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Is Marijuana Addictive?

Updated on January 14, 2015

Is marijuana addictive

It's a fair question: Is marijuana addictive? The answer is complicated, unfortunately. Yes and no. From a strictly physical standpoint, marijuana is really only addictive in extreme cases of heavy, prolonged use. Even then, the physical withdrawal symptoms are likely caused more due to psychological factors than by a real, physical withdrawal.

So for the most part, there really is no physical withdrawal; no detox symptoms for quitting marijuana. With other drugs, such as alcohol or painkillers, there are very real and sometimes even dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can occur during the detox process. But with marijuana, there really are no such problems. So this would tend to point to the idea that marijuana is not addictive.

On the other hand, we can make a strong case for the fact that marijuana is addictive, because a huge number of people are in a pattern where they use moderate to large amounts of the stuff every day. They might not be physically hooked on the drug but they are using it as a crutch, as a coping mechanism for their life. If they have a bad day, they have to smoke marijuana in order to medicate themselves. If they have a good day, they want to smoke in order to celebrate this fact. If they are sick with a cold or the flu, they need to smoke in order to feel better and be able to function.

People who are psychologically addicted to marijuana tend to let it define all of their activities. Instead of going to see a movie, they need to get high and go to the movie. Instead of going dancing at a club, they need to get high and then go dancing. And so on. Marijuana use tends to define all of their activities. The reason that marijuana is addictive is because people use it to medicate their feelings. This means that they will turn to their drug in order to avoid having to feel uncomfortable. This essentially stunts emotional growth because the person is not learning how to deal with life, deal with new situations, and learning to process their feelings in a healthy way. Instead, they simply medicate with marijuana every time they face a new issue in their life. I hope this helps to answer the big question today is marijuana addictive.

Marijuana is not an innocent substance. When taken, it instantly transforms a person's mood, in a similar way that alcohol can completely transport a person into a new dimension. In other words, you can be feeling happy, sad, discouraged, upset, angry, or any number of different emotions, but this can all be completely erased by smoking marijuana. The drug can get you so high, so quickly, that any emotional issues you might have been dealing with have been temporarily forgotten.

And so the addict learns how to medicate their feelings and finds this new way to deal with their life. They can simply get high and feel how they want to feel, when they want it. Anyone who falls into a pattern of using marijuana in this way is arguably addicted to it. Even though they could technically stop at any time, and doing so would not be physically dangerous (as it is with some other substances), they are still hooked on using marijuana as a crutch every day. They have become dependent on the drug in order to deal with their life.


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    • nms profile image

      nms 8 years ago from Cochin


    • profile image

      dogfishcat 8 years ago

      Great post very informative.

    • Recovery Guy profile image

      Recovery Guy 8 years ago

      Thanks dogfish! Glad you like it....

    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 7 years ago from California

      I've been around pot a long time and see no evidence that it is addictive, habit-forming sure, but not addictive. As far as that goes, the government should encourage the use of marijuana, because it makes people mellow, whereas alchohol can turn people into monsters. Later!

    • Recovery Guy profile image

      Recovery Guy 7 years ago

      Yes I would agree with your arguments there Kosmo, but I still believe that some individuals can become addicted (including me), and that for them, they should not indulge.

      Marijuana could very well be legal. I have no issue with that. I am more concerned about the individual addict who struggles with addiction.

      I also agree that alcohol is bad stuff, and is potentially a lot worse than pot. But this fact does not change the fact that pot can really ruin an addict.....

    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 7 years ago from California

      The problem with any drug such as pot is that its use can lead to the use of another drug. For some people, if they use one drug, they must use them all! It's easier to tell an addict that he must give up all drugs - except nicotine, which they always seem to hang on to - so they might have a better chance of success. Clean and sober is absolutely that, right? So yes, I agree that pot use can ruin an addict's quest for sobriety. Later!

    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 7 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      Good hub and well presented. I also believe pot can be addictive -- if the person smoking it has the addictive personality. It doesn't matter if the drug of choice is weed, meth or booze. It's as you describe, that substitution of a mind-altering substance for experiencing one's true feelings (good or bad).

      Those who argue the good points of pot have obviously not suffered the mental obsession that accompanies addiction.

      Hey, if you can drink a sixpack of beer a day and still function, or take a toke or two (or ten) each day and still get on with the business of living, wonderful. Bully for them. But current medical evidence is that marijuana IS addictive.

    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 7 years ago from California

      Okay, MIGHTY MOM, you have your opinion and I have mine. Later!

    • profile image

      bobbette 7 years ago


    • profile image

      shamiah roach 7 years ago

      not really i can go without smoking

      it for a couple of weeks

    • profile image

      true rucker 7 years ago

      no i smoke ciggerattes & not really addicted to them

      really my addiction is sex;)

    • profile image

      LENEE' 7 years ago



      DA DA





    • solarcaptain profile image

      mike king 7 years ago from california

      Reported cases of marijuana addcition are nearly always cases of drug dependence. Drug dependence is associated with psychological and not physical dependence. Addiction may have both a psychological and a physical component.

      Rarely do those who speak of addiction and marijuana know what they are talking about. We presently have enough dangerous, addciting drugs without attempting to squeeze marijuana into the scheme. Give up. It looks good to bust those who are growing pot or to catch someone at immigration. While that time is being wasted, another pound of heroin, cocaine, or methamphetime slips through the porous border. This is where the real damage is done. Children should never smoke pot, it is damaging to developing brains. Adults are usually far enough gone no one knows the difference when they get wasted on it.

    • Recovery Guy profile image

      Recovery Guy 7 years ago

      @ Solarcaptain - You make valid points....but they all have counterpoints against them too. A destructive addiction does not require physical dependence, for one.

      And you say "the real damage" is done with other drugs. After I fell in love with Marijuana, I eventually started smoking crack and taking ecstacy and lsd. This gateway effect exists because I was addicted to the effect that marijuana produced.

      I was addicted to getting high. I liked it too much. It took over my life.

      Just because you cannot overdose on a drug does not make it harmless.....

    • Health Advisor profile image

      Health Advisor 7 years ago from Topanga,CA

      Well its important to remember that marijuana is a PLANT and what BigPharm makes are actually the DRUGS .

      For those who say pot users smoke to escape reality ,what about the millions of Americans on cholesterol or diabetes drugs who are in denial of making lifestyle choices that would negate the need for DRUGS ? Aren't they attempting to escape reality ?

      Anyway to smoke or not should be a personal decision & not controlled by government or industry.

      I have a number of over 60 clients who smoke, not to "get high",but to alleviate pain & improve appetite.

    • profile image

      mellow 7 years ago

      For 12 years I used pot, it never occur to me I was addicted because I never felt the dependency that are present from the other drugs like my Parkinson medication. Also I never smoke it the way it can interfere with other things that I need to do to live a normal life, like smoking it on the job. I think what we should be talking more is de-legalizing other drugs and substance that has cause more harm than good after taking it,like Tobacco and Alcohol.

    • adsum profile image

      adsum 7 years ago from In The U.S.

      it is not physically addictive, mentally you might think you are addicted, but you could stop with no physical withdrawals.

      Marijuana is harmless.

    • adsum profile image

      adsum 7 years ago from In The U.S.

      double post, my bad.

    • RecoveryAdvocate profile image

      RecoveryAdvocate 7 years ago

      To say that marijuana addiction has no physical withdrawal symptoms is not true. Having worked with thousands of addicts over the years, there are a few things that have become obvious when dealing with people withdrawing from "only" marijuana. First of all, whatever physical pains or discomforts they may have been trying to numb not only re-appear, but are now intensified due to the reawakening of the nerve endings. In addition, there are appetite differentials, sleep differentials and major anxiety symptoms, which have both physical and mental characteristics. I have personally seen this time and again. I'm not saying marijuana is the worst of the drugs, but it is definitely not harmless.

    • profile image

      william 7 years ago

      wal lang

    • profile image

      william 7 years ago

      wal lang

    • profile image 7 years ago

      maka addict jud xa

    • profile image

      mouse 7 years ago

      I have personally seen it become something that people use to define their daily activities and use to cope with their ups and downs. I think to say that it is harmless is naïve

    • profile image

      bettyfriendly 7 years ago

      people smoke pot for different reasons; some smoke for pain relief or to increase their appetite, some smoke to relax at the end of the day or to help them sleep, some smoke to forget their problems while some use it to celebrate, and yes, some smoke just to get high. the real question is, is it dangerous? is it more dangerous than alcohol? Ambien? bacon? cigarettes? diet coke? twinkies? there are many things in life that are bad for us, the danger lies in the frequency of use, and the ability or inability to maintain a productive life. everything in moderation...

    • profile image

      Chronman 7 years ago

      As a teenager, I've done my fair smoking of weed. It tends to turn people into fiends, though not like a meth or coke fiend,but individuals who cannot partake in activities that they would without being stoned. Also for addictiveness, compared to tobacco it is easier to drop butits still can turn into a strong habit. I've smoked quite a bit, then dropped toking for school last year and now ive picked it up again.

    • donotfear profile image

      donotfear 7 years ago from The Boondocks

      I belive it is both habit forming and addictive. When you stop smoking cold turkey, there's a 'coming down' effect of crashing that makes one dip to a deep low (depression). I've seen it and felt it from experience.

    • profile image

      scottys thoughts 7 years ago

      Nice Job!!

    • profile image

      chandaman 7 years ago

      just like anything and everything it can be an addictive. i Love smokin weed. every thing about it i like. it instanly puts me in a better mood, gives me an appetite, helps me sleep better. its great until i think i have to be stoned every minute of every day. its perfectly fine in moderation but when u like something a lot u want to do it a lot.

    • profile image

      ez kyle 7 years ago

      To say marijuana is a plant and pharmaceutical companies make drugs is a little uneducated. Poison Ivy is a plant, is that safer to ingest than tylenol? Most all drugs come from organic substances. Just because it grows in the ground doesn't mean it's safe, especially safer than drugs DESIGNED to be safe! I've had one friend die from marijuana, he got high and jumped in a lake in the middle of january. His body went into shock and he was dead within two minutes. Would he have done that without being high? no. I've also had three other friends arrested because of marijuana and watched 7 of my college buddies drop out of their freshman year because they couldn't pay attention in class, wake up on time for class, do homework, etc. There's no good reason to smoke weed. It IS addictive, i've watched my friends go to rehab solely for weed and i've watched parents starve their kids because they spent their grocery money on weed. When people pick weed over food that's addiction. Please be careful with the stuff it won't help you out.

    • profile image

      4four2twenty0 7 years ago

      Marijuana tends to only be addictive to those with addictive personalities, just like some people are addicted to food, it isn't really the food that makes a person addicted and I see it the same with marijuana.

    • profile image

      420hp 7 years ago

      I think marijuana is addictive! My Husband only used to smoke at night. Now he is smoking all day along. From the time he gets up until he passes out on the couch. He is smoking while working! His only friends now are all pot heads! He is making lots of mistakes at work! or won't even go to work cause all he wants to do is party! U can't have a normal conversation with him, because he is always high. He has already been in trouble with the law over this. But he just can't stop! He called into work one day and quit! Because he wanted to stay at home and have a weed party with his friends. We have no relationship now! I try

    • profile image

      Jonathan 7 years ago

      My health teacher is retarded....

    • profile image

      Mp 7 years ago

      Marijuana is not addictive. Y'all are fuckin morons

    • profile image

      Sunddry 7 years ago

      You're full of shit weed makes you mellow; I turn into a fucking monster. i'll just stare at something thinking until i fall asleep, and if i'm disturbed i'll start screaming , breaking things, ect. obviously this is MY problem & weed releases it in me, but the government shouldn't "encourage" you to smoke, they shouldn't encourage you to do shit. just a comment.. weed every once in a while is fine, but when you smoke everyday, ur in a haze, forever. (as long as you smoke everyday)

    • profile image

      Bizzy817 7 years ago

      1st to the dummy who just blamed weed for his friends death... Your slow, weed is MARIJUANA not PCP. When your high off weed ur still in control of what u do even tho it does alter a persons way of functioning. Using weed does have its ups and downs, but like other people have already mentioned, weed just like any other pleasures in life can b abused unless a person has self-discipline.

    • walkngnthespirit profile image

      walkngnthespirit 7 years ago from Planet Outtaheresoon

      I have read excuses, misuses, calculations and opinions. Smoke or don't smoke as long as God is first and above all your good. All things are for enjoyment not all things are good for the body. God would much rather you don't because your a living tabernacle, but he also knows all hearts and He will tell you if it is for you or not Amen

    • justom profile image

      justom 7 years ago from 41042

      Addiction is a personalty thing, some are more prone than others as far as drugs go. In my life I've done many and never had a problem not doing them. Ganja is a wonderful thing, I enjoy it. Since I've gotten older I take a pill for blood pressure and a few others that they tell me if I don't take I could die. Is taking those legal pills addicting? I'm just sayin' Peace!!

    • profile image

      BigAl 7 years ago

      I totally agree with this post... I am currently psychologically addicted and Im quit yesterday.. it is very hard right now not to smoke but I am willing to make the change and quit for good.... really

    • profile image

      iunini 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Kleen 7 years ago

      I've smoked cannabis for 14 years and recently am trying to stop. This is my third try. Its very hard :(

    • profile image

      PaperLanterns 7 years ago

      It all depends on the individual. My ex and I use to smoke the stuff near enough every day, and a lot of it. I was never addicted to the tobacco or the weed, and haven't smoked either since we split over a year ago, and felt no 'withdrawals'. My ex clearly cannot live without it. He is a complete mess, no job, no home, no family, no life. He used to say he had to smoke it or he felt he would become dangerous, and I did see that side of him.

      Having said that, I do think it should be legalised, especially as alcohol is. What's the deal with that? However, if you do smoke it and start to feel like you need it, STOP!!! It's supposed to be fun =)

    • profile image

      josh 7 years ago

      agree with paper lanterns

    • profile image

      Bizkilla 7 years ago

      I was kissed by a man, and I still don't know how I feel about it.

    • FrankiesGirl6Yr profile image

      FrankiesGirl6Yr 7 years ago from South Carolina

      This question always makes me think of that move HOW HIGH with Dave Chepelle. The part where he goes to the NA meeting because he's "addicted to pot" and Bob Saget jumps up and says; Have u ever sucked **** for pot? I've sucked **** for crack man" and Dave Chepelle is like damn...

      That being said Pot is not addictive, it recreational. Anyonw who says their addicted to pot has never realy been addicted to a drug.

    • profile image

      letstalk 7 years ago

      First of all the movie is "Half Baked" not "How High".

      The major point of the article seems to be that people medicate themselves to cover up underlying issues like anxiety and depression etc. How is that different from taking an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication? We sure love those in our society these days. I agree that one can be psychologically addicted to pot and that once they quit the emotions they are covering up reappear; however, as someone who has worked in addictions and smokes pot myself the issue is functioning. I am not a drinker. I don't really like alcohol but I do enjoy pot. I graduated with my Master's Degree with close to a 4.0 GPA and have a steady meaningful job and wonderful friends. I have struggled with anxiety and depression and I have to say that the "medications" I was put on were far worse than smoking a bowl after work. I couldn't function on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds. I am a very functional person who happens to enjoy pot to relax. As far as this "gateway drug" business I think it's BS. Sure, people start smoking pot and may end up becoming addicted to crack or whatever...a lot of people who smoke crack don't even like pot. If you are going to become an addict you are going to become an addict. It doesn't really matter if you started with pot or not.

    • profile image

      chandler 7 years ago

      Contrary to popular belief, marijuana is mentally very addictive. If you doubt this, just visit a Marijuana Anonymous center... For more proof that weed is addictive, check this guy's blog out at

    • profile image

      XxRayaxx 7 years ago

      im curently 16 years old and i admit i am a pothead. I also smoke ciggeretts. i work so i have money so i always have weed. I do smoke when im sad sometimes. like break ups. deaths in family ect it does make those sad feelings go away and you completely zone out but i wouldn't say im addicted. i smoke before school. i smoke after school. i smoke with friends. i smoke at home. I would say that i try to be high as much as i can but i don't do it because im addicted. As dumb as it may sound i pretty much do it for fun. Its fun to go to school high. its fun being at the mall high. its fun being at a party high. its basicly entertainment for me. Now i did say i also smoke ciggeretts. i smoke a ciggeret rite wen i wake up. i smoke after i smoke weed. i smoke right after school in my drive home. I belive im addicted to ciggerets. i need nicotine. and when im pissed i smoke a ciggerett. I crave ciggerets a lot. But i don't have those feelings towards weed. i never crave weed. i want to be high sometimes because im really bored sometimes but i never crave it or go crazy looking for weed if i don't have any. And ive gone a month without smoking weed because i play football. once seasons over i smoke again. but i can't quit ciggeretts. ive tried the gum but its pretty gross nd it's not the same to me. i need a ciggerette. i never need to smoke weed at anytime. i never NEED to. i just WANT to smoke weed. so please reply. sorry that im not a doctor and speak with a really high vocabulary like all the other people below me, im just trying to get feedback to my personal opinion. thank you

    • profile image

      XxRayaxx 7 years ago

      im curently 16 years old and i admit i am a pothead. I also smoke ciggeretts. i work so i have money so i always have weed. I do smoke when im sad sometimes. like break ups. deaths in family ect it does make those sad feelings go away and you completely zone out but i wouldn't say im addicted. i smoke before school. i smoke after school. i smoke with friends. i smoke at home. I would say that i try to be high as much as i can but i don't do it because im addicted. As dumb as it may sound i pretty much do it for fun. Its fun to go to school high. its fun being at the mall high. its fun being at a party high. its basicly entertainment for me. Now i did say i also smoke ciggeretts. i smoke a ciggeret rite wen i wake up. i smoke after i smoke weed. i smoke right after school in my drive home. I belive im addicted to ciggerets. i need nicotine. and when im pissed i smoke a ciggerett. I crave ciggerets a lot. But i don't have those feelings towards weed. i never crave weed. i want to be high sometimes because im really bored sometimes but i never crave it or go crazy looking for weed if i don't have any. And ive gone a month without smoking weed because i play football. once seasons over i smoke again. but i can't quit ciggeretts. ive tried the gum but its pretty gross nd it's not the same to me. i need a ciggerette. i never need to smoke weed at anytime. i never NEED to. i just WANT to smoke weed. so please reply. sorry that im not a doctor and speak with a really high vocabulary like all the other people below me, im just trying to get feedback to my personal opinion. thank you

    • profile image

      W33d4L!f3 ! 7 years ago

      I Lyk3 w33d. ! $mok3 @ll Th@ T!m3 !! @ny0n3 W@nna DAt3 ?!? ?!?!?!?!

    • profile image

      high school kid 7 years ago

      so i read this because im doing a contraversal pursuasive essay for my english class. I smoke weed a lot, and i have to say im not addicted and i have had the opportunity to do other drugs, but i said no. I think the idea of weed being "addictive and a gateway drug" is a mindset. If you don't want to do the other drugs, don't. If you want to quit smokin weed, then quit. I have smoked for all 4 years of high school and i am graduating with a 3.0 and playing football in college, it didn't hurt me in any way. It helped with some depressing times and it helped with injurys from sports.

    • profile image

      eddy 7 years ago

      no marijuana is not addictive i smoke it and i can s stop it anytime but seems its addictive to some people i think some people get addict to it so it depends on you anyways don't even think of trien to smoke marijuana ok ??? :)

    • johnsams profile image

      johnsams 7 years ago

      I really enjoyed reading this hub and the comments are really interesting!

    • profile image

      Matt 7 years ago

      Marijuana (in my opinion) is harmless.. Now if you have a social anxiety problem, or your depressed then that's another story..

    • profile image

      Longhauler 7 years ago

      Your info is a little inaccurate. True, it takes heavy use for a relatively long period to develop a significant physical dependence to weed. BUT ASK THOSE WHO ABUSED IT FOR YEARS ABOUT THE PHYSICAL COMPONENT OF THIS ADDICTION!!! MJ is most definitely addictive, BOTH physically AND psychologicaly. In fact, from personal experience, I can say that heavy use of MJ, compared to heavy use of cocaine (dunno about crack or meth), will give rise to much more physical distress upon WD. The insomnia, the sweating and the anxiety is 100% concrete, not imaginary. I wouldn't want to demonize MJ... Indeed I'm all for legalization, controlling and taxing the stuff. This is a complex matter and overall, coke is a lot more dangerous and useless: people go crazy on it, they develop the worst possible psychological addiction, one can actually overdose on coke, etc. But saying that MJ addiction is mostly mental and that it's harmless completely misses the point. Simply put, I now believe after many years of abuse of all categories of drugs, that if you can go without any it's way better. If you don't need MJ for MS or cancer anorexia it's better to avoid it! Yeah, the IMMEDIATE intoxication provided by MJ is less dangerous (though it still can make some trip bad) than alcohol's or coke's. But long term (ab)use of MJ brings its own set of HUGE problems: decreassed respiratory functions, deep depression, mental fogginess, short wasting your life. Just as some people should never touch a drink, some are more susceptible to develop a severe addiction to MJ, with a real physical component, and should avoid it altogether. It is not a harmless substance as some want us to believe. Far from it. I wouldn't legalize coke as I would MJ, but IMO it should be treated with the same caution as alcohol, if for different reasons. And those WHO KNOW BETTER, i.e. the serious scientists and the ex-abusers, will tell you that addiction to it is very much physical, no fucking question.

    • Eizzy profile image

      Eizzy 7 years ago from UK

      Well addiction is mainly an issue of inappropriate excessive usage of substances to the point that it becomes too overdosed to be therapeutic anymore. The feeling of MJ is great, but it is still in the discretion of the user if he or she depends on it; that is if its only an INITIAL use. Repeated use simply means falling for it. I have many friends that used it one time only. Anyway, we should take drug addiction seriously as it may greatly affect our lives. If you want to know your drug addiction status you may want to check my hub which shows several types of drug test kits that you may want to use before undergoing that routine drug check in your schools and offices.

    • profile image

      Mr.Mysterio 7 years ago

      Recovery Guy you nailed it. I am in grade 12, and started tampering with weed heavily this year. I do have a rather addictive personality, but I will never go further then weed, I can gaurentee you. As weed goes, I do not suffer physically when I do not get high one night, but I feel 'depressed' and as if my life would be a little bit better in that moment if I had some weed. Weed is an escape, and while weed may not be formally addictive, the escape people get from it IS addictive.


    • profile image

      pitt is it 7 years ago

      well im 15 ive smoked weed since i was 12 its not a ddictive i mean i went for months with out it nd i didn't bother me 1 bit nd this u'll get into more harmful drugs is bull shit no body i kno nd most if my friends smoke weedi don't do it for feelings its jus...when ur 15 nd ur live in a city where theres gangs n ur barely able to walk outside without getn yelled at or shot at which has happnd a lot i hav a bullet lodged in my knee for wearing the rong color so when ur stuck inside theres nuthin to do tht leads me to drugs rite back thnks

    • profile image

      gump 7 years ago

      i was high reading this, awesome!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I smoke pot. I have smoked it for 4 months. I love it, personally. I thought I was addicted to it for a little while because I smoked it so i could deal with things. I would do it right before I went to stressful situations. I do it almost everyday. However, I face my emotions & I can deal with my problems without it. I don't do it when I'm sad or to get away from the reality of life. I do it because I like it. I smoke it in a way to make sure I don't get addicted. I have challenged myself to make sure I can turn it down & I can. I just wanted to share. I love this hub, by the way! It's very informative & it let me know that my theory was actually right. Oh, & I'm 14 years old.

    • profile image

      Longhauler 7 years ago

      Dear Pitt is it...

      Thank you for sharing your long experience with weed. Of course, you're at an age of complete emotional control and reason. You've seen, read and heard it all about pot. Since you, having used weed for such a long time, are not addicted, we gotta believe this herb is safe. Us old-timers, having used it for most of our lives, don't know shit. We're totally screwed up old farts with no will power. We never stopped to 'challenge' ourselves... Damn! If we who used it for 30+ years had your brains in the first place! You must be right to trust your first impressions! You know right away that it's not addictive at all, not after decades of use, right? Thanks for your thoughtful and trustworthy comments, lol!

    • profile image

      caitlin 7 years ago

      I started smoking when I was 12 and started smoking everyday when I turned 13.. I'm now 15 and I've pretty much been stoned since I was 13 and I feel like I'm in the same place and emotional state as I was when I was 13. Fucck I live in BC so I've never smoked bunk budda I only smoke KRONIIC so I've got a nasty fukin tolerance... but I'm quitting. It depends on the person... some people can handle having endless heaven at arms reach whenever and you know fit it in to balance with your life but some like me, well I needed the crutch and have taken it waaay to far and just made myself worse, and smoking everyday just keeps me here and keeps me going lower

    • profile image

      Toooooo Young or inexperienced  7 years ago

      I cant believe some of the s*** u hear from people over these pages. I mean u got 15 year olds with world experience adult graduates from uni with the knowledge.

      U all talk nonsense. A lot of people looks like there trying to make thereselves feel better or just don't kno facts. The boy who has smoked it from 12 till 15. if u have as heavy as u say u have u wanna kno summin.... UR ADDICTED nd u can trust me on tht one m8 wen i was 15 i thought i wasn't but that's all it is is thoughts, denial. telling urself u quit wen u have to, when ur older with responsabiltys well guess what mate if there was a bookies for this then i would bet a million (if i had it) that by the time ur 16 going into 17 u would of sniffed once for sure. maybe not get hooked or do repeatedly but u would of. infact i would say a lot of teenagers have sniffed at a young age of 16. in this day an age as a teenager its normal its like the new booze, u got all these new drugs coming out like mcat. in a town i kno most the kids 16 - 17 are doing and dealing.

      And ppl saying weed is not addictive cuz i can stop wen i want or i can take long breaks wen i play sport, Thts cuz ur not addicted but i bet if u didn't stop all the time u would be. It takes years for an addiction it dosnt just come over night u nobheads. i loved weed for 4 years b4 i even started smoking all day every day. i used 2 LOVE it. at first once a week, then on week it would change to twice, so on, but tht happened over years then u start it everyday all day and even tht dosent bother u and at all these points u don't kno ur addicted hell it never even crosses ur mind. then a while down the line it may come across u and u think ur heavy maybe u should stop but hell no what's the point its amazing. U will only realise one day but not until something happens, and trust me it will cuz if something does happen and u don't see it as a warning something will happen again to see ur self addicted and unhappy, nothing like serious but u will see. If ur on weed every day u will only no ur addicted until it does. remember over the years u will associate with pot heads so it becomes normal. u don't see weed as a drug u cant understand why it is a drug. i let myself smoke an 8th a day all day from 7 in the morning till 12 -1 o'clock wen i would go 2 sleep. weed stops affecting u as it use 2 ur body can be so used to satying up on it. i couldn't eat with out it. wen i go sober i cant eat i feel sick. and i smoke bongs not joints there useless they don't even make me feel chilled. if i didn't have a bong in the morning i would have a headache. if i didn't smoke it i would be evil so angry stressy and the horrible thing is u can see it urself. i would be reli hot and sweat then go reli cold. it is an addiction and it will be if u let it. it just innoys me tht ppl on these things right there facts but have no experience bout what they say is true or not. right wat u kno u can back. now i just smoke weed in the evenings and i still somedays give in and do bongs in the day. it got to a stage tht i coughed a lot and it would bring up tar. black stringy flem sorta thing (not nice or tasty lol) so yes weed is an addiction you just haven't got addicted!! u think the real ppl want to be known if its heavy like i was its shamefull. the ppl u kno smoke at partys or smoke to have a bit of fun blah blah blah. the ppl i kno smoke it like crack or cocaine or smack the don't little bongs they got buckets with bowls on them burning away 24/7 having to deal just to smoke. there wasters, so far gone trust me. ur not addicted if u can say u can stop. ur smoking like ppl drink every night but don't get wrecked u just get stoned quicker and u feel heavy and like a badman. stay like tht tho cuz if u do miss tho signs like bad memory nd stuff but u carry on, then its messy coming back and goodluck, otherwise ur not addicted just sounds like ur chilling

    • profile image

      frankshaw 7 years ago

      i smoke weed everyday, im only 15 and im addicted to getting high, luckily i haven't gotten into much trouble with it except being suspended from school, its to fun to stop, i can not stop and my parents don't trust me anymore cause they think im always high. it IS addictive

    • profile image

      Longhauler 7 years ago

      Thanks for your frankness, frank, and lucidity. You CAN stop if you put your mind to it. If you go on abusing pot, your quality of life will slowly but surely deteriorate. And when one is seriously hooked after years of abuse, quitting is much harder. Visit the 'Marijuana withdrawal symptoms' hub, the testimonies there might help you...

      Do what you gotta do, dude!

    • profile image

      Chris 7 years ago

      what a effing joke

    • profile image

      choirguy 7 years ago

      Adsum, your bad what?

    • profile image

      Frsh n Funky Freddy Monkey 7 years ago

      I laughed out loud when I read "It's only addicting if you have an addiciting personality." El Oh frickin' El. There's no such thing as an addictive personality, an addictive personality disorder, or any personality that predicts future dependency. You can have insecurities, but there's no personaility that dictates your likeylhood of addiction. It's really hard to legalize marijuana if people keep saying things like that and "Weed's not a drug it's a plant."

    • profile image

      just :) 6 years ago

      Pot is not addictive, physicaly, but it is mentaly, then again i know a person who has been smoking for YEARS and im talking since well before i was even thaught of. and she still smokes, yet she can go for daaaaays / weeks even without a sesh, and yet i can't go a week without thinkiing about having some. It's all a mental thing dude, I'm only sixteen and even i can see that, you can over come anything man, you just gotta man up and do it. "addiction" is only a tittle, it's all in your head. If you want to bad enough, you will stop, you will seek the help out. not just talk about it. good luck dude, hope you manage what ever you're trying :)

    • profile image

      Mike Sugg 6 years ago

      So going to the mountains and seeing an awesome sunset can be addicting because of the neuronal responses it illicits. Or the runner who gets "high" from jogging must quit because he is "addicted". Anyone can get addicted to anything if their mind is susceptible to being mastered by it. Do not let it master you and you can have relationship with whatever is in question. Is marijuana ok. For most no for some yes. It is an issue of discipline and character. I firmly believe that "drugs" for the most part amplify character flaws already apparent in us. Get right with yourself and "maybe" you can have a recreational relationship w/ MJ. Otherwise, leave it alone.

    • profile image

      Newbie 6 years ago

      I don't believe it is addictive, but yes habit forming. You get used to doing so much on it, that you need to be high to do certain things. I do disagree with the person who said it can lead to using an other drug. I was addicted to percocet and marijuana was what saved me from it. I had a different high to replace the one I was missing. Taking a pill is much simpler than rolling, smoking, etc. After the initial month of smoking non-stop to supress the percocet addiction, eventually I needed neither.

    • profile image

      Longhauler 6 years ago

      Newbie, your username says it all...

      At the risk of sounding condescending (even though I don't give a damn about the opinion of pot proselytizers), I think your experience with the MJ WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME is too deficient to provide an educated opinion. To be even more precise and blunt: I think your overall experience of drug wd isn't worth much. Some of us don't have anymore the luxury of 'believing' that mj is not addictive: we KNOW that it is. Smoking high-end ganga compulsively for a long period gives rise to an unpleasant syndrome that affects the vast majority of quitters. Fact. Plus, you're comparing apples and oranges. I dealt with opiate and mj wd myself, and for me both are unpleasant, real and debilitating. Opiate wd is just more 'intense' during the initial days. Replacing one drug with another is a very bad method to cure an addiction, even if it did help you this time. I used to play with drugs like that... I ended up abusing opiates AND pot after a while. For me though, it was the other way 'round: I often used opiates to suppress the anguish, anorexia and insomnia caused by pot wd! It worked wonders... Moreover, I don't understand AT ALL how you could smoke weed in full opiate wd, dude: all experienced dope fiends will tell you that it makes one feel even more shitty in this situation. Strange. Did you pop antianxiety pills at the same time? But we're all different, of course. So I wish you the best of luck, son.

    • profile image

      ArtyDoubleYou 6 years ago

      Im 28 years old and have smoked weed on and off for 12 years. I have had a 6 month period where I smoked it pretty much 24/7, from the moment I woke up, through work, then up till I went to sleep. During that period I realised that I didn't like that it had control of my life so I stopped, for a few years anyway. Now I smoke it occasionally just because I like it, but when I do it will just be a few joints in the evenings. My own opinion is that it is on a par with alcohol. Too much can ruin a person, same as in moderation it can be fine, I think it just depends on a persons ability to see when things have gone too far.

      Also I understand that people say that weed is the gateway drug to harder drugs, but my own experience was that being drunk encouraged me to start smoking cigarettes, cigarettes led me to weed and weed led to a few lines of coke (probably 10 lines total in a 7 year period). I am by no means anti alcohol, I like a drink same as I like a joint, but never in my life have I seen anyone who is stoned start a fight.

      I guess I just wanted to put my own views up for people to think about or maybe debate, even though I haven't really answered the question of whether its addictive because I quite simply don't know, all I know is Ive had good times and Ive had bad, just like I have with alcohol.

      Anyways, stay safe people, everyone will believe what they want either way.

    • profile image

      Longhauler 6 years ago

      Thanks for your input, Arty.

      If you don't smoke on a regular basis and manage to keep it that way, I don't see your use as a problem. Weed sure is addictive when used compulsively, but many smoke once in a while and it's not a sin.

      Smoking daily is another matter, IMO. In my case, regular use became a problem. For me, it's addictive, cuz when I try to smoke a little, I end up puffing a lot. And I also know it's physically addictive cuz when I stop, I don't feel right in my very body.

    • profile image

      Judah 6 years ago

      Yes, it is correct, and I'm a hardcore pothead, but I stand for weed, and I don't think there is anything wrong with using weed to take care of your problems, how else are you going to do it? You have to do it some way anyway, so why not just stick with the same way for everything and every time, smoking marijuana? There is no problem with that.

    • profile image

      Samma 6 years ago

      I feel that weed is very addictive, you get very irratable when you don't get it, you seem like you can't take anything, that maybe one puff will calm you down and make everything better.

    • profile image

      CWH 6 years ago

      I have been to 3 different rehabs during the time I got clean from painkillers, and I only witnessed one person for weed out of hundreds of clients I saw come and go. The simple fact that marijuana has no physical withdrawals supports the argument that it is NOT physically addictive. Mentally, can you become addicted? SURE! You can become mentally addictive to almost anything. But anyway at the end of the day, it comes down to the individual and whether they want to take the risk of getting high. If they don't mind, they're gonna smoke anyway. L8er

    • profile image

      Longhauler 6 years ago


      You didn't see a lot of people in rehab for pot for very simple reasons! Even the hardest of weed wd is NOT as intimidating or as overwhelming as opiate wd; the symptoms can be VERY uncomfortable but are never as intense as a full opiate wd hell, of course. (Read my previous posts: I tasted first-hand the joys of both kinds of wd, btw). Also, people typically DON'T seek MEDICAL help for quitting pot. But if you ever go to a NA meeting, you'll see plenty of potheads there knowing they are true addicts... You don't have to suck dick, lose your wife, kids, job and house to know you're an addict!

      You are yet another moron confusing the issue. I'll repeat once more, for you and other uneducated dimwits, what's the ultimate, irrefutable truth concerning pot's addcitive potential for those who know better...

      Pot wd is REAL, but varies greatly according to many factors including age, strength of weed, rate of use, years of use, genes and personality. If you smoked a joint every other day or so, even a couple of Js a day, you WON'T experience much discomfort (even if smoking 'regularly' still affects in a negative way your quality of life). If you smoked 10+ Js/bong hits a day of potent stuff for years, you WILL feel uncomfortable psychologically AND physically. The insomnia, the anxiety, the anorexia, the headaches ARE REAL, you fool. Some suffer more than others, but it is INSULTING for repentant weedheads, COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE and IGNORANT to claim there are no pot wd symptoms.

      There is a clear difference between OPINION and KNOWLEDGE, dude. Claiming that pot wd doesn't exist is based on a LIMITED EXPERIENCE of the phenomenon, PERIOD.

      Before my thirties, I never experienced any wd symptom no matter how much I puffed. Things did change gradually, and I tell you buddy, the last time I quit was no laughing matter. I puffed good shit like a chimney for more than 30 years and have friends who swallowed as much fumes as me... There is no arrogance, confusion or delusion in my statements, because my experience is extended and trustworthy.

      When you don't know something for sure and hear truly experienced folks talk about it, the best course is to shut the fuck up. At least, one should know what is true knowledge based on sufficient facts before expressing an opinion.

      The suffering of quitting hardcore pothead is NOT JUST IN THE HEAD. Well, in a sense yeah, cuz it's a result of NEUROLOGICAL (i.e. PHYSICAL) adaptations to the constant presence of THC. For some the syndrome is VERY intense, less so for the lucky ones.

      Moreover, the line between a pure 'psychological' and a 'physical' addiction ain't clear even for specialists. Bottom line, what the fuck do you think fuels the 'psychological' addiction: the 'memory' or trace in your very brain of the euphoria caused by a drug. The craving for a drug is the manifestation of a brain kindled by this drug, so to speak. Some even argue that no 'psychological' addiction arises before the brain is already physically modified to a certain extent to explain the illogical thoughts and actions of the addicted person.

      It's not because YOU, CWH, didn't experience pot wd symptoms or don't know people who did, that the phenomenon doesn't exist. Those symptoms are for me - and countless others - as real and true as the need to eat or take a shit.

      As Bob Dylan once said: don't criticize what you don't understand! I would add: if you don't really know about something, keep your confusing opinion to yourself. Thank you.

    • profile image

      MISH 6 years ago

      its hard to quit, i only smoked for 4 months and i quit 3 weeks ago and i still can't stop thinking about smoking and growing some. im 18 now. i smoked as much as i could whenever i could score some. i wasted 600-ish dollars on weed and paraphenalia, and often i got ripped off by dealers and even my own jackass cousin. weed brought me nothing except alleviation from my troubles for a short while. it IS addictive and i wish i never picked up the habit

    • profile image

      Longhauler 6 years ago


      I wouldn't say you're in real trouble yet. Your frustrations and the loss of 600 bucks are just a little taste of a genuine pothead lifestyle... But you definitely have the profile to become an abuser. Congrats for your lucidity. Do stop before it becomes harder. Take care.

    • profile image

      curious dude 6 years ago

      I think that since weed does not contain any sort of nicotine or addictive chemical that it is possible for a confident successful guy to be able to handle (like me) but people with bad issues like no job ,education, or "life partner " could not handle it without help.. Excuse my spelling I'm a little lazy right know because it was 12pm when I wrote this

    • profile image

      Marijuana 6 years ago

      It is very apparent that marijuana isn't chemically addictive, but it can definitely be labelled as a psychologically dependent substance. Either way, even though I prefer beer, the funky green junk should be legalized in the United States for medicinal and recreational purposes. Cheers!

    • profile image

      whogives@))$&76(( 6 years ago

      Make it legal but still it's addictive so is alcohol. Weed is much better! I don't even smoke nor will I but my friends do. They are

      much more easy to be around then drunk

    • profile image

      SoccerMan 6 years ago

      I play soccer in college and do smoke if its there...I would have say that weed is harmful..It is horrible for your lungs which is a fact and is more harmful to your lungs than cigarettes..I would say that it is addictive by looking at some of my friends, but is nearly not as addictive as tobacco or alcohol..If you asked me do I think weed should be legal..My answer would be yes..I beleive weed is just like alcohol or cigarettes, in some cases safer than the other..If weed was legalized the government could control how potent the product was and could tax it..I believe this would cut down the drug cartel and put many drug dealers out of business..If our country is ever going to get out of this enourmous debt, maybe taxes on weed would help....(just a little)

    • profile image

      Michael 6 years ago

      "They might not be physically hooked on the drug but they are using it as a crutch, as a coping mechanism for their life."

      Ok, so explain to me then why it is "OK" to take Wellbutrin, or Zoloft, or Xanax, or if I'm diagnosed with cancer THEN it's ok to get high. Just because I have some piece of paper from a doctor I had to pay $400 to see? I have been a marijuana smoker for over 27 years, own my $260k home (half paid off already), have a 13 year old straight A&B athlete son, an 18 year old 3.9 gpa daughter, own my own small business in the IT industry, yet grew up in a severely dysfunctional low-middle income family. (ugly divorce, molested siblings, etc.) I know my body better than any doctor and my wife even agrees with the assessment that I have a better outlook, eat better, work out more, have better sex, and sleep much better and longer when I do smoke a doobie or 2 a day. Now I can't always do that because the supply is not always available, but I don't sit in a corner shivering thinking of nothing but the next joint when I'm out, I don't go cruising to find some smoke anywhere I can, I don't even lose sleep (although I do sleep lighter and less restful) whether it's been 2 days or 2 months since my last smoke. I just deal with it till the supply returns and then restock. Why should I go spend ten times as much on some substance that was concocted in a laboratory that could cause my heart to stop, or fluid to seep out of my a$$? Just because mainstream America says this is legal but that isn't? Hell, there are people addicted to chocolate but I don't see anyone demonizing Hersey. Crackheads rob houses and mug people, alcoholics rob liquor stores, marijuana smokers sit at home and watch David Letterman, eat a brownie or two, and relax.

      @Longhauler being a self proclaimed recovering addict does not make you an expert, . I find it funny that a truck driver (you sure as hell didn't pick that name for some other reason) feels the need to try and pass himself off as some all knowing drug addiction specialist. I would suggest, before you go telling other people to "shut the fuck up" you should get all the facts first, and keep your fucking mouth shut.

    • profile image

      Travis "Ganja Goblin" Allen 6 years ago

      Reading people's thoughts of ignorance is maddening. Whenever one of you people arguing from your perception whether that's being an "ex-addict" or a family member of so and so. It's ridiculous, you can't even recoqnize your futile attempt at CONTROLLING this simple choice an individual makes for himself. One pot is not physically hindering in any definition of the word, people who are influenced to do anything to excess are simply weak minded, they have no work ethic, their bodies are not temples, but merely toxic waste dumps that posses blindness. I smoke weed and I have a 150 Iq and I work at a mill as a mechanic/logger rolling logs all day, I have iron lungs and I run my cardio 8 miles... enough said I'm going go get high, much love

    • profile image

      Longhauler 6 years ago

      Dear Michael...

      I never said it was better to pop pharms cuz they're prescribed by your doctor. Fuck no! I never said booze or other drugs were any better or less harmful than mj. I never said it was a sin to toke moderately, if you CAN toke moderately. I never said mj was evil.

      I said that some abuse and it DOES affect their lives negatively. Some smoke too much for too long and they DO endure wd symptoms when they stop. Basically, that's all I said and DO know.

      Who the fuck are you, stinking boaster? Who the fuck cares about your children, cars and houses? What the fuck gives you the right to generalize and claim that all true potheads are under-achieving creeps? Cuz that's what you say, in fact: 'mj abusers are not as smart as me, they have a character defect' etc. Idiot. Having a personality subject to abuse mj is not a character defect, it's a difference. Nobody has an ideal personality for all situations; some, smarter than you, can't handle drugs, including mj. Some, quicker than you, get caught by mj and it becomes their drug of choice for abuse. Pea-brain.

      FYI, my iq is higher than yours... Still, considering your vain, confused and ill-informed comments I seriously doubt the number you gave us, moron.

      So PLEASE, STFU.

    • profile image

      my god! 6 years ago

      Alcohol and cigarettes were both proven to be harmful AND addictive, yet marijuana isn't or was not very harmful according to research. Also, if we legalize marijuana, the potency amount could be controlled and it would be safer to use. I've never even touched marijuana, but these are my thoughts.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      you CAN get addicted to weed. simple as that..

    • profile image

      mnm 6 years ago

      weed is not addictive i can tell u that now ive done it maby 10 times is the last 18 months and all for parties or just to relax

    • profile image

      a shehadeh 6 years ago

      weed is not addictive..its all in ur heads and for anyone who thinks its safe to smoke weed rather than anything else is wring..weed kills brain cells and makes ur penis a whole inch smaller, makes u not able to keep ur penis up during sex and cuts ur sperm counts by more than over a prolonged use u will not be able to conceive. And also greatly reduces the size of ur lungs permenantly to the point where it causes more damage than smoking regular cigarettes and is not reversable.

      weed also gives men a little more size in there breasts leading to man boobs. weed in general is just horrible for anyone and it should be illegal forever and anyone who does use it need help.

    • profile image

      the guy 6 years ago

      it's funny how one person put "i would know it's not addictive, I do it everyday" XD

    • profile image

      The God Sun 6 years ago

      Dude you got serious issues if you think weed keeps your dick down. Maybe for you but not for everyone, cause it has the opposite effect for me. For everybody here, you don't have to smoke it to get the positive effects of the 'drug' and if we call it that then tobacco is a drug as well. Hey little kids, look up how many people tobacco kills A YEAR and do the same with alcohol. Then do the same with marijuana.

    • profile image

      Newsflash 6 years ago

      First, "addiction" as a crutch in life can be anything- coffee, sex, religion, food, t.v. or work can all be used to pacify those nagging thoughts. Shall we demonize those things for their potential for abuse?

      The fact is that marijuana is a fairly benign substance compared to nicotine, zoloft and other legal daily favorites. It is easier to demonstrate the consequences of eating McDonald's regularly than of marijuana use regularly. And marijuana "withdrawal" is a total Non-Event, characterized by feelings of sobriety and, if you brood long enough, boredom...

      The 'Gateway' theory is similarly laughable- People who go on to harder drugs do so because they are interested in doing so, not because they smoked weed. Ive smoked for twenty years off and on and Ive never considered graduating to heroin or crack or prozac...

      Prohibition was an asinine, immoral and FAILED policy in 1920 and it remains so to this day. Leave me in peace to my lunch-break doobie and I will look the other way while millions of obese diabetics order up more Big Macs.

      -Don't tread on me!

    • profile image

      Grand Daddy Kush 6 years ago

      Smokin weed all depends on the person. its addictiveness depend on the situation goin on in ur life

    • profile image

      stevenyc 6 years ago

      Just reading this post is making me want to pull out my vaporizer and do some sour diesel. I hate smoke. For me I think smoking weed is is worse than using it. The smoke has impure' chemicals which are worse than thc itself. Is weed addictive? Never thought of it that way. For some people it's more of a crutch for an underlying issue(s) which can even lead back to early childhood -- 'evil' weed usage is a symptom, not the cause. I've been doing a lot of research on this. I will get much more into this in a later post.

    • profile image

      stevenyc 6 years ago

      read this:

    • profile image

      stevenyc 6 years ago

      then read this:

      More detailed post coming soon.

    • profile image

      nev 6 years ago

      Wow, wow, wow... I read all the coments on the written artice. We can not see the forest because of the trees... lets go back to the basics. Our Creator told us to to eat three categories of food, fruits nuts and grains. Ingesting those foods would keep us alive and functioning, for a while. To those three categories was added the fruit from the three of life. Ingesting that fruit would have prolonged our life so we can function ethernaly/forever with no death in sight. Our initial parents decided to experiment with the "illegal" fruit of a plant called the 'three of knowledge of good and evil'. That fruit hooked us. We lost access to the fruit from the three of life. So, now we die after x amount of years. But our Creator, in His wisdom, after blocking the path to the fruit of the 'tree of life' said to our initial parents, 'from now on you will eat the herbs of the field'. Today, we call them vegetables..

      Folks, stick to the basics for these few years of life that you were given. What is legal or illegal is not the issue. Basics, go back to basics. Stop experimenting with chemicals, legal or illegal. Toss your money at your farmer that grows those fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables. Do not toss your money at the guy who process those fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables into alcohol, cigarets, cigars, wegetation derivitives that we refer to as drugs. If you are hooked on any of the derivitives and feel that you can not function with out them, your Creator holds the power to remove the hook from your mouth. His name is YHWH (Jesus, in English).

    • profile image

      frank 6 years ago

      I smoked marijuana for nearly 2 years. I started in 7th grade, and smoked until Freshman year, during December. I always worried if I was truly addicted. During December we had to move to another city, and I didn't have the access to marijuana like I did in my old city. I quit without trouble. Never once did I feel like I had to smoke. I always was like, if I get the chance again, I will most certainly take that offer. I'm only 15 now and I still don't think I'm addicted. But I do believe if I ever get the chance, I will do it. I still want to smoke and enjoy the high, but I don't really need it.

    • profile image

      DEW BEE 6 years ago

      Sure it can be addictive, of course its a drug, yes its worse than breathing only air but if it wasn't illegal I would have never drank a drop of alcohol. I was the guy at the party with a pepsi and a pipe. GOD made it and hasn't taken it away, no refinement necessary! Its safer than all other drugs and you cant overdose on it, I know I tried and ended up forgetting what I was trying to do!

    • profile image

      d00b 6 years ago

      So what? We all like to escape from reality sometimes. Most of us play video games, listen to music, watch TV, go fishing or whatever else it may be. Are these not a means of escape too?

    • profile image

      yes on 19 6 years ago

      I have been a marijuana user for roughly ten years. Due to some legal issues, I have been forced to quit. It was extremely easy to walk away from Marijuana, no cravings and no withdrawls. Have a ten year alcoholic or nicotine addict quit and the result will not be anywhere near as successful.

      Psychological addiction? Are you kidding me? So, basically if you enjoy doing something before another activity you have an addiction? I enjoy going for a walk before bed. I find it relaxing, is that an addiction? (if you said yes, then congratulations, you are a moron)

      As for the gateway theory, that is just ridiculous. The only possibility of Marijuana being a gateway drug, is the fact you have to consort with the black market to get it. In most educated peoples opinions, this increases the chances of you trying the truly hard drugs. Even then, less than 10% of Marijuana users ever try the real dangerous drugs.

      There will always be people with weak wills and just about anything could ruin these peoples lives. Part of natural selection and survival of the fittest. If it's not Marijuana, it would be something else. A loser is going to be a loser regardless.

    • profile image

      Just me 6 years ago

      "Yes on 19" is brilliant. Read his words, let them sink in. In the end, a loser will always be a loser. No matter what the cause is

    • profile image

      Steve 6 years ago

      Seriously I despise all the idiots who try and criminalize marijuana. My brother was addicted to Prescription pain killers (valium). I'v seen nights where my brother looked like a zombie couldn't speak and barely walk. My brother was on anti anxiety, anti depression, schizophrenia and bi-polar meds. My brother was mentally dying from all these medications that are supposed to help. While my brother was going through physical with drawls I would smoke a joint with him. This relaxed him and actually made him communicate like a normal human being. I would much rather my brother be smoking something natural from the environment then him taking fucking Meds filled with chemicals made in a fucking lab.

      Fuck you all people that look down on marijuana smokers. Its saving my brothers life from drugs that were MAN MADE.

    • profile image

      Ms Thang 6 years ago

      Let's face it, a person can get addicted to anything. Cannabis is the least dangerous drug to'll never hear of someone getting high and going out and committing a rape or beating someone senseless. Alcohol and other drugs are a sure thing for this type of behavior.

    • profile image

      jswag 6 years ago

      i just finish blazing a fat blunt ;)started reading all the dorks comments its ok to smoke if you can handle life and its situations an to me weed is great it helps me highlight life i focus more on life and what's most important to me like when i smoke i think twice about everything i find solutions to my prob an resolve. its more than just smokin its way of life it don't slow me down it helps me focus.. plus everything is better stoned food movies the weather even sex lol

    • profile image

      Marijuana advocate 6 years ago

      basically you have stated a problem then wrote your opinion on it, while you are right about marijuana being physiologically addictive you stated that most people would say i am going to get high before i got to the movie. It is obvious that a regular marijuana user will want to go to a movie high rather then sober. Also you say most they use it as a way to medicate themselves this is because it is illegal. If it were legal it wouldn't have to be self medicated it would be prescribed. Also you say that marijuana mask emotions, which, since i am guessing that you are not a regular marijuana user and have no personal experience, and that there is no scientific data that shows marijuana masking emotions, you have absolutely no right to make an entire article on the internet about it. Also everything in the world that anyone does and enjoys is physiologically addictive, such as chocolate and video games. They are considered diseases when the thing that is causing the addiction is bad for you or causes harm. Many people get addicted to working out because of the good things that happen from it. This isn't a problem because working out is good for you. There has been more deaths working out then there have been from marijuana. There have been more video game related deaths then from marijuana. The most persisting problem that occurs from marijuana use is dealing with people like you. Think of your favorite hobby. Now think about that being illegal because of corruption and racism against mexicans, and think about being arrested for doing this hobby. Being put in jail for as long as crimes such as rape and murder. Think about this hobby being socially hated and having to do it in private. I don't you would deal well with people that are against it. then imagine being sent to a rehab clinic for it. Try living in a world that your favorite thing to do is not dangerous yet everyone tells you it is. You don't see coke heads trying to make cocaine legal do you. Explain to me how a regular marijuana user is a criminal and how they are criminals to the same degree as rapist and murderers. Explain to me why more people have died due to the laws on marijuana then due to marijuana itself. Explain to me how the war on drugs was the first war that an american military soldier has killed an innocent american citizen that didn't use marijuana. i would really like to see you reply to this message and still sound smart without making up something that has never been proven, or needs to be proven. Since America has failed, im sure your do the same. maybe some research would serve you well. It may be a little hard to find up to date info because the last marijuana study done by the government was in the 70's. Just listen to nixon's views on drugs "You see, homosexuality, dope,

      immorality in general: These are the enemies of strong societies.

      That's why the Communists and the left-wingers are pushing the

      stuff, they're trying to destroy us"

      and here is his conversation with the white house hr head.

      "RN: "Now, this is one thing I want. I want a Goddamn strong

      statement on marijuana. Can I get that out of this

      sonofabitching, uh, Domestic Council?"

      HRH: "Sure."

      RN: "I mean one on marijuana that just tears the ass out of them.

      I see another thing in the news summary this morning about it.

      You know it's a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are

      out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish."

      this is the person who started the "war on drugs" in the 70's.

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 6 years ago

      I agree: very often the dangers of marijuana are underestimated... Sometimes it can ruin our emotional and social life. Thanks

    • profile image

      misscyn 6 years ago

      Weed is just like everything else in this country another outlet, excuse & law. Americans don't know how to moderate anything except morales and values. I've been around it my entire life, smoked it and quit it (more than once). Anything, including marijuana, can be an addiction. Whether it be porn, game systems, meth, vodka, even candy. People find something that they really like or makes them feel really good. YES MARIJUANA IS ADDICTIVE if you choose to let it be. When you're living your life high you may not even care if its ruining your life for that matter you may be too high to notice. At the same time I know many people who smoke it recreationally and carry on successful lives. Almost everyone in this country tries to find something to blame their bad decisions on. Another thing, all these upper class hypocrites popping anti depressants for this pain-killers for that and so on, its all the same thing. Bottom line in my opinion is no one wants to deal with difficult unpleasant or painful feelings only difference is the thing we choose to be the outlet.

    • profile image

      misscyn 6 years ago

      "yes on 19" have to say I think that comment is awesome and makes a lot of sense to me. Which I know my opinion has no impact on you, but your opinion impacted mine.

    • Alen Ostovic profile image

      Alen Ostovic 6 years ago from Croatia

      I smoked a lot of marijuana when I was younger and stupid and even though is not phisically addictive I believe it forms some sort of psychical addiction that MAY lead to some other more dangerous drugs, however it's only a matter of character that person has, even gambling MAY be an addiction that leads to bancrupt and hungry kids and still it's legal. Every addiction except the physical one is only in a mind of a man who hasn't got no character or self confidence. Nice hub, thumbs up :)

    • profile image

      Wish he would quit 6 years ago

      My boyfriend is addicted to marijuana. He uses it everyday, several times a day. In fact he refuses to go out without "taking a few hits." He says he can't sleep good if he doesn't smoke it and he can't function through the day without it. The problem is that I've seen him when he's sober and he's great to be around, with him being constantly high he acts immature and ignorant. I'm praying for him. I really wish he would quit or at least cut down to very seldom.

    • profile image

      wazup 6 years ago

      I think the real problem is that alotta students smoke weed (incl me) couse it really has negative effect on a personality which is still developing. And it's effects are way more attractive to young people. Plus, it makes studiyng harder couse it effects the short-term memory (the only real negative physiological effect). I think that it should be legalized and sold only to people over 18 (in my country). That way youngsters won't smoke that much and tax money will go to the government. Unfortunatelly, alcohol and cig companies won't allow that.

      Oh, and, is it addictive? Sure as hell is... not physically, but mentally, and that's a lot harder to overcome than physical addiction - it's the same way with junkies - they kick their physical addiction but their mental addiction turns them back to heroin.

    • profile image

      User for a long time 6 years ago

      Absolutely yes.

      Stay away from the potent strains such as Kush etc..

      Major withdrawal symptoms from heavy use.

    • profile image

      Just another stoner.. 6 years ago

      For me I started off smoking once or twice a month then it turned into once or twice every other week till it turned into an everyday thing. And this all happened within the first 6 months of smoking. I have smoked for 2 years now and recently I haven't smoked for 3 days now and I want to quite but I made plans on smoking today cuz I just want to get high.

      So is weed addicting? eh... Yes and no in my opion. I mean for me it's hard cuz most of my friends are stoners and I love my stoner friends. I love to escape reality for awhile. But if I really wanted to quite I think it would be a piece of cake.

      As for weed being a gateway drug? Well.. In a way that's true. If someone trys it and likes the feeling of being high then maybe they would want to try something stronger to get them higher. But for the most part I believe marijuana isn't a gateway drub. It all depends on the person. If someone always wanted to try something new then its their choice. For example I got a friend who said they never do anything but weed and then later on said they wanted to try all these different drugs at least once. I don't believe it was mary jane that changed his mind but the fact he always really wanted to try every drug out there.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      I'm 14, and I have been smoking for a few months. When I started I was worried about getting addicted, but over the course of my use of marijuana, I have learned that for me it is not addicting at all. If I run out, I run out. That's it, its not like I need to get more. And I have challenged myself to stop, just to see if I can, and I can stop no problem. The only withdrawals that I experience are trouble sleeping, and sweating. The trouble sleeping is the only thing that bothers me about quitting. But whatever

    • profile image

      Chad 6 years ago

      To the writerof this blog... Weed is not the reason u chose to get into harder drugs. I know this because I started with booze and cigs.. Then was introduced to the less dangerous marijuana bud. I have NEVER had the urge to kill myself with crack or acid because I do homework on the effects of what's around me. Getting into harder drugs was YOUR choice, not the choice of the marijuana plant... It's not maryjanes fault that you fell out of love with her high and needed crack to feel on top of the world again. Does this make sense to you at all? Yes it can be addicting for some.. But only to those who let drugs control them

    • profile image

      Tad brown 6 years ago

      Everyone that thinks it's addictive are the people who have never done it and don't truly know what they are talking about and are gullible. I LOVE Mary Jane.

    • profile image

      Adam Bumbaddam 6 years ago

      Marijuana isn't addictive. The only way to make marijuana addictive is to inflate the meaning of the word "addiction", which is exactly what the experts have done. So now chocolate, eating, gambling, coffee and all other manner of things are addictive.

      But "experts" and "common sense" are mutually exclusive terms. Anyone with common sense can clearly see that is patently ridiculous to compare alcohol or crack cocaine addiction to marijuana.

      Abuse of marijuana (as opposed to use of marijuana) can be serious, no doubt. But most people I know who smoked a lot of pot simply outgrew it. Got tired of it. Grew up. Stopped. A few didn't, but not many, and I'm comfortable diagnosing those people with "weak character" as opposed to "marijuana addiction."

    • profile image

      Anonymous  6 years ago

      So many inane comments, from proselytizers to IQ comparisons to rants and even rages. I hear a reverb. I intend for the following words to be read with a neutral tone. Here's the scoop:

      Yes, 'certain' people will engage in use and abuse of other harmful substances following their use of Marijuana. Can we draw a direct correlation between Marijuana use and the end-user's decision to escalate his substance of choice? No. As others have previously commented, the gateway theory relies strictly on the choice of the user- regardless of any association with willpower or personality.

      It is not a disorder to do something enjoyable, but recognize when it gets out of hand. The question that should be asked is: How much is too much?

      Another issue that must be addressed is the article's view and assumption that a user has a need to replace, control, or destroy unwanted emotions or feelings. While this assertion may hold validity for particular users, it cannot be held as a law. Users can not be- and do not appreciate being- profiled.

      I am not attempting to oppress(or proselytize haha) any view upon any reader, but please, I urge you to take all of the following into consideration:

      Self discipline and control.

      Vaporization of Marijuana is healthier than smoking it. The user is inhaling and absorbing far less chemicals than one would using any other alternative.

      Cognitive Dissonance- in summary, can be exemplified for this specific audience as the moment you think about smoking Marijuana, which you think could be potentially harmful, and yet you give yourself an excuse to smoke- or seek some medium of approval- then do it anyway. Just be aware of this- we all are guilty.


      and this- LIFE GOES ON.

      (I support the commenter who discussed their perspective of disallowing Marijuana, or anything else in that respect, to master you.)

      Lastly, remember that we are all human beings (not speaking as a radical environmentalist here), we all make choices, and we all have a brain with unlimited potential. It is not the choice you make but your ability to learn from your mistakes (and to discern if it was or not a mistake). Think about it, when we make a choice, we are either right or wrong, so you have a 50% chance- always. The importance is not in the decision, its in learning from the mistake- and not cycling that mistake.

      Let's throw the egotistical attitudes out the window, and think about the real

    • profile image

      Anonymous  6 years ago

      arguments that should be made.

    • profile image

      bone 6 years ago

      wtf i love weed

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      Too many people have negative opinions out there (although there are a lot of good ones in this post). I have smoked on and off for 17 years now and have never had issues with withdrawals. The fact of the matter is that it’s YOUR choice. If you are going to make it hard on yourself, then it will be. We call this a self fulfilling prophecy. Pot has helped me through some very hard times and has made the good times even better. I'm not one to go out and preach, persuade or push my beliefs on others but this is one subject that I give exception to. Like others have said, it’s just like anything you enjoy. For some its McDonald’s others its games, TV, the Internet and so on. All in moderation. Stop trying to control everyone! It didn’t work out well for Hitler, but then again he was addicted to pain killers! Legalize Marijuana.

    • profile image

      420 6 years ago

      ive been smoking pot for a while now and ive tried to quit now and then and its a psychological addiction i couldn't go for more than a week without doing it because if i ever saw someone doing it id want to take a hit with them. I've found that my health is weak i can barely wake up in the morning and i run out of breath so easily. it can be addictive if you're reliant on it and if i don't get my fix for the day i feel like shit

    • profile image

      my 2 cents 6 years ago

      Im sorry but there is an addiction to pot ive seen people pawn neary all there belongings over time so they could buy their weed and used to psyc out when they couldn't get it

      there are negative affects some of the guys i went to school with used to be really smart people and are now dumb shits who have no idea what's going on around them when they are not high

      people say weed doesn't kill

      ive known people as high as a kite decide to go for a drive and not come back

      ive know people to get on their dirt bikes and not come back

      while its true their is always a risk when doing those things

      there are some facts here

      they'd never had the accident straight

      they were both high no alcohol was in their systems

      in the dirtbike riders case this was the first time he was high and went for a ride as this was the first time hed had pot on his property he used to go to a friends and smoke it

      while smoking is worse for you lungs etc

      smoking doesn't impair your judgement

      it doesn't worsen your reflexes

      pot also causes cancer there have been many recent studies showing that its the same if not worse than tobacco smoke

      most people only want to believe that its harmless

      look at smoking back in the day so was that it took a long time to convince people it was

      the biggest enemy on drug education is the medias scare tactics who have spewed out all this mumbo jumbo and how dangerous weed is half of it lies so that now the pot community doesn't know what to believe anymore.

    • profile image

      zig zag man 6 years ago

      just smoke it and be happy,or don't smoke it and don't critizize the people who do. :):)

    • profile image

      whodat30ish 6 years ago

      to my 2 cents, you are full of uit if you saw people pawning all there stuff for weed. They were on more than what you knew they were on, and you are gullable. I am 42, I started smoking weed on a every day all day basis. at the age of 14 or 15. and smoked all the way to the year 1996. you do the math. In that time I graduated high school "b-" average. went on to do a year of trade school. and ran my own company for twelve years, until i went through a terrible divorce. I know longer smoke weed for legal issues, and it doesn't bother me. A person can be totally functional on weed and still carry on a normal responsible life. Any thing else is based on the other peoples issues in there life, "NOT WEED". It says in the bible that god put all his seed bearing plants on this earth for us to use. I would much rather ride in a car with somebody stoned than drunk. And the only reason weed isn't legal cause they havnt figured out how to tax it and control the growth of it and make there money. So they make thee money by making it illegal, and finds treatments, etc...

    • profile image

      luis  6 years ago

      it has tot me to stay away from it for i have bean gating like curias bout now i now that i should not take drugs

    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      Am I addicted to weed...I am a Pharmacy student at University at the end of my first year. Yesterday I met a chap (I am English by the way) in class who sells weed, hash to be precise. We skipped class and got high, this was my first time, and it was great except for being violently sick, he called it a whitey, 'you stop getting those' he said. That day I talked to more people and met more girls than I had done in my previous 11 months. Weed is great for reducing your inhibitions, you never fight when your stoned and you can easily turn the other cheek and take the moral high (excuse the pun) ground.

      Being a Pharmacy student, I am well aware of how drugs work and I know all the journals say weed is not addictive, so I am totally cool with smoking weed. Am I addicted to weed...NO of course not.

      Am I addicted to weed...I am in my final year of University about to graduate with Honors, not bad for someone who visited the library once during freshers week and relied purely on other peoples notes for my revision. I still smoke weed maybe a gram or two a month, which I think is fine. I have lost a couple of friends since that thought this was already too much, in fact it wasn't the amount I smoked, it was the fact that I actively looked to buy it that bothered them. Oh well, some people are sensitive to these things. Am I addicted to way I have so little its impossible, my books tell me so, as does my lecturer who is the governments advisor to cannabis research.

      Am I addicted to weed...I am working full time now for a couple of years, I no longer have contacts for my supply, so I don't smoke weed anymore, I miss it, like I miss my University days, life is not as much fun anymore. Am I addicted to, since I have not had any in two years.

      Am I addicted to weed...I am in my third job since leaving Uni, I am doing OK, I work in the City of London and I am earning good money, I get hold of pot pretty regularly now and its a blast, I am amazed at how interested I am in all sorts of things when I have smoked, seriously even museums are great fun when caned. The news at Ten is a blast. An eighth lasts me a month. I am living with my girlfriend now and she tolerates my weekend habit, she's a Pharmacist also and knows weed is not addictive so she is pretty cool with it, although she doesn't smoke it herself. Am I addicted to I don't think so, I am in the best shape of my life.

      Am I addicted to weed...well I have bought my second house, no kids, nice car nice holidays. I still smoke weed and I have a new job in foreign lands, I am an engineer now having studied again and life is great. I have met some interesting people and they all smoke weed. My friends are great and I feel they are always there for me, some of them smoke too much I think but there not doing any harm and they all hold valuable positions in society, weed is not a bad thing and I have no problem with people that smoke it every day. Am I addicted to I don't smoke it every day.

      Am I addicted to weed...I have changed jobs again and have access to weed as much as I want. All I have to do know is drive across the border into Holland and get my max 5 grams and drive back, loads of people do it and don't get caught. I often tell myself that the police will let me off if they catch me. After all I am not smoking and driving, I have a good job and I am clearly not a dealer. In fact I much prefer driving across the border than going to the dealer that keeps me waiting and often lets me down, screw him I am going to the source now. I smoke every day and life is but a breeze.

      Am I addicted to weed...maybe but who cares, life is short and we are merely ants, what's the big deal, it has never caused me to try anything stronger and I have not noticed any health issues arising from my consumption.

      Am I addicted to weed...I smoke in the mornings before going to work. I bring a coffee to my car, role one up and go into my dreamworld, I don't necessarily enjoy my job but who does, right. Anyway I will finish my joint then drive to work, I will also have one on the way back. Its not a long drive and its pretty slow going and I am pretty good at driving as I have never had an accident, however I would never drive after drinking (whatever that means). I also smoke at lunch just to break up the day, it does not seem to effect my work in fact I just got promoted. I do feel stressed a lot of the time at work and outside, and weed just dials it all down and helps me see through the day with a smile on my face. Am I addicted to weed...maybe but its hard to say as I always have it and see no good reason not to. Others have a glass of white whine at lunch, I role a bifta.

      Am I addicted to weed...I have taken some days off work to enjoy my new batch, I have just rolled one up and my girlfriend calls, 'can you pick up my passport at the Embassy'. No worries, I finish my joint. So I have my stash with me, not much just enough to role one for the journey back, I have it in the inside pocket of my jacket, and go to the Embassy. See I was thinking that I would just pick it up at the front gate like the British Embassy, but this was not the British Embassy, it was American, and I am not an American. So I get inside and I am immediately confronted by security 'can you empty your pockets and remove your jacket so that we can xray it' Oh shit, bugger balls and damn. I start sweating, I have weed in my jacket and I am about to bring it into American soil, pucker factor huge. I want to make my excuses and go back to the car but I am a little caned and cannot for the life of me think of a good reason to back out....shit I am going to jail, for a gram of fucking weed. Anyway they don't spot it and I am in and out with the passport. Close call, I laugh and role one up in the car. Am I addicted to weed...nah all is good and nothing happened.

      Am I addicted to weed...I am a law abiding citizen, baring smoking and driving, crossing borders with weed, having more weed in the house than would be considered for personal use, taking weed into an Embassy, and smoking at work, other than that I would not hurt a fly. Am I addicted to weed...nah its harmless.

      Am I addicted to weed...I am so pissed off, I am pretty much ready to kick anyones ass that does not show me respect or is rude. Seriously I am a pit bull, it makes no difference to me who it is, or how big he is. Work is shit and people are shit, everyone is dumb as far as I can tell. I have pretty much told my company they are incompetent. Everywhere I go I see idiocy, bad driving, and sheer stupidity by the general public, weed is the only thing that keeps these thoughts out of my head, thank god for the herb. I suffer heart palpitations, per fuse sweating at night, short tempered and obnoxious if provoked, which is easily done. My doctor has told me its stress caused from work, I think she is right, these are stressful times. She tells me to find new work as this career path does not match my character, she says I have anger management issues. If only she new that one toke on a joint makes it all go away, they should legalize this stuff, seriously. Am I addicted to weed...not so sure now.

      I love smoking weed, I love to wake and bake. I love the freshly bought bag sitting on my table, with the big sticky buds. I am smoking one right now. I feel lucid in thought and am able to express myself clearly and concisely... I think.

      I love going for walks in the park after smoking. I love watching a film whilst smoking. I love getting stuck into a project whilst smoking. I have great conversations when I have smoked, although most of the time I am doing none of those things, because I am smoking. I used to smoke socially, but now I am almost always alone when smoking, my friends are high after one joint, and there amazed that I can still function coherently after 5, kudos to me they say, but I am sure they are thinking otherwise, maybe I am paranoid. I am now quite happy missing out on a night out with friends, just so that I can smoke and watch a movie. I tell myself that I am saving money, and that alcohol is worse for me, but sometimes I

    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      but sometimes I wonder.

      Am I addicted to weed....I think about it all the time when I don't have it. I will go to great lengths to get it, would drive 5 hours to get some and break many laws in the process. When I get it it is always my last bag, every day I lie about only having one per day, fact is I will have as many as I can get away with. I often find myself frowning upon others that smoke because they look different and dress differently, I feel my life is more successful than theirs and that they have succumbed to laziness and lack of ambition. I am not short of money or property, I have a wife and dog, kids will come soon and I see a rosey future. I have given up working for others and am striving for my own business. Its been almost 20 years since I had my first joint, and I will continue to smoke weed if available. I just wish I could do it with more refrain. I wish I could just have one a week, but I can't. If I have it I smoke it like I stole it. It has not sent me into the gutter and it has not done me any noticeable harm. I have taken a lot of risks and got away with it, any one of those could have sent me to jail and then all would be ruined. I have been lucky...will you be? I addicted to tell me, I'm no expert

    • profile image

      robert 6 years ago

      Smoking Cannabis does not numb your feelings but amplifies them as well as making negative fear based emotions more uncomfortable.

    • profile image

      jason 6 years ago

      Pot's addictive, to those who want to use it to replace those boring idle moments of nothing, and there's nothing to be ashamed of in that sense, Lords knows how boring monotony of just average day life can be. Going to work, going to school, making dinner, blah blah blah, I say to myself F** this, I'd rather be high and do the same thing. From experience what can I say? First off I know I'm addicted to weed, and I've stopped smoking now for about an entire month as I'm writing this, and I can say firmly that I still pine for Mary J like a fiend. And in a sense that alone defeats the idea of it being a gateway drug. I know I'm addicted to weed, hence I would never touch anything like crack or cocaine because without a doubt I know myself, and I know I'd easily be addicted to that stuff if I were to ever use it. At least with weed it's not some deadly drug like the former. Weed is like alcohol, having a drink here or there ain't gona hurt you, but when you're smoking all day- you pot heads know the feeling I'm talking about- being burnt out by 2pm, and just feeling drained, you stop loving weed, and start to loathe that hold it has over you. I laid off the stuff for awhile, just to prove the point that I can go for a while without smoking, and to get off the routine of smoking all day round. I plan to start smoking again in a week or two but I just wanted to take a little time out to give myself the bit of self control to say, "hey I actually can stop if I want to". If I can offer any pointers to anyone trying to lay off the stuff for awhile, the first is, don't go cold turkey, it won't work, heck it will still be in your system when you're making the decision to stop. Instead, gradually lay off it, instead of smoking all day round, go to just once at night, and then turn that once a night into once a week, keep doing that and then just stop, and further more, don't expect it to be easy, it's hard. Know before you decide to quit that they're are going to be good days and they're are going to be hard days you just have to suck it up, grin and bear it, and ask yourself, 'can I go for at least month without smoking weed?' This isn't something you need to prove to others, or even your guilty conscience, rather it is a statement in you controlling your own senses, in that you control yourself, not your senses, you, and just think how pathetic it is if you cannot say that's true- that your senses dominate your reason. Weed is a wonderful stimulant, better than tabacco, alcohol, etc, and anyone who'd argue that is a dope. But don't let it control you, it's easy, everyone knows that cranky feeling one gets when our stash is empty and we can't get a hold of that stupid dealer who won't pick up his phone- that crankiness is your addiction.

    • profile image

      Mike "Quit Weed" 6 years ago

      MJ is clearly an addictive thing whe you consider that addiction is mainly a question of mind. There´s no need for physical influence to develop an addiction otherwise there would be anybody affected by porn addiction or gambling addiction, don´t you think so?

    • Trouble16 profile image

      Trouble16 6 years ago

      After being a very avid user I would say yes it is addictive if you let it become addictive. Just like any other habbit. But no there is no physical addiction at least not in my personal experience.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      Addiction- when the body craves something and goes through withdrawl. Yaa weed you cant have withdrawl effects On the body your just like man i could really use some weed but you don't be like i need itbor im gonna kill myself

    • profile image

      mathew  6 years ago

      im 16 years old , ive been smokeing for over 4 years now . its an everyday thing for me , usally cant goo a day without it . honestly to me weed has become a part of who i am . i cant go more than 3 days without it & if i do my body & my brain seem to fuction differently & i tend too loose my mind . maybe for some people its not addictive but trust me it is . if uve been smokeing for more than 3 years & blow it down everyday about 8 times a day then its addictive , something i personally crave . something i always gotta have . its makes me happy . i get high & i make moneey

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      I'm a college student who's been smoking for 2 years come this month. I took a three month break in between during which time I thought I had kicked the habit for good, but unfortunately I gave in to temptation. When I started smoking initially, I was a heavy user, not particularly potent stuff, but anything I could get my hands on. Everyday. I'm not gonna say I know anything about weed withdrawal as I did not chart my progress during my abstinence period, but I will say that the effects of craving, especially when you've come to depend on the drug as a crutch for your problems in real life is very real. I see it as a way to escape from reality, to avoid the intricacies of real life and this in turn has made me quiet socially withdrawn. The main problem I have with my weed smoking is that it prevents me from doing the things I want to do most, like it slows me down. I have a fairly above average IQ, and I KNOW FOR A FACT that I'm not fully functional when I'm smoking everyday. It's like my capabilities are crippled.

      I'm at a crossroads, but I have time on my side I suppose, 2 years isn't not so bad after all is it? Can any of you who have kicked any kind of habit recommend me some good book that helps in understanding the addictive process and how to escape our urges? I'm really relieved that there are people who are going through the same thing, it gives me a sense of not being alone, to see that people have been through a lot worse and still made it out just okay. Thanks guys.

    • profile image

      A sophomore who knows addiction 6 years ago

      You can become addicted to anything. Chocolate, shopping, self-inflicted pain. All of it comes down to a mental aspect and the fact that addiction depends on the person, not the weed.

    • profile image

      Pro-weed, yet a non-smoker 6 years ago

      There's nothing wrong with using it as a crutch like you say. People use lots of things for that. Music, reading, writing, boxing, you name it. Those things aren't criticized for being a stress-reliever, so why is weed? Just because people enjoy doing it all the time, doesn't make it addictive, it's just something they enjoy, and are able to do often.

    • profile image

      ezilla 6 years ago

      I was a heavy pot smoker for 27 years. Had to stop for drug tests for a job. Quit "cold turkey", never experienced ANY symptom I've seen here. Too much of anything isn't good. Ez kyle, your friend didn't die from marijuana, he died from being a dumbass! And yes, I've lost MANY friends from alcohol and major drug related accidents. There's people that can think for themselves and there's people that need to be defined by a syndrome!!

    • profile image

      randy 6 years ago

      I never got the "gateway" concept. I smoked weed daily for many years, only recently cut back significantly, and I've never tried nor do I want to try another drug (excluding alcohol). I've got lots of pot-head buddies who can say the same thing too. From my experience I think the "gateway" theory is very much exaggerated.

    • profile image

      RNM 6 years ago

      I'm only 13 years old but to me this is some what true. My mother was an addict for multiple things. After a while she just went to marijuana for an escape for everyday life. When I tried to get her to stop for mine and my little brothers sake she said that she was fine and she didn't need help, but of coarse she had no job and we were living with some of her friends. In my opinion people do get addicted it isn't a choice to take it daily. Addicts become addicted mentally and physically.

    • profile image

      tokin 6 years ago

      its not addictive iv smoked it for over 13 yrs now only thing i find is i smoke more cigs if iv got no weed i just enjoy getting high if i could afford to i would get high everyday but seen as i cant afford to i smoke on weekends 3-7gms nicotine is an addiction i cant chuck.

    • profile image

      Quitting weed 6 years ago

      Marijuana tends to only be addictive to those with addictive personalities, just like some people are addicted to food, it isn't really the food that makes a person addicted and I see it the same with marijuana.

    • Tales From Tai profile image

      Tales From Tai 6 years ago from New York

      What do you suggest doing when your 14 year old comes home drunk and high. I don't want him to become addicted to anything but he keeps trying to prove that there isn't anything wrong with smoking pot. Any suggestions on sites that can help.

    • profile image

      T.G. 6 years ago

      Smoking weed isn't bad. Friends of mine smoke weed and so do I, but i maintain a 3.5 gpa in my classes. And this is high school. I can say it isn't a good thing to do, but it never was a bad thing for me. It kept my mind straight.

    • KCMama profile image

      Miss Janelle Knespel, CPC, ELI - Practitioner 6 years ago from Northern Colorado

      Thank you for the insight. I was under the impression that pot was not the problem, but the use of pot could be. It is kinda like stuffing your face with pasties when life seems too hard. I so get it. Thank you.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      People say that marijuana isn´t addictive or say that marijuana addiction is rare.

      So why marijuana is by far the most used illicit drug all over the world?

      That doesn´t make sense.

    • profile image

      THEkid 5 years ago

      I used to smoke all the time through out my college career. Now I'm bout to graduate and get a job so I've quit for the past 3 months. I still have friends that smoke. The urge to smoke is as strong as ever but I resist because I'd rather have a steady job. It's addictive just like cell phones can be addictive, the internet, your tv, etc, etc.

    • profile image

      Nixter 5 years ago

      When someone says doing things in 'moderation' isn't bad for you - what that means to me is that those things you do in moderation is not bad for you.

      So for example drinking alchohol is not bad.. But abusing it will damage your body.

      My question is what does using mj in 'moderation' mean? How many joints a week? Grams?

      And does smoking that quantity do your body any harm

    • profile image

      kenabiss 5 years ago

      I had withdrawal symptoms after stopping smoking weed for 3 weeks. First week was quite strange. Felt irritable and started having weird realistic 2 minute dreams. But after a few days all that fizzled out, also found this with stopping smoking so it could have been the nicotine not the weed.

      For more info on marijuana and its effects including health reasons why not to smoke weedvisit this site at

    • profile image

      Tom 5 years ago

      Everybody have an excuse to smoke marijuana. Few admit that marijuana is a drug and is used to get high.

    • profile image

      MacAndCheeseBurger 5 years ago

      Marijuana is addictive, only in the sense that good things in life are worth repeating.

    • profile image

      hooked 5 years ago

      stalker! that's my life

    • profile image

      Kush 5 years ago

      fuck what anybody who says its bad,addictive,ive faced blunts of that exotic that loud everyday for 3 years

      now im on piss tests.ive havnt smoked in 3 months eazy as shit.ive done every drug so quit bitchin over a little bud.i hope they keep it illegal so it keeps shit load of money in the bank.any1 else would role in the weed and the money i have.i give less of a fuck bout a little weed.the money supports dad alcholic no job.less than year to live.what alcohols done to me and ppl i cant call even family anymore.ive robbed and take a look into reality.all of america what the govt. say don't belive such things as drug free neighboor hoods.cops stupid as shit had 5 gs on me in the police station and walked right out with it.they had 4 cops on me 2 shotguns on me while cornerd.shakein in literally in their shoes.cuz i beat 2 bitchass cops.sent them to shock trauma cuz they was talkin shit and gettin smart with me.

    • profile image

      WizK 5 years ago

      Whoever says weed is addicting is wrong. All weed does is makes you feel way better. Whoever says it damages brain cells is a complete idiot.. It actually stimulates them. Nothing is wrong with weed. There is no damage done when smoked. I can tell you right now I could quit whenever I wanted to. And people that say it is overused are bullshitters, get high and go do activities that are boring and see how much fun you have. It enhances your life without doing any damage. And even when you quit you can still enjoy the activities. Enough said, my turn to puff puff pass...

    • profile image

      Check021 5 years ago

      Marijuana is NOT PHYSICALLY addictive as it is psychically.Example is TV and Internet.If power is off,and there is no TV - then you will not watch/surf.And it is O.K - but it would surely be better if there are available those things.Same with marijuana.If you have it,or have money to buy it - you will smoke it.If you don't have "stash" for other day - you will be AT MOST - NERVOUS.

    • profile image

      Ex-potsmoker 5 years ago

      As someone who smoked everyday for about a year, it is addictive, but usually only in high amounts. I quit a week ago, I was losing on average 3-4 hours of sleep at night and a severe lack of appetite for about a week. Irritation, frustration... These are definitely withdrawal symptoms, physical or psychological, it doesn't matter. It's addictive, trust me. Maybe not like cocaine, but it can still mess you up, it messed my head up a little and made me depressed when I stopped having it. Above poster Check021 is probably a casual user, cuz I almost always planned ahead of time to have a supply, and when a dealer didn't through, I got fucking pissed.

      So take my word for it, it can be addictive, VERY addictive... I used to use, I think I would know. Luckily I managed to come to the realization that I simply couldn't keep on self-medicating.

    • profile image

      Samantha1992 5 years ago

      IDC what people say on this thing,oh I can smoke and stop and control it, obviously you can't if you keep doing it. I know some one who had a good life. Now all he does is smoke everyday and hang out with the wrong people. There for i've watched people going from really great to really poor in a matter of a couple of months. Not because they can't handle It but because It took over there life style. Everyone! uses as a medication to stop there problems but the truth is once you come out of the high the issues are still there!

    • profile image

      Hammermuffin 5 years ago

      Forall those out there saying they were heavily addicted to weed, smoke non-stop for 2 years straight and quit cold turkey. Then, get drunk every day for 2 years and see the kind of withdrawal you go through. That's a real withdrawal.

    • profile image

      bawllz d33p 5 years ago

      Leedle loo

    • profile image

      vibes1952 5 years ago


      Im new to these hub pages.

      I just read 2=3 years worth of the hub pages dealing with quiting MJ and symptoms. I'll first embarass myself and say I'm a year shy of 60. I've indulged for most of my life. I'm sucessful (probabaly could have been more successful), have a wonderful family, job etc.

      SO WHY DO I CONTINUE SMOKING (vaping actually) THIS SHEET!!!

      I've stopped several times over the years for a month or 2 but would eventually wind up going back.

      I cant tell you how great it felt to find this site. I am indebted to all of you for sharing. THe symptoms you speak of are so real. I'll not get into any arguments with those who say they don't have symptoms. Good for you.

      I'm on my forth day of quitting and have the usual stomach upset, loss of appetite, eye strain, headache and just a lousy low grade kind of 'fog'/ body ache.

      I've gotten some sleep each night which is a blessing because I remember several times trying and sleeping for maybe 2-3 hours the most. Last night I slept 6-7 which I'll take even on a good day.

      I really just wanted to chime in as an older guy and tell you THANKS!!!!! I'm going to kick this.

      Recovery Guy, bless you for taking the time to help us.

      ps I wish there was a way to consolodate some of the Hubs that seem duplicates such as this mj quit hub

    • profile image

      Some stoner 5 years ago

      I smoke a good amount of weed everyday. When my companies branch was let go of last year, I had absolutely no trouble dropping the habit so I could successfully pass a drug test and secure a new job. Surprisingly, I smoke less weed now after that break. Its not addictive... stop being ignorant/narrow minded and reading the above the influence propaganda, that is for students

    • profile image

      YoMommaSoFatSheUgly! 5 years ago

      It's funny how all the "Stoners" say there not addicted but really they are, there just in denial!

    • profile image

      bonginhand 5 years ago

      addictions just so arbitrary. i plan on using mushrooms, mescaline, or lsd every few months or so for the next few years if not my whole life because if you do any real research they're safe unless you're own mind is dangerous for you (and if theres that much distress these can be immensely therapeutic; theres a reason therapists used acid in sessions when it was legal). If anything i would recommend this to anyone who is struggling with a marijuana "addiction" as i thought i was. i used to smoke about an oz or 2 a week through high school because i had a cali connection and it was a game to me. Now, smoking is simply my favorite hobby (at least among them anyway). Addiction is a concept people made up, and the "meaning" in life is just distracting yourself from the meaninglessness of it all. If that depresses you as it used to me, then you will seek distractions and in some cases people just make themselves less happy because they view themselves the way the world has taught them to. We all need some kind of crutch, even if you use 0 substances. That person just might make themselves feel good in the same way "drug addicts" do except for by feeling pride in their abstinance. Think about your life as a conglomorate of everything you do/experience and it may be easier for you to just sit back and watch what your life will be at times and others let some emotion or motivation fill you (not necessarily drugs-compulsive actions are the most fun a person can have if you keep a little perspective) and consume you. then when that grows less consuming/desirable, take some time and learn from that as objectively as possible then decide where to go from there. LIFES A BIG TRIP. IT COMES AND GOES, ACCEPTING IT AND FINDING WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT IT ARE JUST HOW ID RECOMMEND STUMBLING THROUGH IT.

    • profile image

      dave 5 years ago

      I am 50 years old and have been smoking for 38 years, I started going to school last year, my first semester I got a 3.6 gpa. I have a perfect driving record and no criminal record what so ever. With any drug you have to have common sense, anything in the world in excess is bad for you.

    • profile image

      EverydayKid 5 years ago

      You know what this post tells me, it tells me that people who have the personality of an addict, one that wants to deal with daily emotions such as stress, anger, happiness, sadness, "medicate their feelings" are utilizing marijuana to do just that. However, can that not be said for every other drug out there, alcohol, tobacco, meth, cocaine, heroine, etc. Seriously you can not tell me that we should all be pointing fingers at the most harmless drug out of them all. Instead of fighting this war on drugs or shall I say the ever-continuing battle against Pot, maybe the government should focus on individuals that have these feelings or desires to medicate their problems away and teach these individuals to deal with crises without trying to medicate everything away. In my opinion, I don't think weed is addictive as I have smoked copious amounts for 2 years and I am more than 3 months sober now and haven't intensely craved it at all since I don't medicate my problems. Thank god it just wasn't some other lethal drug I found instead of pot.

    • profile image

      persondude 5 years ago

      Im sixteen i think it is the way you use it. My friend before parties he would smoke and now he can't even talk to a girl he likes with out smokeing. I take breaks before big tests and exams. I also threw away my piece so I wouldn't smoke alone any more and takeing longer breaks makes each time different and more fun.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      The real question is are prescription meds addictive?

      My neighbor gets a 150 oxcycotins a month from the State, I asked her what she is going to do when they cut her off . . .

      Addiction is a disease of the brain, it is more about the way we think, however some drugs are physically addicting.

      Marijuana is the most natural drug on the Planet but the real reasons it is illegal has nothing to do with getting you high!

    • profile image

      Robert 5 years ago

      If marijuana is your drug of choice, you will get hooked if you smoke high grade or mids at least.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      In correct, however you are entitled to your opinion.

      Addiction is a disease of the brain and can be treated, however there is no cure besides abstaining. I smoke marijuana when I want to not because I'm addicted, an oz. of kind bud last me three to six months.

      When you learn to open your mind and learn a new way of thinking, learning to control your habits, desires, urges what ever you want to call it, is easy.

      Moderation in all things. Only the substances that are created such as cigarettes, alcohol, opiates, cocaine and prescription meds are addicting. These substances are created specifically to be addicting, so that you will buy more.

      It is the light bulb concept . . . Light bulbs can be created to last your entire life time and beyond, but if you do that then you will only buy one light bulb. However if you make the light bulb last six weeks, then you have to buy more.

      You have been conditioned to think marijuana is addicting so in your reality it is, however if you relearn everything you have been taught your entire life, then you will see that it is all a scam and that means even the way you were taught to think!

    • profile image

      LeMeowMeow 5 years ago

      I'm actually baked right now and I was thinking and it is sortof addicting, but only in the way that happiness is addictive. Like, why be sad when you can be happy? (not referring to being high, it's just a comparison)

      I smoke up multiple times a day, for around almost a year straight now and it's only because it makes simple boring mundane tasks exciting. I can totally unload the dishwasher without it, but if I'm baked it's like an adventure. I can't really describe it better than that, but others who've smoked it know what I'm talking about.

      Live and let live though, if you don't want to smoke, or want to quit, then do it. But don't blame addiction for low amounts of will power, I can easily go off it for months at a time (I just didn't feel like blazing) but I choose to use it. I don't want any silly people getting ideas that marijuana makes people into mindless zombies of addiction, because that's 1000% untrue. I'd be kinda cool though, zombies all over with the munchies....I digress.

    • SoberNation profile image

      SoberNation 5 years ago from Boca Raton, Fl

      I think it is addictive. I say that just from personal experience though and can't speak for anyone else. Great hub though man please check mine out as well.

    • profile image

      chris99 5 years ago

      i thank god everyday for weed

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I haven't smoked pot in almost six months, but really enjoy it. I do have some nice bud, but just have different interests. I wrote an article about the real reason it was made illegal and got over 1,800 readers in the first month, here is a link if your interested.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      And here is my link to the article I wrote on my own recovery from drugs and alcohol . . .

      hope you enjoy it!

    • profile image

      arobin3000 5 years ago from Boston, MA

      I am 55+ years old. I gave up pot when I was diagnosed, 4 years ago, with lung disease. It wasn't the pot, it was the 2+ packs of cigarettes I had smoked almost every day for for 40 years. I started drinking to replace the pot. Big mistake..., I became addicted to the booze. I am currently sober and not smoking cigarettes. (Life or death issues, I chose life.), but I am smoking some pot.

      This is where I have landed at this point. Call me weak if you like, but I am doing the best I can right now.

    • profile image

      Shannon 5 years ago

      Point is, marijuana is ILLEGAL. I think they are about as addictive as cigarettes, tho it seems cigarettes are harder to quit (in hearing from others who have done both). So until it's made legal, it shouldn't be done by anyone.

    • profile image

      Seekeroftruth3373 5 years ago

      I have really one basic thing to say that of course your going to think"how could I know what I(m talking about?" Well marijuana is naot has never been and cant be physically addidctive ever. As far as being phycologocaly dependtent isn't any more of a problem then having a habit of bouncing your leg when your sitting down. So phycologically dependent can be stopped that easily without problem.Withdrawal can only be felt by any meds, drugs, or wjatever that is classified as physically addtictive. Any that are including cafiene once you do regularly everyday for 7 days give or take then biologically you are physically addicted. If you think Im an idiot or whatever then email me and find out or stay hidden in your completely safe caring and helpful world.Xanax a antidresent given out like candy to people by phyciatrists is the worse drug you could everer dare take anywhere near 7 days. They also don't warn you. Withought this abuse they speak of nore anything else if you were to stop then less then 70 percent of you would survive the withdrawal more than a week. Which in case you didn't know hurts mentally and physically to the point that the pople that have died from it were from the fear and begining of pain alone. No they didn't abuse it or anything else.Telling any of you this isn't going to fix the world from its ignorance of it all. I know, I know , You've read it, you've had doctors tell you that what Im saying is wrong.So who am I? If for starters I told you that over 85 percent of the world including doctors have an I.Q. avaerage at best or below. Which is 110 to 112, 140 to 150 is geniuose, 160 is prodogy, like Motzart. Im 173. Now bwfore you get all insulted and start yelling at the screen I am not brgging its just true and always being able to soak up knowledge and tell it from bs goes with it as with many other things. No I wasn't insulting anyone, maybe yours is higher. OK now relax.Im not going to go on to try and get whoever is reading this to belive me. In case you are interested enough to wan to want to know how I could know these things. Then email me and I answer you.Keep in mind it does me no good to teach you the truth by trying as hard as I can by writhing nmy whole life within this short factual statement.When I can Ill answer emails from you if you want to know how do I know any of this. Although if your a blid idiot that just wants to insult me for daring to say that one person out there among many are wrong but you cant believe that because they have pieces of paper saying they went to colledge classes and memorized and believed what other normal people with the same papers to say that somebody told then.See my point. Care or not care don't bother emailing me to insult and argue becaue you are so important that if you don't believe someone then you must be right. This is one of many things that are elemtarary in understanding. So of course many of you are going to want to insult me with the mostchildish insults in an attept to hurt me which wont work. Im not going to bother insulting you for that, unless you think I should insanely meet up with you so you can beat me to whatever,,,well that's just great but I don't want that niether do you. If your that phycotic and a hcker that you find my address to kill me or whatever, then I will give the mentally ill a fare warning. Enyone even knocks on my door then no matter their intention 20 of them with guns well Id see them get rid of them peacfully but I would kill all of them if I had to. Even though I couldn't live with myself for killing anyone. I only say this for the yes very insane idea that it could happen I have met people that did go farther for less.

    • imarijuana profile image

      imarijuana 5 years ago

      Marijuana is not addictive it has no addictive properties like tobacco. Marijuana grows from the earth it is not altered so people can make it addictive so people will not stop purchasing the death sticks. If you want to smoke stick to the green its the only way to go!

    • profile image

      Patrick 5 years ago

      I do not believe that marijuana is physically addictive, as it has no known addictive properties. However I do believe that for some it is psychologically addictive, but, then again you can be psychologically addicted to just about anything, I mean look at all the obese people there are, would you not say they are addicted too food. I do agree that some people use it to escape anxiety or stress etc. in their life but isn't that the same with many things. People drink to get away, people eat their sorrows and people play endless hours of games in front of a screen to escape reality so isn't it just they cant or don’t want to face their problem, not just because they are "addicted" to weed. If it weren’t marijuana they used to escape it would be something else anyway. I mean I always feel happier when stoned, weather it’s the weed itself or the people I’m with at the time or both but it lets you forget any bull crap for a while. What’s wrong with that? (As long as you don’t just completely ignore your problems.) However I do think that it can drain a person of their motivation, and someone who does it a lot, I feel, could potentially burn out, as I have seen a few of my friends who did it in school slowly, as the more they did it, just stop showing up for classes because they had been getting stoned all night, and now they're at uni they miss lectures etc. Although I didn't do it much at school really I found it much easier trying to get up after being stoned till the early hours of the morning then it was doing the same drinking. And now I do smoke quite regularly I am yet to find myself missing lectures or work because I can’t be arsed. Although I do find myself sleeping much longer than I used to when I don’t have to get up. But with most things there isn't really anything wrong with it if it is done in moderation. In my opinion anyway.people play endless hours of games infront of a screen to escape reality so isn't it just people who cant or don't want to face their problems for a while, not just because they are "addicted" to weed. However i do think that it can drain a person of their motivation, and someone who does it a lot, i feel, could eventually burn out., as i have seen a few of my friends who did it in school slowly, as the more they did it, just stop coming into school because they had been getting stoned all night and now they're at uni they miss lectures etc. Although i didn't do it much at school really i found it much easier trying to get up after being stoned till the early hours of the morning then it was doing the same drinking. And now i do smoke quite regularly yet i am yet to find myself missing lectures or work because i cant be arsed. although i do find myself sleeping much longer than i used to when i don't have to get up. But with most things there isn't really anything wrong with it if it is done in moderation. in my opinion anyway.

    • profile image

      Casualsmoker 5 years ago

      It's obvious too me after reading all these entries that everyone is right on this issue. Me personally I went through a phase where I believed I was addicted until i actually tried to quit. I smoked weed and played Xbox for depression. Now I havnt smoked in over 3 months. There was never any physical withdrawal except change in sleeping patterns and now my Xbox is collecting dust. My depression is now worse than before. I guess I have to learn to deal with people's drama and bullshit rather than toke a bowl. Weed can consume roughly 2 hours of my day. Now I have 2 hours to think damn I could really use some weed right now. I think everyone who smokes should make themselves quit for a few months and notice all the changes in your life. If your more productive and a better person without it- is it really worth smoking? I may smoke in the future, but right now I'm rather enjoying the money I'm saving. People need to stop using drugs to treat depression. But realize in life there's good and bad. And without the bad days we couldn't enjoy the good. I'm just trying to figure out life right now with a sober mind. Before I was trying to earn xp in cod. In quitting smoking I realize how unhappy I am with my current status - job/relationship- so I'm actually doing something go change that so maybe I won't be so damn bored and want to smoke pot all the time..

    • skinsman82000 profile image

      skinsman82000 5 years ago from Frederick Maryland

      Good, well-written article. I agree with you on most of it. Habbit forming yes...addictive no. But we're playing the label game with that one. Some people shouldn't do it just like some people shouldn't drink or smoke anything. It can make you feel really good, which in itself, is addictive. So it's the feelings that are addictive. Those predisposed to habit-forming should probably stay away, but it should be legal.

      I guess we as people need to come to the realization that some won't amount to much either way...and can't blame it on the nontoxic things they do. Again, like the article. I'm now following you.

    • profile image

      High guy 5 years ago

      As a heavy cannabis smoker (trying to quit) I agree with this article. Physically addictive, maybe not, but mentally addictive it certainly can be. No reason to make it illegal though...

    • profile image

      david d 5 years ago

      "it's not addictive. habit forming, sure..."

      are you stupid?

    • Chasyn profile image

      Chasyn 5 years ago from Seattle

      Nice Hub!

      I believe it's possible to become addicted to Marijuana, depending on the person.

      I just started smoking about 6 months ago as a way of coping, quite heavily to be honest(but never if i'm going to be out in public).

      When I don't have any I get really hot and sweaty, my head starts hurting very very bad and all I can think about is finding some more. I'm quitting. It's just not for me, it's too easy for ME personally to become too dependent on it.

      For the record, smoking Marijuana never once had me considering trying other drugs, but I have known a few that progressed(or more like declined) from smoking pot to doing heavier drugs. Not for me lol

    • profile image

      Ex Marijuana Addict 5 years ago

      I agree with the conclusion of Leslie L. Iverson who has studied this field extensively who concludes that marijuana can be addictive for some, I would also agree with the rough percentages he or she believes the rate of marijuana addiction to be, obviously there may be a degree of subjective interpretation as to what you consider addiction to be as we may all have slightly different criteria but if you are talking about the people who find that they develop a real problem in controlling their use of the drug from what I have learned on the subject I would also say it’s around the 10 percent mark. I run a forum that supports those who are struggling to quit the drug and have read literally thousands of stories of those who are finding their use of it to be a problem, I have also experienced it myself and regardless of what the exact percentages happen to be I know I can safely say for certain that unfortunately many people do experience a significant problem with quitting marijuana. If anybody feels they need support with this issue they can always contact me here.

    • profile image

      killa123 5 years ago

      David D last i checked addictive or addicted means you absolutly need the drug as a solution to headaches sickness and so on... a hobby is you do it every now and then.

    • profile image

      Quint P. 5 years ago

      I have been smoking pot off and on for over 40 years. While I agree that it can be psychologically addictive, that also depends on the person. I have went for years at a time without smoking due to job and financial issues. I never once had a problem with quitting. While it may not have been my first choice, that it is just the way life can be. I am certain that other far more dangerous are readily available for a much cheaper price. My opinion is that marijuana should be legalized especially for medical reasons,and that the Police and lawmakers make the punishment for selling these other dangerous drugs so unbearable that they would cease their activities immediately. This may sound harsh but how many of us have kids ourselves? Do you want them doing crack or heroin or crystal meth? Also has anyone stopped to consider that marijuana is a plant. We did not invent it, Only a loving Creator God did. Unlike many other drugs and medications, we do not add chemicals to it and change its basic molecular characteristics. It is what God made it to be so and who do we think we are to declare illegal and unfit something that a loving and all knowing Creator gave to us as a gift. You do not have to believe in God to follow my point. However, when God was done with the heavens and the earth He declared it to be the perfect home for mankind. Like I said you don't have to believer in God to understand that marijuana is a gift to us. It's better than those psychotropic drugs they are giving to patients that take these drugs. I'm not saying those medications don't help,but I have done my homework and seen how drastic an improvement these people have done when treated with cannabis, not to mention cancer patients and so on. But at the end of the day, would you want to be the one to look the Creator in the eye and say "We did not believe your creation was good enough for us so we rejected it." Not me buddy, not me. And just for the record I haven't smoked pot for the last 6 years. Thank you for your time.

    • profile image

      delatour42000 5 years ago

      Nope. you're wrong sorry your so weak mentally but don't make it my problem.

    • profile image

      angie 5 years ago

      hiya all pot eds i smoked weed from 25yrs old n ive finaly stopped smoking at the age of 47 it does seeema bit of fun at the begining but over yrs u actually ruin ur life with it as it becomes a big part in everything u do i thought i couldn't live with out it but now im in a good relastionship with my first love and getting a better life i decided no more weed now i av a better life lots of money and can do a lot more with my time rather than being stoned i feel great i enjoy my life so much better in everyway weed does riun u and ur relashionships take my advice DON'T TRY WEED U WILL REGRET IT i av 3 wonderfull kids 5 gorgouse grankids and a lovely man who takes care of me and my life couldn't be better since i gave up on that nasty weed

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Well it certainly didn't help your spelling, punctuation or grammar . . . pot makes you um . . . uh . . . well . . . oooh I forget!

      It does have an affect on short term memory and isn't for everyone but I would hardly call it addicting!

    • KevinG1979 profile image

      KevinG1979 5 years ago

      A Marijuana addiction is confusing because it is a drug but not addictive like Heroin or cocaine. A good comparison is a gambling addiction. It's still addictive, it just results in a different kind of addiction.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Agreed it is a mental addiction rather than physical, a distortion in the way the brain perceives the need for it.

    • profile image

      GPGP 5 years ago

      If marijuana isn't addictive, why do people want to keep smoking it? To prove it's not addictive, don't smoke it again.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I don't smoke marijuana however I used to and I used to be addicted cocaine, alcohol and cigarettes, so I know addiction. I still have half of a bag of pot I bought almost two years ago, if I was addicted to it I would have smoked it a long time ago.

      Marijuana is not physically addictive however it can be psychologically!

    • profile image

      FatJay 5 years ago

      Id like to add my own experiences with MJ....

      I first started smoking weed regularly when I was 18. I had tried it before many times, but at 18 there was a point where I realised I had smoked every day for 2 weeks.......then 2 months.....then 2 years.....then 20 years.... (I am now 42). I smoked it with tobacco , but didn't really smoke tobacco on its own. When I was about 37 I realised I was smoking too much and it was starting to affect my health. I added up how many joints I smoked and it was between 35-40 a day. I was also smoking "skunk" (in its various guises) as oppose to hash or thai/african/jamacian etc weed (skunk being a much stronger and heavier high). I then gave up for 2 weeks-which I found quite hard,but not impossible-a few sleepless nights is nothing.Then I started again but this time I smoked weed without tobacco. This made it much stronger and I thought that would make me stop smoking so much, which it did for a while. I would also like to point out that I was self employed and at the time thought that smoking 30+ joints a day was ok as I had a house/car/money/partner etc as well as working 12 hours a day 7 days a week building my business. I wont mention what my business was (nothing illegal!), but in my working enviroment it was acceptable to be stoned and I was considered "cool" for being able to ingest large amounts of cannabis whilst still conducting a "normal" (for want of a better word) existence. My bank manager never knew I was wrecked at a 10am meeting, my neighbours would never have expected me to be on (shock,horror) "drugs" whilst I was cutting my lawn, even my parents were proud of me and would never have suspected my heavy use. It was (and is) perfectly ok to lead your life by being stoned......IF YOU CAN HANDLE IT MENTALLY.

      As you can imagine I have had various stoner buddies throughout this time and some have been ok and carried on with me, and whilst not smoking so much, they still done it every day. Some coped, a few had to give up ...this was more to do with coping with life rather than anything else. Not so easy to remember what measurements you just took on that wood whilst smoking....

      I still smoke daily,but (through no fault of my own) my business has gone down. I dont blame the cannabis but I reckon without it I could pick myself back up again. I still get stoned every day-from 10am till 10pm,but instead of working I find myself trying to convince myself that I don't need to work ( I am ok for money-just) or better myself and that sitting watching tv all day or reading or walking in the country for 8 hours or spending 2 hours preparing a meal is what makes me happy (stoned of course). It is and it does, but what would I be doing if I wasnt stoned...?? Would I really think that I must watch every episode of masterchef? That sleeping for 2 hours in the afternoon is ok? That talking endlessly to my partner about what Im "gonna do" whilst actually not moving off the couch, is ok? I always took pride in myself on not being a typical stoner, but now I look at myself and think "your a stoner".

      If you ever watched that show "bored to death' you'll see the charachter Ted Danson plays is a stoner....but hes not a 23 year old who like wearing bootleg cords,tracksuit tops and listens to gong. Hes a smart,succesfull 60 tear old magazine editor. But what he has in common with the 23year old and me is NOT any of the 'side effects' of most of the above posters, but a selfishness which occurs in all addicts- booze/fags/crack/smack/sleeping pills/ibrofen/coffee/sugar/fat.....and that selfishness is what's worse. It leads to a disconnecting of yourself with others around you. You retreat into your own world of "everythings ok" as long as you have what you are addicted to... With any of the above addictions you will gradually deterioate physically -but as MJ is actually good for your body (this is science-look it up its been used as a medicine since records began and will be again-type in 'can cannabis cure cancer' in you tube) you can life a normal life without anyone noticing,which makes it harder to convince yourself what your doing is bad..

      It is NOT BAD in moderation, just as a little meat or alchohol is. Even cocaine is not bad if used in its natural state occasionally. But just the same as if I ate 35 pieces of bread every day,abuse will take its toll.

      I have been ramblin on here (give me a break-I just scored some nice thai stick!) and I would like to say in conclusion.... Cannabis IS NOT BAD for most people,even when abused, BUT if you abuse any substance daily you will soon become abused by said substance.

      Finally-I have a friend whos gf said he must get rid of his weed in the house "in case one of the kids finds it". If a child(or adult!) found a bottle of vodka and drank it- they could easily die. If they found a mountain of weed and (tried to) ingest it -they would have to lie down for a few days,but would feel no after effects apart from an unexplicable liking for reggae music....cant be that bad can it?

    • KevinG1979 profile image

      KevinG1979 5 years ago

      It's simple - If you can't control your use you are addicted

    • profile image

      SayNoToMisinformation 5 years ago

      I read the whole board and I will offer my opinions.

      The author claims himself that "From a strictly physical standpoint, marijuana is really only addictive in extreme cases of heavy, prolonged use." This is the truth; supported by the personal experiences of many heavy users on this board, and also supported by the many scientific articles published in the last decade (seach google scholar).

      Physical addiction can not be denied when: A. increasing dose is required for the same effect (ie: tolerance), leading to B. withdrawal symptoms upon cessation (where symptoms will be more pronounced in rapid cessation).

      A. Tolerance:

      Tolerance occurs when the brain physically adapts itself to long term use of a substance. Any study on the long-term effects of cannabis (check out the latest review on the effects of cannabis on memory) will show that any daily user (whether a moderate or extreme dose) will have restructured brains demonstrated by brain scans compared to control groups. A cannabis habit does cause neuroplasticity, an actual physical change in the brain, to compensate for the regions depressed by marijuana (motor cortex, hippocampus, basal ganglia).

      Cannabis is considered to be anxiolytic, amnesic, sedative/hypnotic, anticonvulsant, and antiemetic. The effects of cannabis are therefore similar to benzodiazepines and barbiturates. When you compare cannabis to these drugs in relative doses (grams for marijuana, milligrams for the other two) you will notice similar effects and withdrawal symptoms when they are abused. As a comparison, there are other drugs subject to tolerance, but abuse is not possible, since tolerance to them completely eliminates their effect, therefore it is not possible to abuse them -- such as psilocybin.

      B. Withdrawal:

      Once tolerance has been sufficiently developed, AND ONLY THEN, is it possible to experience physical withdrawal symptoms. For example, with immediate acting benzodiazepines, serious tolerance can be developed in a matter of months, with a relatively small dosage (under 1mg). Cannabis on the other hand, requires a long period of development (estimated at 2-5 years, usually using daily) at a medium to high dose (1-7 grams per day). Clearly, cannabis has a much lower potential for abuse, but it does exist, and it does lead to similar withdrawal symptoms as benzodiazepine. With both of these drugs, withdrawal can be eliminated by extremely gradual and controlled reductions in dosage over the very long term - this is also true of cigarettes.

      My experience with marijuana is that of abuse leading to extreme tolerance, and finally many years of struggling to quit because I did not understand or believe it was physically addictive. I abused marijuana to treat an eye condition which I eventually received corneal transplants for. I abused marijuana as an alternative to the opium derivatives and heavy sedatives prescribed by my many doctors.

      To those of you using the drug recreationally (from time to time), or who have only been abusing it for only a couple of years... my advice is to keep your opinions to yourselves. It is insulting. It is painful to listen to. There are many disabled individuals such as myself and those with glaucoma and cancer who require higher doses over long periods of time. We all notice the physical withdrawal symptoms.

      Most of you are young, and will not realize many of these things due to marijuanas memory loss effects. This is not a harmless or lightweight drug; if that is what you believe, I hope you reconsider.

      Enjoy it. Just accept that there is a potential for abuse and watch out for it. You may not have cravings for many years. Good. Keep it that way. Take breaks, sometimes months at a time - so you don't develop a real tolerance and start feeling a physical need for it. It is much like drinking. You have to be aware of the potential of physical addiction, so you don't listen to your body and start using daily after years of controlled habitual use.

      P.S. to those of you calling people with "addictive personalities" weak -- well, that is pathetic. I suppose your the same people who wants bums with substance abuse problems to be sent to jail. Physical dependence is a disease and must be treated as such. These people on disability have the potential to recover on less than 10k/year benefits, which is way better than keeping them imprisoned at 50-75k/year. The reality is that substance abuse is not a matter of weak willed individuals, it is mostly a matter of people dealing with physical or mental disability, or stress disorders arising from tough households, military service, etc. And remember that many of us have no choice but to "abuse" cannabis (and legally at that), it's a much better alternative than high doses of opiates which make you vomit daily, or other sedatives / amnesics which can cause seizures. Google 'empathy', its part of being human - sadly judgement seems to be a bigger part for many of you.

    • profile image

      paddy 5 years ago

      I've smoked for ten years and over the past 4 or 5 years I smoke daily and heavily. Weed is addictive but when I was a teenager and even in my early twenties I would have laughed if you tried 2 tell me its addictive. If I go without weed I get hard 2 be around. My temper is short and I get stressed and I get the sweats. I find I need 2 smoke to do everything even jus watch telly . My relationship with my girlfriend has suffered but I'm lucky she stuck with me and now I'm working 2 get off it for good. And in my opinion people who say they jus smoke everyday because its fun and say they can stop anytime they want would get a reality check if they tried . I never thought I weed would control my life but it did.

    • profile image

      Sober in Colorado 5 years ago

      I am addicted to weed and recieving counsuling to help me get through the hard times..... no one wants to listen because everyone thinks its not addictive but they are usually addicts in denial .... my husband and I will support each.... and I hope all the people out there that are to scared to get help because its not as "bad as harder drugs"... have the courage to ask for help... it is out there.... I support you and understand

      Sober in Colorado

    • profile image

      chris 5 years ago

      Lately I stopped smoking weed for about a week and before that I would smoke everyday for a couple of months and my tolerance went up tremendously and since I've stopped I've had serious headaches, depression and I have been throwing up or feel like I have to ,and I believe this may have to do with me stopped smoking can anyone help explain if this normal?

    • profile image

      cara 5 years ago

      lol, for the one who has a 3.0 and smokes weed almost daily, wow but without the pot it would likely be a 4.0 but hmmm duh you drather smoke pot not smart

    • profile image

      NewRebel 5 years ago

      Where is your research behind this? what doctor or psychologist did the studies that showed this? I can't believe an opinion as IT IS WHAT IT IS just because one person says it.

    • profile image

      Cmaster Krunk 5 years ago

      To say that Marijuana mellows is only a half truth. I have flatted in tinny houses and have many friends who smoke weed. When they are high, sure they are mellow but if supply runs out and the paranoia takes over the person becomes extremely irrational and quite impossible to be around. Ofter irritated to the point of lashing out and fighting over nothing. Getting high is all well and good but most stoners neglect to talk about the Paranoia side effect.

    • skinsman82000 profile image

      skinsman82000 5 years ago from Frederick Maryland

      ...the weed doesn't create the paranoia. If that's a problem for someone, it's most likely in them to begin with. Just like people that smoke AND are losers. They would have found a way to be a loser no matter what substance they used.

    • profile image

      AT 5 years ago

      I have a problem with controlling my use. I would like to be able to just smoke on the weekends, but I have a hard time not smoking every day when I have . In a sense it is sort of addicting.

    • profile image

      Sick of Ignorance 5 years ago

      A person can be addicted to anything, regardless of what substance it is; even activities such as shopping can be included. However, to say that it is physically addictive is shaking a stick in the wrong direction. Dependency is probably the word, but addiction is wrong. I, myself, quit regularly in a controlled manner to detox and clean my system. I feel no significant change as I do if I quit coffee.

      I also saw a specific comment made by a poster saying a friend, or an acquaintance, jumping in a lake during winter, resulting in death. There are people that either ingest/smoke to enjoy the mellow and healing properties that it gives and then there are people that smoke and exaggerate their state of mind either to impress friends or for some other reason that is senseless and irrational. The situation of the individual jumping into a lake sounds more like a crystal meth horror story.

      Considering that each person is an individual, I do not think that marijuana is beneficial for everyone. Alcohol, for instance (although a bad substance to boot) can be enjoyed by many with normal consumption but there are some individuals who should never even look at a bottle. The same goes for marijuana (uncommon instances), pain killers, and even coffee.

      In conclusion, marijuana included in the lifestyle of the right people can be positive and helpful, but it can be addictive to those who can't control themselves or their addictive personalities.

    • SkySlave profile image

      Skyler DeCristoforo 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      In my opinion smoking or digesting marijuana is only a habit not an addiction. Much like eating chocolate or fast food. Its something that is desired by many people, and give you cravings thats for sure. Ive however have never heard someone becoming physically dependent on marijuana. Nor have i ever heard of anyone suffering from withdrawals other than maybe headaches.

    • profile image

      nignog 4 years ago

      it seems most of the people on this page are very miss informed. weed can be as addicting as McDonalds cheese burgers. if you have been smoking for over 20 yrs and claim you have tried to stop but cant you are just week, plain and simple. i am in my mid 20s i smoked weed for maybe 2 yrs on and off i understand how it can cause dependency but at the same time if you have a reason to stop its not hard such as college drug tests or a new job. weed is very different from other drugs. pot heads do not get high and decide to rob people or suck dick for the drug. i smoked the best weed you can find very strong headies. high thc levels as well as all my friends. (we all had jobs and attended college) many people will sell it so they can enjoy smoking for free after they pick up and sell maybe half they have already made there money back. and one more thing everyone loves facts and statistics, well take cigs and beer. big killers in this country weed? not so much at all.. cigs will kill your running abilities cigs will make you skinny and not feel like feeding your body the right food and will not make you thirsty for water, it kills your taste your smell and posture. drinking will make you hung over and throw up its poison you will have no appitite the next day after drinking. and may end up doing some stupid shit you cant remember. weed will not make you sick hung over or puke and will not hurt your abilities in the gym. i gained over 20 lbs of muscle in my early 20s an i smoked every night although i lifted the right way and i ate the right foods you wont see guys making gains in a gym who smoke cigs or drink every day but weed will not affect body gains just as many gym rats use roids you may end u up in the er needing a kidney transplant. smoke when you want it motivates many people to get stuff done if you know what strain to smoke. look how many states made it legal if you gain a green card. docs say it has benefits to people and many of the people with theese greens cards have no health issues they pay for the card and the state makes money on every person you can complain of having back pain and before you end your story a doc will ask you how will you be paying for your green card. atleast with a card you can get cannabis cheap instead of paying top dollar on the st.

    • weedprices profile image

      Mat 4 years ago

      I think it all really comes down to who you are as a person. Some people can control addiction easier than others.

    • Joshua-L-Weston profile image

      Joshua-L-Weston 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Thank you for the knowledge. Marijuana can help most people, but some people can't control it, and it messes up their life.

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