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Is Salvia Legal

Updated on March 9, 2010
Salvia in plant form.
Salvia in plant form.


So what is Salvia?  Salvia is a plant.  There are hundreds of different kinds of Salvia, but if you'd like to know whether it's legal or not, the Salvia you're likely talking about is Salvia divinorum.  This kind of Salvia has a psychotropic effect that causes all sorts of hallucinatory effects in people.  It's legality is based on a state by state basis here in the United States, listed below:

Is Salvia Legal In My State?

Here are the current status of Savlia laws as of January 2010:

It is completely illegal to consume in:


  North Dakota
South Dakota 
  North Carolina

It is illegal for minors in:


In Wisconsin, it is illegal to grow and sell it, but not legal to possess it.  In all other states, there are no laws restricting it whatsoever.

Hope this provides you with the information you need, and good luck with your Salvia Divinorum.


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