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Is It Alzheimer's Disease or Just Old Age?

Updated on June 18, 2016

Is it is or is it ain't ahlzeimer's?

As an elder member of society (75), I have had first hand experience with various phases of Alzheimer's, dementia and aging in general. Fortunately, only the aging applies to me, I have witnessed close family members go through the Alzheimer's process. I have seen first hand its effects on families and their reactions to parents who exhibit only minor tendencies. I also touch on hearing loss, which I live with and how it may send false messages about a person's mental state

If you are aware of the effects an of these diseases have on lives , I urge all to be pro active, certainly not inactive if they feel a loss coming about. I have taken my advice in most of these recommendations.

Think about this. One in three seniors will die with a form of dimensia or alhzeimers.. It is the only disease without a known cure, yet the amount of dolllrs spent on a cure is small in relation to the problem

Bee Aware of Sensitivity

If you have aging parents, it is important that you keep an eye out for any changes in their behavior. That can be a problem particularly when so many of us have moved miles away from them. But even if we live relatively close to them, changes in their behavior can take place gradually.

It is normal for older folks to be "forgetful'. The problems occur when they begin to forget essential items such as medications, names of close friend and relatives. when they become comfused about everyday occuranc3s, appointments etc. they can become a danger to themselves,

The danger for amateur analysis is that the elderly are suddenly put into a defensive situation where any small mental lapse is immediately thought to be the onset of somerhing far more serious.

That can be very alarming.Suddenly the eyes of family are on their parents as they see intent on finding a reason to send their folks off for psychiatric evaluation. N o matter howvwell they score, their condition is at best under continuous scrutiny. They lose trust and are suddenly isolated for reasons they don't understand.

Frequently, elderly people are judged to be inept because of their failure to respond appropriatley to a question. Once again, it may be a clear case of not relating because of a problem as simple as poor hearing. Hearing aids can quckly restore that person to a fully responsive, normal individual. Before you judge, check all the facts.


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