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Is McDonald's Making Us Fat?

Updated on July 21, 2018
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Gabriel Wilson loves to cook, eat tasty foods, and drink a glass of wine—without having to do the washing up.

McDonald's Big Mac Meal
McDonald's Big Mac Meal | Source

The Dark Side is Calling You Disguised as a Veggie Wrap:

There's no doubting fast food contains considerable amounts of fat and by no means I am encouraging you to make a bee line for your nearest McDonalds. A Big Mac meal will never win a slimming contest and Weightwatchers point system is highly unlikely to give a green star to McDonald's Angus Beef Burger any time soon. The truth is, we all know fast foods are not the healthiest of foods, but are we getting fatter from fast foods or the hidden ingredients in supposedly more healthier options.

I think we all know skinny celebrities would rather smother their faces in bat sh*t than eat a single french fry, and I doubt very much any Victoria Secret model hangs out in McDonalds eating Mcflurries (even if they are gluten free) but, and here's the big but; is fast food that much more calarific than other foods we eat on a day to day basis?

Is your average BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich) that much less fattening than a cheeseburger? Is your healthy option veggie tortilla ladened with hidden calories? What about all that fat in your high fiber breakfast muffin? Is your salad swimming in calorific creamy dressings. Are we being lead down the garden path of what is and what isn't fattening?

Is McDonald's making us fat or are we all betting with the wrong chips? Can we really blame fast food for our bulging tummies or is it time to face some hard fat facts?

McDonald's Fast Food V Takeaway Sandwiches and Wraps

Below left is a list of McDonald's fast food and their nutrition value. Below right is a list of everyday sandwiches and wraps and their nutrition value. Both lists are quite an eye opener.

Most of us enjoy an egg and bacon butty now and again and regularly eat a sandwich for lunch, but do we considered them calorific?

If I told you that your healthy option Falafel and Halloumi Wrap not only contains more calories than a McDonald's Big Mac, but also your healthy wrap contains a hell of a lot more salt too; would you believe me?

Is it possible that we have been conditioned to believe words like high fiber; wholemeal; veggie; homemade; freshly made; green; gluten free; salad leaf; with tofu; meat free; healthy option, to mean low fat, low calorie and more importantly good for us, when in some cases the very opposite is true.

We need to pay more attention to what we eat and while it's no secret that burgers and calories are well related perhaps it's time to take a closer look at the everyday foods we deem a healthier option than a visit to our local McDonalds.

Egg Baguette

Calories 480

Total fat 24g

Carbs 51g

Sodium 916mg

Protein 14g

BLT Sandwich

Bacon, lettuce and tomato wholemeal sandwich

Calories 435

Total fat 21g

Carbs 41g

Sodium 794mg

Protein 18g

Warm Veggie Wrap

Falafel and halloumi wrap

Calories 580

Total fat 23g

Carbs 60g

Sodium 1.333mg

Protein 18g

McDonald's Mcmuffin

Calories 300

Total fat 12g

Carbs 30g

Sodium 780mg

Protein 18g

McDonald's Grilled Chicken

Premium Classic Sandwich

Calories 350

Total fat 9g

Carbs 42g

Sodium 820mg

Protein 28g

McDonald's Big Mac

Double beef burger and cheese

Calories 550

Total fat 29g

Carbs 46g

Sodium 970mg

Protein 25g

Humous Salad Wrap

Grilled humous and salad tortilla with yogurt dressing

Calories 450

Total fat 21g

Carbs 50g

Sodium 725mg

Protein 15g

High Fiber Muffin

Calories 442

Total fat 24g

Carbs 37g

Sodium 270mg

Protein 10g

McDonald's Crispy Chipotle

BBQ crispy chipotle snack wrap

Calories 330

Total fat 15g

Carbs 34g

Sodium 720mg

Protein 14g

McDonald's Apple Pie

Calories 250g

Total fat 13g

Carbs 32g

Sodium 170mg

Protein 2g

Read All About It!

The nutritional information presented here is easily found on food labels and packaging. Indeed McDonalds as do many other fast food eateries; snack bars, take aways, food vans and restaurants have their own websites which clearly outline the contents and nutrition value of their food. What does all this mean? It means that McDonalds is no more responsible for making us fat than a kiosk selling egg baguettes or a bakery selling high fiber muffins.

It really is high time we took responsibility for our own diets and stopped blaming everyone else. With all the knowledge and information provided these days by all food outlets there are no excuses any more. Whether we opt for a large bowl of cereal or a McDonald's Crispy Chipotle to start our day we are consuming calories. Opting for a large portion of veggie soup rather than a McDonald's Chicken Sandwich doesn't mean we're fat free. Healthy options do not necessarily mean the healthier option.

Our daily routines are constantly accompanied by calories, whichever form they come in, is not the main issue. It's the quantity that's the big problem. Too much food. There's a very simple conclusion as to why we're fat; we eat too much of everything. Until we learn to eat calories to fuel our bodies rather than stuff our faces, we will remain fat and continue to get even even fatter.

Welcome to the real world fat people and stop looking for someone to blame: you eat too much, simples. And get off the couch...

Do You Like Fast Food?

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