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Is Thrush Contagious

Updated on February 28, 2010

Doctors often come across a question, “is thrush contagious?” The answer is yes! This is an infection that is caused by yeast infection known as Candida. There is always a Candida in a human body especially you find them in digestive tract or in mouth. Albeit, thrush is considered to be a contagious disease but actually it keeps a balance of the bacteria and other microorganisms. If your body feel stressed because of certain illness, the antibiotics can kill the bacteria; however, the candida can breed if they are unchecked. All the candida fungus can cause diaper rash or a thrush infection in the genitals that happens likely among women.

However, there is nothing to get scary about the contagious nature of the thrush because there are ample of treatments available and various procedures with which you can minimize its chance of spreading.

Know the symptoms-

The first step towards cure of thrush is to know the symptoms and sign of it. You need to understand and identify that whether you are being affected by it or not. In case of Oral thrush, white lesions appear inside the mouth, particularly on the cheeks, gums, tonsils and tongue. The thrush looks like a cotton cheese and in most cases it’s very painful, they start bleeding if you slightly rub or scratch them. Some of the other oral symptoms of thrush are:

• While colored curd like substance is released
• Causes pain while swallowing food because they appear on tongue and in gums as well
• Often causes bad breath

The vaginal thrush when cause may lead to severe itching, soreness and burning. The vaginal thrush results in a whitish discharge that has a cottage cheese like texture. More or less this type of thrush is common among women. In men, thrush symptom includes a red patches near the head of penis, often leads to severe itching and a burning sensations while urination.

Thrush can also spread to other body parts as well. The candida, which is the main cause for the thrush, can pass down from the esophagus to the area and over time while the other areas may also get infected. Even the new born babies and infants may also get affected with this infection because of their undeveloped immune system.

Preventing thrush-

Now once you are answered with your question, “Is Thrush Contagious?” you can measure the steps and should be more aware so that you are not affected by this infection. If you are already suffering from thrush then you are more susceptible to reinfection, for example, babies affected with thrush, may cause due to diaper yeast infection. Therefore mothers should be very particular about the changing of the diapers. Other simple ways include, boiling everything before you contact them with your mouth especially for infants and babies. This can be forks, spoons, nipples and teething toys.

In case of adults, when they affected with genital thrush, they should avoid sexual intercourse else the infection may spread to the partner. Diets should also be in control if you want to stay out of thrush infection.

Is thrush contagious? The answer is yes but that does not mean that you cannot do anything to prevent it.


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