

Hydrogen peroxide removes solar keratosis

I began putting 3% H2O2 on a solar keratosis
I began putting 3% H2O2 on a solar keratosis
The hydrogen peroxide also has a bleaching effect
The hydrogen peroxide also has a bleaching effect
You can see other potential skin problems - due to years of surfing in Australia
You can see other potential skin problems - due to years of surfing in Australia
After about two weeks of topical treatment the scab came off easily
After about two weeks of topical treatment the scab came off easily
Hydrogen peroxide - a simple cure for skin cancer?
Hydrogen peroxide - a simple cure for skin cancer?

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

I ordered a bottle of 3% solution H2O2 via the internet and began drinking hydrogen peroxide. That is a few drops of the food grade 3% in a glass of filtered water three or four times daily, increasing the dosage daily per the abovementioned book.

Also I began dabbing drops of the 3% onto my face and legs where I keep getting solar keratoses as a result of surfing in Australia over thirty years ago.

A solar keratosis is a small, thickened, scaly growth (or lump) on the skin which is caused by a lot of exposure to sun over the years. Several may develop. They are usually harmless. However, treatment is usually advised as there is a small risk that a solar keratosis may eventually turn into skin cancer.

I've had one cut out of my shoulder which the doctor said was malignant. Usually they're just frozen off with liquid nitrogen which stings like crazy and leaves (permanent) red marks.

After a few days of do-it-yourself hydrogen peroxide thereapy mum commented my face was looking better. She was referring to the red marks left from liquid nitrogen treatments over the years. (I didn't tell her about the growth on my leg until it came off.)

I used up the 3% hydrogen peroxide in about three weeks. By then the 35% solution had arrived. I diluted some into the little brown dispensing bottle I was using for the skin treatment and continued my do it yourself therapy.

For drinking, I used an eyedropper to count drops of the 35% into a glass of filtered water thrice daily. Increasing by two drops each day I reached the maximum suggested twenty-five drops. By then it was tasting foul and I was glad to stop the experiment.

Also I was keen to get back to the vitamin regimen which had reversed my heart disease. It's recommended not to take vitamin C when you're taking H2O2 and I felt I was sacrificing an important part of my normal health routine.

Conclusions About Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

I've now stopped drinking hydrogen peroxide because it clashes with my vitamin regimen. Otherwise I'd probably continue. Meanwhile I will continue to brush my teeth and/or use it as a mouthwash. I've had a problem with receding gums for many years now and the hydrogen peroxide seems to have remedied that.

Other benefits were subjective. It's hard to prove that drinking hydrogen peroxide helped remove mercury (from amalgam fillings I'd had since childhood - since removed) from my system.

Results of external use of hydrogen peroxide is much more easily observed. All skin conditions have improved - keratoses, under toenail fungus, toenail discolouration.

So, Is hydrogen peroxide the miracle substance many claim it to be? In my opinion, yes. I consider myself blessed to have discovered it and it now has a permanent place in my health armoury.

However, a few years on I am now discovering the health benefits of coconut oil and I am using it instead of the H2O2.

Free Book - The Truth About FGHP

One of the best sources of information I discovered about hydrogen peroxide is a free book in pdf format. It's called The Truth About FGHP (Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide) and you can download it from here -

The Truth About Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

The site is an absolute treasure store of information about hydrogen peroxide. I guarantee that an hour or two will be well spent there. Especially if you are interested in H2O2 as an alternative health therapy.

And you will be far better informed than the average doctor about H2O2 and its healing potential.

Ever use hydrogen peroxide for health?

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    • profile image

      Jerry Friedman 6 months ago

      Vitamin C and H2O2 - I used the Dr. David Williams peroxide protocol and large doses of C to treat basal cell carcinoma. I did not take the peroxide three times per day, however. Using the peroxide once per day allowed me to use the vitamin C 12 hours after the peroxide. I assumed that the peroxide had metabolized by the time 12 hours had passed. My lesion was a bleeding sore at the start, and after 10 days of C, peroxide, and the Beck Magnetic pulser + colloidal silver, my lesion had closed and completely stopped bleeding. In 40 days I had normal skin with pores as before. I now use the SPF 70 recommended by the Life Extension Foundation, because LEF claims that some sun lotions actually cause cancer.

    • Charles S profile image

      Charles Russell Stockdale 5 years ago from UK

      Joan - excellent comment, thanks so much for pointing that out! I'll be amending my page to clarify that hydrogen peroxide did not cure the condition. I'm currently using coconut oil on keratoses - so far, so good - and will publish my results soon.

    • profile image

      Joan 5 years ago

      I use 30% food grade to dab on keratoses on my body and face and they usually disappear after a few applications. It doesn't stop new ones forming though.

    • Charles S profile image

      Charles Russell Stockdale 6 years ago from UK

      Hey, thanks Ramzeed! Yes, here's to good H2O2 health!

    • Ramzeed profile image

      Ramzeed 6 years ago from Maryland

      I have some food grade hydrogen peroxide at the moment and I love it. Great hub!!

    • Charles S profile image

      Charles Russell Stockdale 7 years ago from UK

      Hi PaperNotes. Yes, the first video reveals how we have been kept in the dark about h2o2. But the truth will out ;-)

    • PaperNotes profile image

      PaperNotes 7 years ago

      For all I know, hydrogen peroxide is used for bleaching the hair. This is very interesting. Thanks. Hopefully you'll be a lot better with the DIY therapy.