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Is It a Cold or Allergy? Home Remedies for Colds, Viruses Allergy, Asthma, Cough, Sinusitis, Ear Ache, and Ear Infection

Updated on March 27, 2020
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All of the supplements and advice for the cold and flu season. Treatment options for viral, bacterial, and fungus inflections

Dr. Richard Becker- Olive Leaf

Home Remedies for Allergy, Virus, Colds, Flu, Asthma, and Sinusitis. With ways To Boost Immunity. New information about swine flu.

I have been a wife, and mother for 27 years. I have been faced with many hurdles. One of my delimas: is it a cold or allergy? Should I take my child to the doctor, or am I just overreacting? No child comes with an instruction booklet. Each child, even within a single family, are very different. As a mother, you know when something is wrong. Trust your instincts.

What I have found to be true:

1. If its green or yellow- its an infection. Mucus

2. If its clear: allergy or cold, which is viral, and no antibiotic will help.

3. Red, and raw throat. Green, or white patches, and a fever- strep- call the doctor. Both of my sons were plagued with it, due to chronic allergies. A constant post nasal drip, is a contributing factor.

There are many natural treatments that really do help: take at the first sign of a cold, sore throat, or cough.

1. Chicken soup- your grandma was right. It actually kills viruses, in the throat.

2. Cold eez-zinc lozenges. Zinc kills viral infections in the throat. Suck on one every 3-4 hours. Do not exceed 100mg of zinc per day, and do not take longer than 5 days. I keep them on hand in the medicine cabinet.

The following herbs kill fungus, viral, and bacterial infections effectively, without an antibiotic.

3. Oil of oregano, 150mg. Found at Meijers, or any health food store. I prefer to use Natures Answer in capsule form. As the others are way to strong for me, and my younger son. Take a straight pin, and punch a whole in the capsule, for children under 12, rub on the front of their shins. For adults, and children over 12, 1 drop under the tongue, 2-3 times per day. Both sights of application are directly into the blood stream. Great for chronic sinus infections. A very effective sinus spray, is a combination of grapefruit seed extract, and olive leaf extract. Mix one drop of grapefruit seed extract, 1-2 drops of olive leaf extract, in an ounce of water. Place in a small, nasal spray bottle. One to two sprays, per nostril, up to three times a day. Available now already mixed, through amazon. Do not use more than one drop of grapeseed extract, it is very strong. Most over the counter nasal sprays, can only be used up to 5 days. If you use for longer than that, you may get rebound congestion, or you can actually become dependant on it. Meaning, your nose will not quit running. This particular combination can be used for as long as needed. It may also be used during the allergy season, very effective as a sinus cleanser. It removes the offending allergen, as it kills any bug you may have at the time. This combination may also be taken orally, 1-2 drops of olive leaf, 1 drop of grapefruit seed extract, in 1 ounce of water up to 3-4 times per day. Another sinus cleanse is salt water. Place a pinch of salt in the cup of your hand, fill the rest of your hand with warm water, close one nostril, sniff with the other, then blow. It will remove the infection, and clear out the sinuses at the same time, nasty but effective. I had been plaqued with sinus infections for years, but, knock on wood, I haven't had a problem since.

4. Olive leaf extract, has also been proven to kill viral infections, but not as effective against bacteria. 1 drop, under the tongue, three times a day. One 500mg capsule, by mouth, three times a day. If diaherra develops, cut the dose in half.

5. If it is a runny nose, put vicks vapo rub on a q-tip. Put it just at the point where the cartilage is, do not sniff at the same time. This also kills viruses, right where they start. In the sinuses.

6. Replace the toothebrushes, or soak them in peroxide, during the cold, and flu season. As you maybe reinfecting yourself, and why a cold seems to hang on forever.

7. Ear infections, I was plagued by them as a child. Warm onion juice in each ear. Sounds strange I know, but it really works. Quarter a peeled, yellow onion. Squeeze each section until you fill a spoon with the juice. Warm with a lighter underneath, make sure to test so as not too hot, pour into infected ear before bedtime. When you lay down at night, it causes pressure on the inner ear, this is when it hurts the most. Gravity can be a bad thing, especially when you are trying to rest. Olive oil, or sweet oil can be used for pain, but will do nothing for the infection. Onion is very effective, and does not become resistant to bacteria. I have been using this antidote for 49 years, on myself, and my two children, with no ill effects. Most of the current antibiotics, have become resistant to bacteria over the years. Most are 3rd generation drugs, which have become so strong, that they cause terrible side effects. Cipro and Levaquin, both have black box warnings on them, for their side effects.( So, who wants to take them in the first place? Do not misunderstand, all medication is in essence, a good thing. Only if used appropriately. At times it is completely necessary, but only when all else fails.

8. For a cough, Elderberry Liquid. 1 teaspoon, every 4-6 hours is the recommended amount. Taken at the first sign of a cough developing. Also increases immunity. Thyme is an expectorant, belonging to the mint family. Which is why, many cold remedies contain mint. Mix one teaspoon of the dry herb, with one cup hot water. Sip slowly before bedtime. Found in the spice section of any grocery store.

9. A very effective homeopathic, natural treatment for immunity, and the flu is called oscillococcinum. Must be taken at the first sign of a cold, or flu to be effective. Therefore, you should keep it on hand, along with zinc lozenges.

10. For increased immunity, thereby decreasing the amount of colds, and flu that you get in a given season. Take 1 multivitamin a day, containing D3, & zinc. Vitafusion, Lil Critters, and Flinestones Complete vitamins are a good choice, as hard pills, you do not utilize. Do not take a multivitamin with Iron, unless your doctor prescribes it. It should be taken separately, iron feeds infection. Our bodies hide iron from infection as a defense, so by taking a multivitamin with iron we are only feeding that cold. D3 can also be taken in capsule, and liquid forms, as much as 3000 IU . Living in the northern climbs, we do not receive enough sunlight, D3, to boost our immunity. It is recommended, that you take at least 1000 IU daily, for a child reduce the dose, to obtain the best results. Sunlight is converted into D3, when it hits our skin, and the older we get, the harder it is to convert. Also, if we never go out side, we are not likely to receive enough. You should never take more than 3000 IU of D3, you can become toxic. Nor, should you take D3, without a calcium supplement. The recommended amount of calcium is 1000 mg. daily, taken at bedtime. It will aide sleep, leg cramps, and prevent osteo. Fairly inexpensive.

11. Another awesome supplement for colds, allergies, and sinus infections is QBC. A natural anti histamine, without drowsiness. Quercetin Bromelain Complex. Quercetin is found in Apples. Bromelain is found in pineapple. Bromelain has antinflammatory properties, much like pseudoephedrine, and other decongestants. Recommended dosage is 500mg, 1-3 times per day. The supplement must contain vitamin c, and magnesium to be effective. Very hard to find. Douglas labs produces one that contains all the neccasary nutrients. With no side effects. Pseudoephedrine can cause jitters, nervousness, and irratiblity, in susceptible people.

All proceeding information was found in the following books:

Prescription for Nutritional Healing, at, or the Vitamin Shoppe.

Foundations for Healing, Dr. Richard Becker,, and his tv program: Your Health.

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum., From Fatigued To Fantastic.

Beating Cancer with Nutrition, Dr. Patrick Quillin

Pub med, and Medline plus.

Where To Buy Supplements and Books

Seagate Products Homeopathic Olive Leaf Nasal Spray (Pack of 1) 1 Ounce
Seagate Products Homeopathic Olive Leaf Nasal Spray (Pack of 1) 1 Ounce
A premixed olive leaf nasal spray, for the treatment of sinus infection, and colds. Treats the infection right at the source. I have used for over 15 years. Works every time...

How Grapefruit Can Cause Overdose


Dr. Richard Becker- Oil of Oregano

Products for the treatment, and prevention of Virus, bacteria, and fungus

Nature's Answer Oil of Oregano Capsule Softgels, 90-Count | Natural Immune Booster | Promotes Healthy Digestion & Gut Flora
Nature's Answer Oil of Oregano Capsule Softgels, 90-Count | Natural Immune Booster | Promotes Healthy Digestion & Gut Flora
Half strength capsule, may be rubbed on shins, for Children. Do not give to children orally. Or insert pin, and one drop under tongue, or taken as a capsule. I have used for over 15 years. Works best in the case of a bacterial infection.

New treatment for allergy suffers

This is a new treatment for allergy suffers. It works along the same lines as immunology, without the needles. A sublingual form of known allergies. 15 drops under the tongue, until your immune system quits over reacting to the allergen. You may take your regular allergy medicine along with this, with time the reaction will lesson. Immunolgy is basically "the hair of the dog that bit you".

New Treatment for allergy suffers

bioAllers Mold, Yeast and Dust | Natural Homeopathic Allergy Relief for Sneezing, Congestion, Itchy Eyes & Sore Throat | Non-Drowsy | 1 fl oz | 2 pk
bioAllers Mold, Yeast and Dust | Natural Homeopathic Allergy Relief for Sneezing, Congestion, Itchy Eyes & Sore Throat | Non-Drowsy | 1 fl oz | 2 pk
For mold allergies- if your allergies act up in late summer to early fall. I used for my year round allergies, when I could no longer afford the shots. Took daily for about 3 months. Going on 5 years. No allergy medications since.

New Information for Asthma Sufferers

Magnesium has been shown as a "rescue" for asthma sufferers. The recommended amount is 250mg at the first sign of an attack. Chew a tablet, and relief has been noted within 15 minutes. This will not replace an inhaler, but will help with wheezing, and lesson the attack. A daily multi, with D3 and zinc, extra magnesium, and a krill oil capsule, 2 times a day. This regimen has been shown in numerous studies, to lesson the attack, and the number of attacks in cases of asthma. The only side effect of magnesium is loose stools, reduce the dose if this occurs. Krill oil is an omega three fatty acid, that contains a balanced 3,6,9 combination. Whereas fish oil only contains an omega 3. Omegas have been extensively studied, and found to be beneficial in the treatment of asthma.

New information about Beta Glucans and Immunity

J Hematol Oncol. 2009 Jun 10;2:25.

The effects of beta-glucan on human immune and cancer cells.

Chan GC, Chan WK, Sze DM.


Department of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.


Non-prescriptional use of medicinal herbs among cancer patients is common around the world. The alleged anti-cancer effects of most herbal extracts are mainly based on studies derived from in vitro or in vivo animal experiments. The current information suggests that these herbal extracts exert their biological effect either through cytotoxic or immunomodulatory mechanisms. One of the active compounds responsible for the immune effects of herbal products is in the form of complex polysaccharides known as beta-glucans. beta-glucans are ubiquitously found in both bacterial or fungal cell walls and have been implicated in the initiation of anti-microbial immune response. Based on in vitro studies, beta-glucans act on severalimmune receptors including Dectin-1, complement receptor (CR3) and TLR-2/6 and trigger a group of immune cells including macrophages, neutrophils, monocytes, natural killer cells and dendritic cells. As a consequence, both innate and adaptive response can be modulated by beta-glucans and they can also enhance opsonic and non-opsonic phagocytosis.

FDA issues New warnings in the use of Quinolones a Common Antibiotic

Levaquin, all Quinilones, including Cipro:

(common antibiotics)

Serious and Otherwise Important Adverse Reactions

Tendon Effects

Exacerbation of Myasthenia Gravis

Hypersensitivity Reactions

Other Serious and Sometimes Fatal Reactions

Hepatotoxicity [see Warnings and Precautions

Central Nervous System Effects

Clostridium difficile-Associated Diarrhea

Peripheral Neuropathy

Prolongation of the QT Interval

Musculoskeletal Disorders in Pediatric Patients

Blood Glucose Disturbances


Development of Drug Resistant Bacteria

Information obtained through FDA Medwatch.

Corona Virus Study Completed In 2013

The Treatment of Influenza and Acute Respiratory Viral Infections] - PubMed

Reference to Anti virals.

Umifenovir active against respiratory viruses such as rhinovirus, adenovirus, influenza virus, parainfluenza, respiratory syncytial virus, coronavirus, including the causative agent of atypical pneumonia. There are a large number of studies that have shown clinical efficiency of umifenovir. In clinical studies of prophylactic and therapeutic efficiency of umifenovir attended by 12400 and 14000 persons relatively.

Article published 2013 by national institutes of health.

if we have this knowledge why don't we use it?

I understand everyone's fear. The key in this is early interventions, contact your doctor if you show signs of infection. The key symptom is Fever. Others include a dry cough, difficulty breathing, headache, and fatigue. Checking temperature daily is a good idea, especially if you have these symptoms.

We fear what we don't understand. Knowledge, and truth give you the power to overcome.

The substance that was studied in 2013 trial mentioned in this article about Corona Virus

Boiron Oscilloccinum , 12 DOSE, 0.04 oz each
Boiron Oscilloccinum , 12 DOSE, 0.04 oz each
I have personally used this product on numerous occasions. It does work. It isn't a cure. It helps with symptomatic complications from Viruses, and flu. It may interact with medications, as well as other supplements. It is always best to consult a doctor or pharmacist for interaction, and if it is right for you. Godspeed

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