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Ordering Birth Control Online

Updated on September 19, 2017

Stigma gets in the way of women's health

Near my friends' home there is a small women's clinic in a strip mall. No one would know that was actually what the building was, but on most afternoons the mob of protesters mobbing the street corner draws the police. My friends' wouldn't have bought this house if they actually knew about the daily battles between the police, protesters, and neighbors who worried about having their children playing is nearby yards have to withstand the yelling, the horrible pamphlet photos being tacked on trees, and the cries of the medical staff just trying to get to their cars after a long day at work.

Where my friend was too afraid to use any of the services for at this clinic due to the mob outside, I actually booked an appointment to go for my yearly gynecological check up. Once at that clinic was enough for me. I had parked in my friends' driveway and only had to walk across the street. Berated by a man with a bullhorn screaming at me about abortion- even after I explained although I shouldn't have to I just just going for Pap Smear; the man continued to chase me to the doorway.

Once inside, the medical staff apologized and offered to have someone walk me back out after my appointment if I wanted.

If I was just here trying to get my yearly screening from the doctor and had to deal with this nonsense, I could only imagine how many women in need of birth control or abortion consultation had been run off by the crazed man.

There had to be another way and unfortunately as the attempted appeal and replace of Obamacare tested the possibility of millions of Americans being able to afford health insurance. The prices of health insurance soars each year making it harder to afford for most.

While health insurance currently covers most birth control at little to no cost- the places to safely obtain it are often limited to seeing a private doctor or places like the clinic across from my friends' home. Through research, I came across sites in the last few years that have started to offer the filling of birth control prescriptions online or through a mail order in hopes that women who may not have the opportunity to otherwise be seen by a medical professional can be served, or those just looking for a more convenient way to have their medication delivered.


Harassed outside a women's clinic

Though I shouldn't have to explain anything, I told him I was just at the clinic for a Pap Smear. The man with the bullhorn chased me to the door anyway.

Getting a new prescription online

Young women may not have the means to see a doctor- whether that is financial or some other reason like lacking a safe place to visit a clinic, so ordering birth control online may be a viable option for those insured or not.

Nurx: Patients are asked questions about health and sexual history. Health providers may refer patients to get lab work or get their blood pressure checked at a local pharmacy if needed. Taking into consideration the health and any previous birth control options a patient has taken before, you can then be recommended what the health professional thinks is best for you or choose a previous form of birth control to be prescribed again which can be mailed to you or picked up at a local participating pharmacy. Nurx will provide a one year prescription in most cases and will do refills for three months after either providing your insurance information. This will range from free to low cost depending on your coverage. It can also be paid on credit card for uninsured patients.

The availability to use Nurx does depend on your state so check eligibility first.

PRJKT Ruby: Offering live chat and a virtual visit PRJKT Ruby, has similarity to Nurx being able to being able to start a new prescription online and even in some states can provide emergency contraception. Accepting either insurance or pay on credit card, delivery can range from a few days to next day in the case of emergency contraception. Eligibility is also determined by your state, but prescriptions can be mailed just about anywhere in the country.

The Pill Club and Pill Pack can both mail order a current prescription to patients but does not have the ability to write a new prescription.

Based on your state, Planned Parenthood may do virtual appointments as well through their phone app or online but visiting a clinic is person they offer birth control consultations. Options through an in clinic visit can help you chose the best form for you.

Sites for online birth control

Planned Parenthood (varying states)
Varying insurance prescription by mail
Pill Pack
The Pill Club
Online Pharmacies

Respect the health of others

Whereas our experience and attitudes with birth control and abortion may be influenced by upbringing and religious beliefs, denying these opportunities to seek medical care to other women in our communities isn't our right



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