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Is milk good for weight gain?

Updated on October 17, 2016

The inability to gain weight is a problem that most people would simply love to have yet for others, a lack of weight gain truly is a problem. No matter how hard they try, some people simply cannot gain weight. It may be that they burn a lot of calories due to the job that they do, or perhaps they just have an extremely high metabolism. Whatever it is, a lack of weight gain becomes an issue.

Recently we had a comment posted on one of our other hubs on this very point. The person who posted it said that, as much as he appreciated our natural weight gain advice, he simply did not have the time or appetite to eat all day long and he wondered if his metabolism was to blame? While I do agree that metabolism is likely to be a huge part of his problem, I do also feel that there is a very simple solution to that problem, milk!

The Controversy Surrounding Milk

For years milk was considered to be a healthy product for consumption. Packed with calcium as well as other vitamins and minerals, milk was the health product of choice for generations. Over the years though with the medical obsession with fat, cholesterol and allergies, milk has become a bit of a taboo word. So what are we to believe? Is milk good or bad for you, and can it help with weight gain?

As with many other nutritional products, it all depends on the person. I really don't think we can say that milk will have the same medical effects upon a person with a high metabolism that it would have upon a person with a low metabolism, in the same way that you can't expect milk to have the same allergic responses within every person. I believe and have seen physical proof that milk can be an extremely effective tool for natural weight gain in those that would otherwise be considered to be 'Hard Gainers'. The book Brawn by Stuart McRobert clearly shows the advantages of milk consumption for natural body builders who are looking to gain weight.

How milk helps you to gain weight

If you're the sort of person who struggles with appetite and weight gain then I truly believe that milk can be a valuable addition to your diet, it's just like having a liquid meal.

Contrary to popular opinion, your body needs fat. In fact, fat is essential in most of the body's metabolic processes and a lack of fat can cause big problems. Milk contains a fantastic balance of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and as a result, calories. This unique calorific make up makes milk an ideal compliment to any weight gaining diet, but only if you are doing the required training for muscle growth. Milk is also a great addition if you lack appetite to eat regularly and consistently throughout the day.

To build muscle you're going to need calories. To maintain muscle, you're going to need a consistent intake of calories. So to maintain your muscle growth based around milk intake, you will need to make an informed decision based upon your own research. No one else can do it for you as your future health could hang in the balance. Do you think that the regular intake of full fat milk will be instrumental or detrimental to your health? Only you can make that choice but if you decide to make milk a part of your regular diet then it will almost certainly help in your quest for increased mass.

The potential health risks

As we've mentioned, many experts feel that regular or excessive milk intake can carry health risks such as high cholesterol, heart disease and even cancer. The problem is that many experts say this about most things. An excessive intake of anything carries risks, even drinking too much water in a short period of time could kill you. So do your research and then make your own decision about whether milk could be your answer to your weight gain problem. It has helped many people to gain mass and it could help you too, if you're happy with the risks.

What do you think? Is milk a wise choice for weight gain or should you look to other products?


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