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What Comes First Flossing or Brushing Your Teeth?

Updated on December 3, 2017

No doubt brushing and flossing can help protect against tooth decay. Most of all, it can keep your teeth in good health. If you practice this habit daily, you can certainly avoid decay-causing plaque to form in your teeth, and this gives you an excellent oral health. Since most of us understand the importance of brushing and flossing, many are still uncertain what do to do first: to brush or to floss?

Is it right to floss first then brush later?

You should let go of the dilemma. Rather than keep yourself worried about when to floss, you should spend time knowing how to floss the right way. You should concentrate on giving your teeth a full cleanup to get the best benefits. Other people floss before brushing, and some do it after they brushed their teeth. Doing these methods vice versa the outcome is quite the same.

If you are flossing your teeth for like five years and you have never experienced any dental or oral problem, then there is no sense of changing your flossing routine. If you don't encounter any problem doing the other way around, you should stick with flossing after brushing. Flossing every day is much more beneficial to your teeth, and it is much safer to use water in rinsing your mouth correctly.


Practical ideas how to brush your teeth.

The trouble of whether to floss before or after brushing is confusing, but rather than paying attention to finding the solution; you must give weight on doing the right procedure on how to clean and floss your teeth.

Replace your toothbrush - If you see some damage to your teeth, it is necessary to your toothbrush. It is a healthy practice of changing your toothbrush once every three months. If you suffered from viral infection, you should replace your toothbrush because the bristles might contain bacteria and can bring back your illness.

Pick the right type of toothbrush - Dentists advise that you should use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of debris or any sticky deposits without hurting your gums. Use a small-headed toothbrush to reach hard to clean areas of your mouth. Battery powered brushes is also a good idea, specifically for people with limited hand ability.

Points to Remember While Brushing Your Teeth

Keeping your brush at 45-degree angle can keep you safe from gum problem.

Brush your teeth back and forth in short and gentle motion.

Brush carefully and clean the inner surfaces, outer surfaces, and the chewing areas of the teeth.

Slope your brush in a vertical position to clean the back surfaces of the front teeth. Move your brush in an up and down stroke then rinse thoroughly.

Always keep in mind to brush your tongue to remove germs and bacteria.


Flossing the right way.

As mentioned previously, you have to be in no way concerned whether to floss before or after, you should give more importance on how to clean your teeth right. Here are some great suggestions to floss your teeth the right way.

Use adequate dental floss as much as necessary. You need to know that you can break off about 20 inches of floss. The piece seems a lot, but you need enough to floss all your teeth.

Tie enough dental floss around your two fingers (index and the middle finger) on the one hand and tie the rest of the floss on the same finger on your other hand.

Gently slide the floss between your teeth. Do a zigzag flow without popping the string between your teeth.

Put the floss between your teeth and do a "C" shape. Begin from the gum line and slowly move up toward the top of the tooth.

Proceed to the next tooth and unwind a fresh string of your dental floss.

Do not forget to clean the backside of your teeth too.

© 2017 Ferdinand Receno


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