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Is Sugar Causing Your Psoriasis?

Updated on August 10, 2016

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As a sufferer of Psoriasis, you will often hear the many opinions of those claiming to have a cure-all remedy. Your grandmother will know a "great salve". Friends will tell you, "I have the best lotion for that", or " you need to drink more water". Even your trusted dermatologist is going to prescribe you the first topical he/she can make a profit from. However, what your Doctor, your friends, and even your sweet old grandmother will not discuss, is the internal damage you may have going on inside.

With the World Health Organization estimating the epidemic of Psoriasis reaching into the millions and growing every day this auto immune disorder is much more than just a pesky skin irritation or rash. ( With not only a debilitating pain that is felt in the joints and skin of the average sufferer, comes the daunting social stigma that claims the lives of 7% of psoriasis sufferers through acts of suicide. With many ways to cover it up or keep it down, Psoriasis treatment has tipped the scale with over $68 billion worldwide spent to treat the chronic illness.

It seems that in all the midst of medication, just like with many other diseases our society has witnessed, that diet is never the biggest discussion in the treatment plan. As a Psoriatic seeking help through a care provider, If you are diagnosed and lucky enough to have a Dermatologist, or provider who takes your lifestyle into consideration, encouraging a change in diet, then you are one of the lucky ones.

Although Psoriasis presents itself at the surface of the skin, leaving painful scaly patches all over the body, the disease is in fact an internal problem. Typically, we Psoriasis worsen with fungal infection, or over consumption of breads, and yeast. You will learn in any basic biology class that fungus, or better known as Candida Albicans, not only survive on sugar but thrive on the ever popular substance.

Upon closer observation you will notice that almost anything in your cupboard or refrigerator with a label on it has some sort of sucrose, dextrose, fructose, or many of the other names this toxic culprit takes form in. So even cutting carbs, calories, or trying to eat healthier will be a defeat if you cannot first starve the fungus, allowing the stomach and intestinal walls to heal and repair themselves. Candida will even find a way to survive on your healthy fruit sugars, keep this in mind when changing your lifestyle. So is it possible to heal from the inside?

Upon doing some heavy research, one of the best pieces of information I have found in many years was the subject of completely eliminating sugar from the diet for at least 12 weeks. I have seen no better, faster result in the clearance of lesions. In as little as a week, the itching subsided and the healing process began. I myself have been clear, and medication/UVB free for going on 6 months now.

Suffering for 10 years with this underestimated disease I lost friends, a husband, and the look of admiration your child is supposed to have for you, and instead replaced it with solitude, job loss, and a disappointed child afraid to touch me. Although many of the social networking of today was not so prevalent during my first diagnosis, I am beyond grateful for the information I have finally found. I wrote this article in order to spread a message of hope for those seeking relief. So here is wishing not only my fellow P sufferers a happy and healthy life but anyone reading this article. Happy healing!

Use Chlorella to combat candida!

Living clear

live clear.
live clear. | Source

Lets go sugar free!!

It is important to have a lifestyle that is sugar free when battling moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. So how do you know which recipes can be quick, simple and healthy for you and your family? Check out for a ton of great books dedicated to giving you and your family the nutritional needs you deserve.

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Living clear ...


4 Steps to follow in finding fast long term relief of Psoriasis

  • Reduce all sugar use for up to 12 weeks
  • Adopt a lifestyle of healthy leafy greens
  • Stay away from labels (canned, bottled, or food in jars)
  • Avoid fruits which may still contain large amounts of sugar

Can you imagine these results?



Meal prep solutions!

With all the confusion on what to eat, having healthy options available can make it easier to resist the bad stuff. By meal prepping you can have the healthy foods you life available when the crave hits. Having a weeks worth of healthy options at a moments notice.


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