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Is Your Life Lens Dirty?

Updated on April 15, 2012

Cleaning Your Life Lens

I’ve been reading a great deal about depression and sadness lately and a common theme seems to be emerging… Each individual’s unique life experiences combine to form the “lens” through which they view the world, life and everything that happens in life. So if their lens is, for want of a better word, “dirty”, then their view of the world will also be tarnished, colored, distorted. So how to clean your life lens? Windex? Perhaps not…

Obviously we cannot erase those experiences we would rather not have had and would prefer not to remember, but we can correct or “clean” our resulting “dirty” life lenses. By doing this we can interpret and comprehend life and all the experiences it comprises in an undistorted and untainted way.

Your worldview, as seen through your life lenses, encompasses beliefs about reality, truth and values, all combined to form your “prescription” for life. These beliefs are all connected to one another much like the threads of a spider web or the scaffolding on a building. It’s encouraging to note that, as with real eye glasses, our prescription can be changed to improve the clarity and sharpness of our vision; to help us focus…

Personally, I have a filthy life lens – covered with grime and debris! Recently I have found that amazingly, I can clean my lens so I am able to approach challenges, dilemmas – i.e. life, in a rational and objective fashion. Instead of falling into my entrenched pattern of interpreting and reacting to situations by freaking out, becoming defensive, bitchy or isolating, I am now able to take a step back and view situations through a “healthy lens”. By discarding all the grime and dirt, and taking a rational approach, I am able to look through my lens and change the way I interpret life.

You Can Improve The Quality of Your Life

For me, it is a huge relief to realize that I do have the power to change the way I live my life. I can be in control of the way I interpret and react to life. This knowledge is still very new for me, and I still question whether it really is too good to be true. Evidence however, is proof of the pudding. Again and again I have stopped, paused before reacting and I have been able to consider exactly what’s going on in my head at that moment and whether I am thinking rationally, or letting my past experiences “color” and distort my lens and therefore my reaction. By going through this mental “vetting” of my thoughts, I have seen a huge change in the way I react to people and they react to me. It has been incredibly empowering. I can’t say I managed this amazing feat by figuring it all out on my own. I am just finishing a 6-month stint in a rehab facility so I have been sleeping, eating and reading therapy around the clock… I do, however feel that anyone can change their worldview by being open to the possibility of life lens correction. By changing your lens prescription, your quality of life can improve beyond anything you thought possible.


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  • ChristianeLaird profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago

    Thank you Ania - so glad you enjoyed it! :)

  • Ania L profile image

    Ania L 

    7 years ago from United Kingdom

    Brilliant - I love this lens metaphor, thumbs up!

  • ChristianeLaird profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Emma Harvey profile image

    Emma Kisby 

    7 years ago from Berkshire, UK

    A very creative way to look at life. Great writing!


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