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Is Yeast Infection Contagious

Updated on March 9, 2010

Yeast infection is a commonly heard term, but there is a debate that whether this infection is contagious or not? The truth is, yeast is naturally found in the body and thus it does not make contagious. However, there are reports that suggest that many men often get this infection during sex. Thus, when someone asks is yeast infection contagious? The answer is pretty much clear!

Yeast infection can be possible if a man gets in contact with an infected woman during sex but experts opine that this type of cases is very few. Therefore, it is helpful to know that some of the causes of the infection and the methods to avoid them. First of all, you need to remember that yeast is naturally found in the body and it exists with other organism.

The other organisms that are present naturally inside human body are bacteria and other microorganism. The bacteria play a major role in keeping the competition of the nutrients alive. The bacteria also help in combating the yeast and so they are considered to be friendly bacteria. Therefore, when you kill bacteria by using the antibiotics inside your body the body gets susceptible to yeast infection. Therefore, the use of antibiotics should be used in a controlled manner and it should only be used in case of bacterial infection and other critical conditions. However, if you get the yeast infection it may result in yeast infection contagious disposition.

In case of women, the contagious yeast infection condition may become critical when they get vaginal infection. The infection can be caused due to several reasons – menopause, using female products, birth control pills, pregnancy, et al, are some of the factors that can cause yeast infection. In some cases hormonal imbalances can also cause condition among women. Pregnancy is on of the critical cases in woman’s life and at that time the hormones becomes wild and unpredictable. The woman loose lot of glucose from here system and the yeast organisms feeds from virginal secretion which are nutritious to them and results in their overgrowth. Therefore, the infection is most common of the second trimester and it is necessary to treat them urgently.

Controlling with birth control pills, you can save yourself from headaches when it comes to infections. The pills alter the normal function of the hormones and may cause infections. Is yeast infection contagious? This question proves true in case of pregnant women with yeast infection because the condition can pass to the new born babies. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to check the symptoms of the infection or get it treated before the birth of the baby. In some cases, reports suggest that infections are rare. However, when women use douches or any scented product in the vagina they are creating a different environment in the vagina.

Use of certain products in women vagina is certainly prohibited because they can encourage yeast growth. The yeast infection contagious theory debated that it is important that you should know the causes of yeast infection and then only you can take preventive measures and be safe.


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