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Is Obesity a Disease?

Updated on January 17, 2010

I don't think it has been proven or disproven that obesity is a disease. In America alone, some statistics report that approximately half of all adults can be considered overweight and nearly one third can be classified as obese. Childhood obesity has also doubled in the last 20 years. These facts make it posssible for obesity to become a disease but also warrants big companies and corperations to cash in of the situation.

By declaring obesity a disease, many unhealthy strategies for weight loss (stomach stapling, liposuction, diet pills, body wraps, herbal remedies, etc.) for weight loss might become warranted. Doctors could justifiably use these treatments and feel confident that they are improving the client's health simply by decreasing his or her weight. Pharmaceutical companies would also be able to market their quick fix pills and doctors could promote radical diets that promote fast weight loss which in most cases dont work.

You have got to think of the cause of obesity, not the cure. Which is inactivity,poor lifestyle choices, and unhealthy eating. I believe that if these issues are dealt with that obesity would be reduced, and therefore could not be considerded a disease.


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