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Is Skipping Breakfast Good for Weight Loss?

Updated on October 7, 2015

Since childhood, it is often heard that breakfast is an essential meal of the day but have you ever thought that is it a proven thing or just a myth? If you come to researches and analysis, there are thousands of researches stating this in different variations depending on the food intake habits, gender, country or location and so on.

There are many benefits of having a breakfast, but all these benefits are connected with each other by some means. Take a look at the table given below:

Basically, attaining a healthy life by including breakfast in your eating routine is a sort of slow process and this is the reason why people do not rely on the concept of consuming the meal every morning.

If you rake-over some weight loss success stories you will find that breakfast consumption possesses the significance in weight loss procedure, but this impact can be in a negative or positive way.

Studies which favored ‘Breakfast Consumption’

An American Journal brought a watchword ‘Breakfast is crucial for losing weight’ which elaborated the importance of breakfast to achieve a slim and slender body with ease. It was later revealed that some cereal companies funded the Journal to promote them with unique strategies.

Some essential researches and studies related to health are funded by the government and a similar research was done on 2000 girls of age group 9-19 when some researches went through the informative data related to that study on 2000 young girls.

They analyzed the effect of cereal on body during weight loss. According to the data available in the government-funded study report, those who consumed cereals regularly were on minimum risks of weight loss whereas the people who ate cereals less frequently or occasionally were on the higher risks of body weight issues. The report indirectly implicated an inverse proportionality which means that more cereals you eat, lesser will be the chances of your weight gain.

A similar government study took place on 4200 adults which again proved the inevitability of consuming a nutritious and fiber-rich meal every morning. The data from the study represented that women consumed fewer calories throughout the day after having breakfast in the morning and men consumed lower fat by their diet. Symptoms of cravings were notified in people who skipped the breakfast during the entire study session.

The ‘Conception-Misconception’ Study

Besides weight loss issues, there was a conception that removing the morning meal from eating schedule leads to weight gain. But thankfully, another study by a university in the United States changed the conception in to misconception.

The research took place for 16 weeks on 300 obese people. It was noticed during the dieting session of those 300 overweight people that there is no as such correlation between breakfast and body weight.

The final verd

Different studies and researches on weight loss clearly implicate that the influence of breakfast varies from body to body. The variation in the effect of breakfast during weight loss is a general aspect as body conditions differ from person to person. It would be easier to make a decision on breakfast intake if you consult your physician and dietician.


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