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Is There A Cure For Cancer?

Updated on January 29, 2015
Perl Rife Machine
Perl Rife Machine | Source


Everything that exists has a frequency of it's own. This is called a resonant frequency. The Carcinoma Cancer cell has a resonant frequency of 2128 Hz. When a carcinoma cancer cell is resonated at that frequency the cell is destroyed. Nikola Tesla and Dr. Royal Rife both claimed that the process worked. According to Doctor Nenah Sylver (1) it works far better than chemo and radiation. Rife found this out back in 1932. What's happened since?

Drug racketeering

The story goes that Morris Fishbean (2), the head of the American Medical Association, attempted to buy into the company that produced Rife's Beam Ray equipment and was turned down. The Rife technology was having great success at curing tumors and other viruses and even destroying microbes that destroy the hosts. The best part of this Rife technology was it didn't harm the animal or human host.

Fishbein and others attempted a hostile takeover of Beam Rays and slowly tried to freeze Rife out of their shared partnership deals. They were able to pass laws that kept any doctors in the United States of America from using this equipment with the threat of losing their license, because Fishbein and his cohorts didn't get to participate in the money end of the cure.

By the mid fifties the pharmaceutical companies (which Rife called drug racketeers) spent millions on drugs and nothing on electronics, unless it will supplement drugs like X-ray and radioactive treatments. In the fifties the Pharmaceutical industry made $10 billion annually on cancer alone. (ibid page 115)

Most of the people I know that have taken chemotherapy (a radioactive treatment with drugs) have suffered pain and misery while undergoing the treatment, yet the AMA has not tried to even look at the possibility of electronic Frequency Therapy. The only people that are paying attention to this are the Alternative Holistic Health people. Nenah Sylver (PHD that wrote the book "The Rife Handbook") is an alternative therapy doctor.

You Tube Rife Story


Much is being done for Cancer. Are doctors paying attention or are they too indoctrinated with pharmacological cures.

The True Rife group says 'Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Finding the Cause" (3)

Unfortunately, If you are a medical doctor you are still not allowed to use one of these machines in the USA. People can purchase them for their own use at this time here in the USA and they are allowed by doctors in other countries but the AMA has not changed their old laws that Fishbein got them to pass a long time ago.

It's time for a change!


(1) The Rife Handbook - Nenah Sylver, PHD page 95.




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