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Is Spiritual healing more or less like meditation or are they the same?

Updated on March 13, 2014

Meditation is a state of mind


Meditation is defined as a process of healing and restoration of wholeness of mind, body and spirit. The words meditation, medicine and medication are very similar to each other and they all share the same Latin root medicus, meaning “to cure”. Meditation( mederi ) in latin means “to heal”. other meanings suggest "back to the center in order to turn off the outside world" and "turn your attention inward."Several previous studies have demonstrated how the state of mind affects our physical and mental health.

If we look in depth we will find that anything that leads to a sense of isolation may lead to various disease processes.

The main or goral of meditation practice is with a belief that every individual or person has vast inner resources which, through meditation practice, can be mobilized to assist him or her in their healing in daily lives.

Meditation can lead to state of Nirvana if practiced regularly.

Meditation does not require special venues

The Argument

Spiritual healing and Meditation are two different entities; one is not more effective than the other, just worked in a different way. While Spiritual healing is used to heal spiritual causes using spiritual ways to do it, meditation on the other hand is a state, that state of thoughtless awareness of mind, that helps your body to let the stress go away and the peace come inside.

  • One can meditate everywhere you go, at work, at your home or when you are traveling.
  • Some people think that they can just meditate when they are in an appropriate place, in a lotus posture or in a quiet space but that is wrongful thinking, meditation is a state of mind, so, it doesn’t matter what your body is doing, your mind can meditate if you are in a state of thoughtless awareness.
  • Meditation is a great choice to lower your stress level and in doing so lowering your cholesterol levels.
  • During the meditation time, you have to be able to put yourself and your mind in restful state. A technique for obtaining that rest has two ingredients: observe and hold, watch your breath and drop everything else. Release every muscle in your body. After fifteen minutes, a deep serenity can be achieved by filling the inner peace and contentment and finally Keep that peace. This practice is the best thing in the world to relieve stress.
  • Meditation can be practiced for various reasons: from simple relaxation to the quest for Nirvana. Many meditators have reported improved concentration, awareness, self-discipline and equanimity.
  • Feeling your body and your breath are the first steps to meditate, you don’t have to focus on your mind, just live the moment of your breath and the movements of your body and let your mind rest.
  • For beginners, you can start meditating 5/10 minutes a day, to make your mind flow better and make your thoughts go away.
  • To meditate you don’t have to have a predetermined time. You can start with a period of a few minutes and this time may increase up to hours, days, or in exceptional cases, even months, as was the case of Palden Dorje. The most important element is the frequency of practice, preferably daily.

Palden Dorje during his meditation practice.

Who is Palden Dorje?

  • he is a young Buddhist from Nepal, who has received thousands of visitors and media attention by being meditating for months, apparently, without food or water. Many call him The Young Buddha by his long meditations and his extremely quiet appearance. He is now followed by many, who believe he has the key to what they call a "perfect meditation."
  • In a documentary produced by Discovery Channel, Dorje was filmed meditating beside the roots of a huge tree for five days, which is the time period it is believed that humans can survive without consuming water. The Discovery Channel showed that he didn’t move much during this period, nutrition experts were amazed with the fact that his skin was not dry and that even at temperatures such 15 degrees Celsius (and maybe below zero at night) sometimes drops of sweat rolled down his cheeks.

Meditation Applications

What does Meditation do for you?

See results

Meditation in our daily life

Meditation in my opinion has variable impacts in our daily lives.A person who is a devotee can benfit from inner peace,reduced daily stress,better relationships and healthier life styles.

Spiritual Healing

  • Spiritual healing is the transmission of healing energy from the spiritual source which is God for someone who is in need of it. This healing is done by a trained professional who has chosen to be the vehicle and transmitting this energy to someone who is already in a state of evolutionary healing process.
  • The spiritual healing is not a form of alternative medicine, since in these cases the cure is made by belief in a particular religion or divine entity, or by auto-suggestion.
  • Spiritual healing is through the imposition of hands on people, things, places, animals, or anything alive.
  • The desire to help others through this simple act of touching is as old as humanity itself. The proof that this healing gesture dates back thousands of years ago to the ancient healing practices of Polynesian Kalunas and Aboriginals of Australia and America. Both in Sanskrit, Chinese and Aramaic texts, the simple power of hands was paradigmatic and used in various healing activities.

Spiritual healing is usually performed by a trained professional

Some facts about Spiritiual healing

Something is definitely transmitted from one person to another, beyond its intentions. As we touch, our body or another with an intention of healing, the energy is activated, starting a whole process of physical and spiritual healing.

Some virtues and concepts need to be sought and experienced to prepare the patient in order to better enjoy the work of spiritual healing that is lovingly offered.

Some people are more receptive to this treatment than others, one reason could be because of mental outlook or because of Karma, and the results of the healing can be variable too, because as every soul and mind are different. The healing can cure body issues and can bring more positivity to your life, it is based on the spiritual energy, and it’s very rare to find someone saying that the Spiritual Healing couldn’t bring anything good for the person’s life.

The Healers always say that Spiritual Healing can cure all kinds of problems, such as problems in our soul, in our minds; problems in our body and in our lives.

The healing can bring you peace and a better way to face our everyday challenges.

Spiritiual healing also requires some form of praying


To sum it up Spiritual Healing and Meditation are two different methodologies that work into mind, body and soul, to make one feel better and healthier, but they are done in different ways.

One can choose which one is the better method for oneself, which one or what will bring you peace and prosperity before you choose. However every practice and teachings comes with a responsibility.One has to find professionals to teach the best ways to find the peace within.

Lastly, don’t forget to love yourself,relax and enjoy the simple things in life.

Be at Peace


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