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Is Yeast Infection Curable?

Updated on July 22, 2009

How to Cure a Male Yeast Infection With Natural Remedies

You might have known that yeast infection only occurs in females. This is not true. Yeast infectionS can also occur in men. But it is a fact that women suffer more than men. There are lots of information regarding female infection and how to cure it.

But as male infection is less common that`s why information about how to cure male infection is also less. So you need to depend on the information available regarding the female yeast infection. If you are not sure about the information then the best way is to consult a doctor. The doctor will be the best person to tell you how to get rid of this problem.

The doctor might prescribe you some drugs or you can even go for the over the counter medicines to cure male yeast infection. But these medications might not suit you always. Other than that the medicines can also have number of side effects. Therefore one of the best ways to treat male yeast infection is with the help of the natural remedies.

The natural remedies are safe as well as effective. Just because the treatment is done with the help of the natural ingredients there are no chances of side effects. You can rely on the ingredients. Another good thing about the natural treatment is that all the ingredients are available at your home. You can treat theĀ  infection at the comfort of your home.

The first element which you can use to cure male yeast infection is apple cider vinegar. You can either use this externally or internally. You can apply it externally by putting some vinegar in warm water and then taking bath with it. Other than this you can also intake 2 to 3 tablespoons of the vinegar daily.

Another great feature of the natural remedies is that they are cost effective. The natural remedies help to get rid of the root cause of the infection. So it is essential that you first find out the actual cause of the infection.

Yogurt can also help you to cure male yeast infection effectively. Yogurt contains some good bacteria. These bacteria will help to get rid of the bad bacteria and will also help to regain the balance in the body. Yogurt can also help you to get rid of the itching and burning sensation which is caused due to the infection. You also need to remember that the yeast infection is recurring one, so you have to find out a permanent cure for the infection.

Another way to cure male yeast infection is with the help of a colon cleanse. This also helps you to get rid of the harmful bacteria which reside in the waste materials. Men can even use cold coconut oil to get rid of the infection.

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Permanent Yeast Infection Cure Tips

Yeast infection in children, men and women are very common nowadays. Almost 75% females suffering from yeast infection have fungus in their bodies. Candida albicans infection costs the health care system, about $1.8 billion each year in the United States.

In this article, you will learn the latest development on yeast infection cure along with various candida albicans symptoms, causes and yeast infections natural remedies.

Georgetown University Medical Center successfully conducted a new genetic approach to improve the treatment of fungal infections caused due to Candida albicans. The test results found that inhibition of a protein, produced by the SSk1 gene, makes triazole drugs which are currently used in treating yeast infections more effectively.

Are over the counter drugs & pills really effective?

Over the counter yeast infection treatments only cure the symptoms and completely ignore the underlying causes of yeast infections. As a result, Candida yeast infection becomes resistant to medications over a period of time.

Yeast infection home remedies:

Tea tree oil, garlic, yogurt, vinegar and honey are a few, most effective yeast infection home cures.

Steps to be followed for candida albicans treatment:

1. Use OTC drugs to get temporary relief
2. Consult a physician for prescription drugs
3. Follow natural cures for yeast infection to get quick and permanent relief.

How long does it take to recover from a recurring yeast infection?

It might take a few days or even few months based on the type of infection. The best thing is, preventing yeast infections by changing your life style and diet.

You should follow proper yeast diet for natural yeast infection cure.

Treatment for Yeast Infections Video Guide


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