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Is Moving Stressfull?

Updated on April 13, 2015

Web Page Anyone?

There are a lot of articles on the web about moving and the stress it creates.

Most of them can be found at

R U Unhappy?

Personally, I didn’t think I would be stressful when I decided to get rid of the home my wife and I lived in. We were unhappy because we didn’t have the neighbors we liked, The situation at the place we lived in was uncomfortable and we weren’t doing the things we love to do when we lived in other places.

We debated and discussed where we would like to live and finally agreed on going back to a town we had lived in before. Don’t get me wrong, we have enjoyed many things and many people at all locations we have lived in. But the situation we were living in was not the happiest. Four of our youngest grandkids moved to the Oregon coast, but we did not want to live there. We toyed with the idea of living inland in one of the larger cities, but because of the rain and lack of sunshine for so many days we decided to move back to a town in Northern California.

I got anxious and we moved out of our house before the sale closed and lived for more than a month in suitcases and boxes. I do not recommend that. My wife got sick and cried often. I couldn’t remember what I was doing from one day to the next without making notes and working hard to keep my focus, but hey, who was stressed? Yeah, right!


Our mortgage companies, insurance companies, realtors, and bankers all want us to buy, buy, buy. We are even getting emails that say President Obama wants you to refinance. Capitalism is raising it’s head in the rental/real estate world. The corporations are being very careful and what used to take two or three days and a couple or two pages of documents now will fill over 80 pages and take over six weeks. They told us lawyers have muddied up the transition and that adds volumes to the stress. Was it lawyers? I think not. I think it was because we have been bamboozled too often in the recent past and companies and people are trying to protect themselves. Yes they hire lawyers, but it isn’t the lawyers that’s the problem. It’s the lack of integrity of people that’s the problem. Stress building? Oh, yeah!

We found a house we wanted and placed an offer on it. The offer was accepted and it went through four extensions before we were able to move in. Most of it was little things. Copies of taxes, bank statements, earnings, miss-spelled names, etc. But all of that adds to the stress.

What ever will be will be?

When we left our house we turned the keys over to the new buyer with a handshake and it still took two weeks before the house was closed and we received any money. Now the seller wants to make sure everything is on the up and up and we can’t get the keys until the house transfer is recorded. The mortgage company wants to make sure we can make the payments even to the extent of asking me for my future business earnings or losses (I wish I could predict). Of course this doesn’t add to the stress. Yeah right! If you believe that, I have a bridge over the ocean I’d like to sell you.

I am writing this the day before our sale is to be recorded. The title company said probably tomorrow but at the worst day after tomorrow. The seller and my wife and I signed the agreement four days ago. What’s the holdup? No reason for stress, right?

How to Deal with the Emotional Stress of Moving

Stress May be good for you

Life Is Good!

Today I worked for a while loading my bus with boxes and it wore me out. I decided to hire help and get a big truck to make it happen faster as a result of my experience today.

My best experience, after all that stress, is four friends have all volunteered to help me move. After today I still want to hire help and get a big truck because I want to keep my friends. Life is good.


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