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Is Sauna Weight Loss for Real?

Updated on October 24, 2009

You have probably seen articles about how to lose weight through use of the sauna, or ads from websites that sell saunas that have sauna weight loss claims included in their sales pitches. But is this really true? Can you lose weight just from sitting in a hot sauna for a short while? Well, not really.

It is true that after you get out of the sauna you will probably weigh a few pounds less than you did when you got in. But this is because of all the sweating you did while you were sitting in the sauna. If you don't drink some water after you get out you will probably have problems with dehydration, which isn't healthy. Once you have drunk enough water to replace what you lost through sweating you will notice that your weight is back about where it was before you went into the sauna.

This means that you shouldn't count on sauna weight loss as a means to get rid of your extra weight. However, you can decide to include visits to the sauna in your routine if you enjoy it. The sauna is healthy when used properly, and can help to relax you, minimize stress, and make any sore muscles feel better. All of this can be helpful when you are trying to lose weight, so it might make your other weight loss efforts, such as diet and exercise, more effective. You could end up losing more weight than if you didn't use the sauna.

How is this the case? Well, if you happen to be one of those people who eat when you are stressed, minimizing the stress that you are under will help you to eat less, making it easier for you to eat more healthily. Also, if you tend to avoid exercising because you are worried about getting sore muscles, or if you find yourself needing to skip days of exercising due to sore muscles, a relaxing stay in the sauna could help to keep your muscles from getting really sore. Then you will be able to exercise more often. If nothing else, a trip to the sauna can be a nice way to reward yourself for all your hard work.


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      xxxxx 7 years ago

      ony if you have one a good work out

    • selfprofit profile image

      selfprofit 8 years ago

      Sauna really can help to lose weight.