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Strained Eyes Simple Exercise

Updated on June 29, 2014

Taking Care Of the Troubled Eyes

An eye exercise for twenty minutes is necessary for our strained eyes and up to half an hour for bad cases everyday. Then give your eyes a slow massage with your palms.

Next thing to do is by putting your palms over your eyes and if you saw black, it is just fine, but if you saw other colors there must be something wrong with your eyes because the eye is not giving proper interpretation to the mind. Why? Black should be the right color. When you see other colors like red, or green, your vision is abnormal.

However, there is a way to cure this. Get a blackboard, look at it, and think “black.” Bring your palms up over your eyes and think “black.” You need to do this numerous times daily to change your darkness reaction into black.

When you have accomplished this, there will appear another abnormality to correct in your eyes; it is the power of visions. Do some sun gazing, this may have hurt others causing eye trouble and sometimes blindness because the sun rays strike directly into the eyes, but do this smooth and slowly. First this, look through your fingers at the sun, this is to avoid the rays, after you get accustomed to that, try looking at the sun directly, as long as you can.

On your first attempt, of course, tears will flow, but try again. Don’t force yourself if you can’t. You can’t achieve what you want by forcing yourself. This is a slow process until the eyes get used to it. Do this between eight and ten in the morning. No more no less. A few glances must be fine to try at first. The time may later be lengthened to suit.

How about sun dancing during night eye and at times during the day eye?

As mentioned above, gazing a little at the sun everyday will help. Keeping your hands on each side of the eyes so that the rays of the sun will not strike them squarely is the suitable way to do it and you will be able to look at the sun quite a time before tears come. Keep on doing this everyday as told until you achieve getting rid of your eye trouble.

There are many people who wonder about why we are wearing shades in the sun. Should the eyes be shaded in the sun?

Our eyes is said to be in normal condition without shades or eyeglasses. So wearing of visors, shades and eye glasses, I think, depends on the condition of the eyes. If you are wearing glasses, it is best to take them off in walking towards the sun. A visor is necessary for some people especially those who wear glasses because it keeps the glare of the glass from going into the eyes. Some people may not be needed to take off their glasses being near sighted.

Finally, live on natural foods until the blood is replenished. You can also expect the unhealthy fluid of the eyes to have been replenished. Practice some sun gazing, with palm over the eyes at first. And totally abandon this idea until you have lived on natural foods.


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    • brittvan22 profile image


      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Nice informative hub, reminds me of when I use to get migraines and my teacher would massage my temples. Voting up!

    • profile image

      Burt H 

      6 years ago

      Eye drops can help your dry eyes. Start living on healthy foods. Change your lifestyle totally to achieve a healthy lifestyle and get rid of dry eyes. Dry eyes is mostly experienced as age increases.

    • mjboomer profile image

      Mike Elzner 

      6 years ago from Oregon

      What about dry there a solution for persistant dry eyes?


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