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Is Life Really Unfair?

Updated on December 13, 2017
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Shah likes to think about the things that happen around him, and reflect on how they impact our lives

The Undeniable Truth

Life is indeed unfair. Often, we hear of stories from our friends and colleagues, how they would grumble about their lives, their families struggling to make ends meet while others live comfortably in the luxury of their spacious dwelling, and have more than enough food to put on the table. Perhaps you don't even have to look that far; some of us have relatives who are pinned down by financial hardship.

In this world, I would say that there are 4 types of people:
1) The rich and hardworking
2) The rich but lazy
3) The poor but hardworking
4) The poor and lazy

Some people are born rich that they never ever have to work to earn a living. Their families are well to do; in fact, they could be so filthy rich that the amount of wealth they amassed is sufficient to provide for the next few generations! But just because they could afford an eccentric lifestyle doesnt mean that they should just sit back and relax. They could, but they probably realised that they want to live their lives with purpose. They invest their time and effort into learning new self-improvement skills, one of them possibly being financial management. After all, financial management is impossible without finance; otherwise it would've been termed as just "management" instead. These are the people we should truly envy, because they are bound to succeed in life.

Sometimes, we come across people who couldn't care less about their future, because with the pocket money that their parents are giving to them, as well as the wealth that they will be inheriting once their parents pass on, is more than enough to last them throughout their entire life. They don't have direction in their life, they're just wasting it away. They lack the drive to leave their comfort zone and push themselves beyond their own limit, yet they still live a decent life. These people are just lucky.

The most courageous of people are those who come from a poor family, but decided that they deserved better and started working for it. They picked themselves up from the bottom and slowly made their way to the top. They made lots of sacrifices, because they knew that the hardship they are currently facing is only temporary, whereas the benefits that they reap is long-lasting. These are the people whom we should take as role models in our lives. Surely we are able to learn a thing or two from them.

Lastly, there are people who are born poor, yet they chose not to work for a better life.. It's as if they have given up on life altogether. They sit around waiting for some miracle to come by and change their lives. They won't consider going the extra mile in their workplace just to add on to their working portfolio, they're probably earning just enough for their daily necessities. And these people are likely the ones who lead very depressing lives. It's not a big deal when you have money, but trust me it's a very big deal when you don't have it.

Having said all that, there's one question that I can't help but ask myself; is life really unfair? Think about it.

Who created life? God created life. Is God unfair? Most definitely not. He knows what's best for all his creations. So why would God create something that is unfair for the human race?

What is life? Most people choose to think of it as day to day living. When you possess that kind of mentality, then obviously life seems unfair. The kind of family we are born into plays an important role in determining the early stages of our lives. And most definitely, we don't get to choose our families. As for me, I choose to think if life as a whole, from birth till death. Throughout that period of time, we have the ability to change and determine our own fates. Whatever an individual lacks, God compensates for it in a different form.

So is life truly unfair?

Whether life is fair or not, it is but a perception of the human mind. And perceptions can be changed. We all have our own strengths and flaws, and it is mostly up to us to do what we want to with our lives. So why don't we look at things on the bright side and pick ourselves up from the dark abyss. It's not about where you come from but rather, it's about where you end up in life that matters. How we get there is really up to us. So stop whining about unfair life is, and start making a change for the better. As the saying goes, "Action speaks louder than words".

I hope that some of you who have read this article decide to change your mindset and look at things from an optimistic point of view. If you ever come across people who need help, do help them out as much as you can. Definitely, they are going to need the support of their friends and colleagues through the trying periods of their life.

© 2017 Iskandar Shah


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    • Tomaz Jelenko profile image

      Tomaz Jelenko 

      12 months ago from Slovenia

      Loved it :)


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