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Is Strep Throat Contagious

Updated on February 21, 2010

Is strep throat contagious? This is a commonly asked question that many people are not aware about. In fact, there are some people who do not know about the strep throat infection and they commonly confuse its symptoms with that of a sore throat.  Strep throat is a bacterial infection that affects the throat and the tonsils that is caused by the Streptococcus bacteria that affects people of any age group. This infection is most common in children and teenagers and this infection generally lasts for a week. A sore throat is caused by a viral infection and this is where the difference between the two lies.

In order to identify strep throat you will notice the presence of red spots on the back of the throat. The other symptoms that are present in the case of a strap throat are difficulty in swallowing, fever and nausea. These symptoms are similar to that of a sore throat and this is the main reason that in case the above appears a doctor should be consulted at once. If an adult suffers for strep throat he generally ahs a weak immune system.

Now the answer to the above question- Is strep throat contagious? This question inevitably is a matter of concern to those who are infected with it. This infection is contagious and this is the reason why you must be cautious when you are in contact with an infected person. You should not shake hands with him or use any of his personal items that will result in the infection to spread. The incubation of strep throat differs from person to person and this is the reason why you have to take precautions. Sometimes the incubation period may also stretch up to five days.

There are some people who are also concerned about the duration of the contagious period of the infection. This period is as long as one does not consume antibiotics for the infection. It is true that the contagious period of strep throat is long however if an infected person consumes antibiotics within 24 hours, he or she stops being contagious. If any infected person does not consult a doctor and does not get the infection diagnosed the infection can be contagious for many days. This can also last as long as two to three weeks. There are also other risks of the infection becoming complicated in the case of the infection being left untreated. From the above it becomes mandatory to consult a doctor in order to get an infected person treated on time to avert any kind of serious complications in the future.

The common treatment for strep throat is antibiotics that shorten the period of the disease. Most doctors advise the infected person to consume penicillin. If any person is allergic to penicillin there are other antibiotics like erythromycin, amoxicillin etc that can be given to an infected person. One should maintain a healthy diet to strengthen the immune system of the body and prevent the occurrence of the infection.


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