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Treatment of the terminally ill

Updated on January 19, 2015

The French Hospital

A hospital in France has opened a bar for its terminally ill patients. Its goal was to increase the quality of life for the patients there who only have a certain time amount left to live.

One of the article talking about this is linked here:

I think this is a wonderful idea, and it should spark other ideas similar to it for terminally ill patients around the world. Treating these people with dignity and trying to maximize their time left on earth as much as we can should a critical part of care for people with terminal illnesses.


I think the bar in France is a great idea, but I think there could be other programs like that to increase the quality of life these patients.

Other things that come to mind:

-Concerts-These could be concerts of any kind of music, but in a perfect world they would be performed by popular artists who donate their time to these people. Even if they were shortened concerts, it would still be a great thing for those artists to do.

-Travel-Treatment could involve helping patients to travel to various places around the U.S. and possibly around the world. They could help with the paying for the trips and/or help with the accommodations they may need.

-Sports game-Treatments facilities could work to get their patients to various sport team's games that they may want to attend.

-Meet and greets-organize meet and greets with well known people-various artists, authors, athletes, etc. etc.

For me personally, i would more than willing to have a portion of my taxes go towards a worthy cause like the improvement of the quality life for people with terminal illnesses.

Treatments improvements for the terminally ill

Treatment for terminally ill patients should be changed for the betterment of those people. Being able to live comfortably while they are dying should be a priority for their care.

There should be simple things like bars, video games, food places, or any other thing that can humanize these people to higher extent. They are more deserving than nearly any group of people to have the best possible care for them.

Not only should they be able to get the care they need to be pain-free, they should get other things that make the last leg of their existence more fulfilling.

Obviously these things should be within reason. Money doesn't grow on trees, but maybe the goal of treatment for these patients should be more focused on increasing the quality of their lives rather than just simply working to increase the time they are here.

I'm not saying that shouldn't be a priority of their care, but if a patient is fighting to stay alive for as long as they can, they should have the ability to reap the benefits of fighting longer by being able to have more experiences and enjoy their life more.

Would you take otherwise illegal drugs if you were terminally ill?

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Drugs for the terminally ill

If I had a terminal illness, I would love to have the chance to try a variety of things and go to a variety of places. I would need to have the ability to do that. If I was in pain and in treatment that left me incapacitated I couldn't do those things.

I should be able to use any drugs I want to make myself feel as good as I possibly could and able to maximize my time left. Whether that would be marijuana or other illegal drugs, I should be able to take them to improve my quality of life.

There's no reason for people with terminal illnesses to not be able to take any drugs they want. The worst that can happen is that they are addicted to them, but I'm sure they are already on other "hard" drugs that would make them just as addicted. I would suggest that any drugs they take are monitored, so they don't accidentally overdose, if it's a drug that can overdose on. They can go "crazy" with marijuana, since that drug is virtually impossibly to overdose on.

Why not let those people experiment?

Inside LSD

LCD could help the terminally ill cope with death

An interesting article written by the Huffington post talks about a new study that was done with 12 terminally ill patients. The study wanted to see the psychological effects of LCD on these people who were having issues coping with death.

The study varied the dosage levels and the study says that they patients who received the higher doses were positively effected. Conversely, the people who had the small doses reported to have been negatively effected. An interesting finding of the study said there were no prolonged negative effects of the drug. I assume for both groups, but the article didn't specify specifically.

The obvious negative of the study is the size of the sample population used. Because of the drug war, drug policies are unnecessarily strict about all kinds of drugs. This policies make it difficult for research that could improve lives is made much more difficult.

I would like to see a study with much more than 12 people in it for me to be fully convinced, but I definitely think there findings warrant more research.


I believe that people should have the right to end their own lives with the assistance of a medical professional. That medical professional should also have the protection to not be prosecuted.

If a person is dealing with a ton of pain from a terminal illness or from simply being old, they should have the right to end their lives. There is no logical reason why people should prevent this. Preventing it is a selfish act that doesn't account for the desire of the person affected to not live in pain.

But, of course, for something like this, there should be safeguards and "hurdles" to go through before someone can go through with this decision.

I think there should a time frame that the decision is first proposed and enacted. This time period(I have no idea how long it should be) should be a time for the person to contemplate their decision, make preparations, and to seek out several different medical opinions.

These medical opinions shouldn't be simply finding out how long they person can survive the illness, in the case of a terminally ill patient, but also whether certain actions can be taken to allow the inflicted person to live comfortably, be able to go out and do things, and to enjoy their last bit of time on earth. Perhaps calling it a "quality of life assessment" or something like that.

I also think there should be a psychological assessment that is involved to assess the state of mind of the patient.

I think this is important because if steps are able to be taken to allow the person to live without pain and be able to go out and do things, i would hope that person would take advantage of that, so they can experience as much of life as they can before they go.

In my opinion, people should be able to make the decision to end their life ultimately because I view it as inhumane to force a person to live with an illness or malady that will make their existence miserable.

I would personally want to maximize my time on earth as much as I could, so I could experience as much as I could before I go. But I don't think any less of a person who doesn't wish to go though all the medical procedures to prolong their life, if they are going to have to tell with constant pain.

It is a very much a case by case thing and something that should have a process to it to make it safer for the people involved with it in order to not allow them to be euthanized without their consent.

Stephen Hawking's view on euthanasia

Stephen Hawking view on this topic has changed from his earlier held belief.

"I think those who have a terminal illness and are in great pain should have the right to choose to end their lives and those that help them should be free from prosecution," he said. "We don't let animals suffer, so why humans?"

He brings up a great point. It's almost like we treat animals better than we treat people. And humans have the ability to say when they are suffering and to ask for us to end their lives. That seems to almost make euthanasia for people more logical because they can provide consent.

The article I pulled the quote from is here:


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