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Is Tava tea a scam?

Updated on April 5, 2012
Oolong tea
Oolong tea | Source
Puerh tea
Puerh tea | Source
Sencha tea
Sencha tea | Source

Ignore the hype, because this is what it always is.

There is no miracle weight loss tea, diet or pill.

Let's see, what's inside the tea:

Oolong. (Black dragon tea)

Nothing extreme in the Oolong (Wu long) tea.

A little bit of caffeine and theine.

Nothing in the Wikipedia article linked above claims this tea can be used as a weight loss supplement. And there is no such thing as Wuyi Cliff Oolong. Such variety of this tea does not exist.

So this "miraculous" herbal part of the tea is scam. Oolong is (and always was) just a good tonic tea. It does not accelerate metabolic rate more than a simple coffee or black tea.

Pu-erh (a.k.a. Puerh) (Yunnan's province fermented tea)

Except the fact, that this tea is sold in various pressed forms like small bricks or rolled balls, this is another variety of the tea plant.

This tea is miraculous by itself, because it cleans the body of cholesterol by not allowing it to build up from food and not allowing excess fatty acids to form from the food.

This is done by (again) caffeine and theanine, which are also present in oolong tea.

Pu-erh CAN be taken to stop more fat to build up in the body BUT it does not reduce the fat already accumulated around your waist.

So this one is not scam, it helps stop weight gains. But the price of a 20-sachets' package of clean commercial grade Pu-erh bought from the store is above 5 times lower than the price of Tava tea.

Sencha (Japanese green tea)

Yes. Exactly:

Just another fancy name for a green tea. The only difference is - the leaves are not ground or crushed, but left whole.

It is the most popular tea in Japan and is included in the tea ceremonies. It is also 80% of all the green tea kind produced in Japan.

Weight loss? Probably. Green tea has some mild effect on giving more energy and accelerating heart rate and brain clarity.

But it is not a miracle.

Japanese are normally not obese because even their "junk food" is healthy (most often, people eat Miso and Ramen soups on the street from local Ramen shops).

Japanese are not obese, because they eat plenty of fish and rice. No trans-fat and no greasy meat treated with growth hormones. (No, you can't force all the fish in the sea to eat milled GMO grains and maize filled with artificial fertilizer and antibiotics).

So, back to the question:

Is Tava tea weight loss miracle?


It is only a good strong tonic that will give you energy from the theine, caffeine and theanine.

And I am sure, somewhere on the box is written that those 10-15 pounds per month are not guaranteed and you need to make light exercise every day and avoid some foods.

Should you invest in this herbal tea or stick with ordinary diet and exercise?

I leave this answer to you.

Do you use green tea often and have you seen any signifficant effect on weight loss?

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    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 5 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Yes. I tried this product.

      Apart from giving more energy it does not improve weight loss by itself.

      And believe me, I am not a troll. If you bring scientific evidence that 3 green teas combined can burn fat (without changing diet and adding exercise to the daily routine) - I will erase this article and apologize to everyone.

      Fact: Green tea is not fat burner.

      Fact: All advocates of green tea's fat burning properties have bussiness involving sales of green tea and its compounds.

      Green tea is just a mild tonic. Nothing more. I am drinking original oolong for years and I am still chubby. Full of energy, but still - chubby.

    • profile image

      commentary 5 years ago

      Have you actually tried the product, or is this a simple diagnostic of the ingredients? I recognise that the components do not seem exemplary in themselves, and you may be angry at the marketing.

      However, I intend to use this as a catalyst to weight loss, I don't think your rantings about how it is made up impress anyone unless they want to be impressed.

      A car is made up of metal, petrol and some seats- nothing spectacular in itself, but add a person to the mix- and put them together in the right way and you can travel at hundreds of miles an hour.

      Are you categorically saying that these three teas in conjunction cannot aid weight loss- even on a level of affecting peoples mental state (if they spend a lot of money on a product, they are more likely to give it the correct conditions to work- rather than failing on another fad diet)??- That's what your article reads as- seems you are quite simply a troll hiding in a blog offering biased musings on something you don't want to try or understand fully.

    • profile image

      Shaena 5 years ago

      Well warm warer only suppresses the hunger and urges..but tava tea helps you flush out those fats...that's what i'v experienced...

      And yes i did eat the same foods...those scrambled egss,bacon,indian foods....and everything

      Well i guess it helped because i was also walkin 2 miles a week...or so...

      And used a lot of cayenne pepper in most of my dishes...maybe...

      But as far as i knw tava tea definitely hepled me shed 6inches off

    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 5 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Shaena, you are only proving my statement - Tava tea works only in perfect conditions.

      Did you actually eat the same amounts of food while using the tava tea and still lose weight? I doubt it.

      And before you say it - yes - EVERY tea will suppress hunger for a while.

      Actually even hot water will suppress hunger. You don't need expensive green tea for this.

    • profile image

      Shaena 5 years ago

      Well mister...i bet u'r in great confusion..coz..i'v been using this tava tea product and have lost almost 13 kgs till dat..i weigh 92 kgs now...thnks to tava tea..

      I bet its ur metabolism process to b blamed for not sheedin off few kiloss...evn afta using so many sachets of green tea..


    • connieow profile image

      Connie S Owens 6 years ago from El Cajon, CA

      Great insight. Oolong and Green tea are not the same plant. And black tea is green tea fermented. If you can call it green. :) Other than that, cannot remember were, but remember reading a study done on the efficacy of green tea as a weight loss aide. But it would take a great deal.

      As for the 10-15 pounds of weight lost each month, yeah walking 15 min 3x per week with plenty of water as fuel, the weight will come off. And according to Dr Oz, no longer consuming coffee and replacing it with green tea will shed at least 10 pounds per month.

      For me, walking at a brisk pace with an 8 ounce glass of water before and after, works for me. Weightlifting and building muscle is even better.

      Thanks m0rd0r for posting such good info and allowing me a place to share my 2 cents.

    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Those 3 kinds of tea are claimed to propagate weight loss in a commercial product.

      I've used probably 1000 sachets of green tea in the last year and still weight 100 kg *(~200 pounds).

    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 6 years ago from Georgia

      This was an interesting comparison of teas. I've not personally been using any of them for weight loss. I just like the taste of tea. Well done.

    • tsarnaudova profile image

      Tsvetana Kodjabasheva 6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Very convenient. And those who omit to read the ingredients are the most people I know... :)

      Everyone is in a hurry all the time, and such details slip away.

    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Thanks Tsvety. I've seen some aggressive Advertisement and checked the contents...

      It turned out to be simply 3 kinds of tea. The plant is the same, just the name and preparation/conservation method differs.

    • tsarnaudova profile image

      Tsvetana Kodjabasheva 6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Fine work here, Stoil, as usual.

      It cheered me up indeeed, for these tools for weight loss always looked kind of suspicious to me... And now you confirm it; together with useful info and links. Thanks, voted up.


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