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Is the Rat Race Destroying Your Health and Peace of Mind?

Updated on July 8, 2014
Actress Helena Bonham Carter Isn't Guilty Of Being Part Of The Rat Race -  Here As The Red Queen
Actress Helena Bonham Carter Isn't Guilty Of Being Part Of The Rat Race - Here As The Red Queen | Source

Depression and Poor Health on the Rise

It’s alarming these days to see young twentysomethings dashing to make cash, rearing to breed and urging to merge. They no longer look fresh and appealing any more. Instead, lack of sleep, exercise and a proper diet and wanting wanting all the time has made them haggard, depressed and unhealthy.

The Dash For Cash Is Taking Its Toll On Young People
The Dash For Cash Is Taking Its Toll On Young People | Source
Life In The Fast Lane Can Stress You Out
Life In The Fast Lane Can Stress You Out | Source

The Dash for Cash

Sure, it’s great to make pots of money but must you kill yourself in the process? If the old cliché ‘Health is Wealth’ is true –and I believe it is, then how can you hold on to your health when you’re slaving away every night till midnight and after? Well, almost every night.

I have seen nervous wrecks who haven’t been on a holiday for three years, can’t sit with getting a backache, haven’t had a weekend off for two months and always go about coughing and wheezing. So how do they enjoy their work as they say they do?

Sheela, who always wanted to be an editor is no longer a twentysomething and so is old enough and wise enough to say: “Because I have a kid now I don’t think I’ll ever be one. But is that a bad thing? Would it really make me happy to be big boss? I don’t think so now. I love working in my time from my home.” Sheela is certainly happier than many young mothers who are torn between the demands of their children and their careers. She has more time for her kid, her husband and her soul.

The Race To Get Married Is Unhealthy
The Race To Get Married Is Unhealthy

The Race to Get Married

Young things today are in a big hurry to find their `lifelong partner’ by the time they’re 27. t’s not that you could never find Prince Charming at age 27, but setting out consciously to do so can put a lot of pressure on your relationships and will probably chase HIM away. Give yourself enough years to meet more eligible men and so have a wider choice. Get to know all about them before you take the plunge. It’s most critical if you want a relationship that lasts. After all, you’ve got to know what you’re getting into.

Says Malika S, 25: “I feel like I just have to find the right man. All my friends seem to have found theirs and I feel like the odd one out. I feel I’ll end up being a spinster. I feel lonely and I really long to have lots of babies.” Malika is a talented writer and I believe that if she just changes her focus a bit and pays more attention to her creative skills, she’ll stop having such irrational anxieties about her future. Her experience makes one wonder how far peer pressure can influence young women to make the wrong decisions.

Super Model Cindy Crawford Took It Slow
Super Model Cindy Crawford Took It Slow | Source

Consider the Celebrities

Consider the Celebrities

There’s no reason to panic yet, ladies. Supermodel Cindy Crawford says she always wanted kids but had to wait till her early thirties and her second marriage before having a baby boy. Helena Bonham Carter, one of Britain’s most successful actresses did not leave home till she was 30 because she didn’t want to grow up! And when she did, it was just up the road from her parents’ place. That’s a desirable quality to have – being a child as long as possible. Once you’re an adult, you’re saddled with responsibilities. Liz Hurley had to wait till her mid thirties before becoming a successful film producer.

So just calm down and take it slow. The sweetest things come to those who wait.

Being Obsessed About Having a Baby

Women like Malika are not a rare breed at all. I know women who stare for hours at pictures of babies and fantasize about having their own to doll up in pink lace and ribbons. Maybe someone should tell them about the travails of parenthood: No full night’s sleep for at least three years; stains on your clothes; stretch marks; smelly diapers and hey—no romance either. Perhaps romance will creep back in once you can get back into your old pair of jeans, but most of the time, it just doesn’t. Especially not when you marry young because your tender years make you highly susceptible to Mills and Boon type romances. You think that high you feel with your man initially will never die down. Mistaken again. Let’s say it might mellow into ‘comfortable companionship’. Nothing’s wrong with that if you’re older and can see the wisdom of a comfortable companionship.

The best advice is to make the most of your career and your romance before you get married and have babies.

How to Escape the Rat Race


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