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Is Pneumonia Contagious

Updated on February 21, 2010

If there is someone in the family suffering from pneumonia, many would scare away because of the contagious nature of the disease. Therefore, a question lingers “is pneumonia contagious?” To find an answer to this question, you need to have detailed information about the condition. So let’s consider the causes, the symptoms and the preventions, to find that whether pneumonia is contagious or not.

Pneumonia is a health condition when the lungs become infected or inflamed. Previously, there were no such treatments for pneumonia and so lots of the deaths were reported due to this disease. With advancement in medical science, now there are ample of new medications that have been introduced to cure pneumonia instantly and effectively. Even today, pneumonia is also considered to be a dangerous condition because it deteriorates the health within no time. Thus, even now the death report of pneumonia in the world reaches 60000 in a year in the year 2008.

Pneumonia can occur among people of any age and gender. Young children and old people are more susceptible to the disease. This is considered to be a serious disease and thus most people are concerned and often ask “is pneumonia contiguous?”

To get the answer, it is important that you need to understand that there can be causes, symptoms and treatments for pneumonia, and then we will be able to clarify that whether it can be transmitted from one body to another.

The causes: Pneumonia is a condition where the lung gets inflamed and causes an infection. This is possible because of the presence of various microorganisms like virus, bacteria and parasites inside the heart. These microorganism causes infection and the person is diagnosed with pneumonia. Weak immune system, addiction to alcohol or cigarettes can be some of the causes behind the infection as well.

Some of the common symptoms of pneumonia may vary from one person to another. It depends on the type of the pneumonia. People affected by viral pneumonia generally caused by cold or fever have some particular symptoms. While in case of bacterial pneumonia the symptoms are different. Here is a list of some of the symptoms that are common in both the cases:

• Shaking and chills
• Shortness of breath
• Sweating
• Headache
• Fever
• Cough producing mucus
• Muscle pain
• Chest pain

Now, the question still lingers- “is pneumonia contagious?” though pneumonia does not spread from one person to another, but the virus and the bacteria can spread across to other person. Person with pneumonia produce these microorganisms and another person nearby, with a pre-existing health problem may easily get infected. Therefore, it can be said that contagious nature of pneumonia depends on the person who is suffering the condition gets in touch with another person, who is also suffering from minor health problem.

Whether the pneumonia contagious or not, that’s can give rise to more discussions further, but the treatment for pneumonia is a unison process. Whenever, you are affected with pneumonia, consult a doctor immediately. The physician may conduct a test immediately known as bronchoscopy or X ray. In most cases, the treatment depends on the type of pneumonia you are suffering from. Drugs and medications are also given in form of antibiotics and antiviral pills and they offer immediate relief from this severe condition of pneumonia.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      thanks for sharing this.I have a friend that have this disease and I'm just searching for an answer to my really helps me.thanks.:)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very helpful article

    • jaguar_elegance profile image


      8 years ago from Berkshire, England, UK

      I liked the simplicity of the clear message and the diagram was user friendly, well done Susan for a useful and helpful article.


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