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Is there such a thing as "Normal"

Updated on June 6, 2012

Is there such a thing as "Normal"

Mental Illness - Sanity - Insanity – Normal

By Monica Ortega

Mental Illness – Any of the various forms of psychosis or severe neurosis

Sanity – Soundness of mind

Insanity – The condition of being insane; derangement of the mind

Normal – 1.Of standard type; usual, 2. The standard or average


First, let’s start off with the word “normal” it’s meaning, a standard average of usual…Can you seriously tell me what normal is? I have kind of determined that there is no such thing as normal. According to the American Psychological Association, in community samples more than two - thirds of children will report a traumatic experience by the age of sixteen years of age. These are just reported incidents, what about the unreported incidents?


Traumas that include physical, sexual, verbal, school violence and other traumas such as unintentional injuries or natural disasters etc. So, now can you maybe get a picture of such children who do grow up? Normal can fall far from the nest of sanity. How can someone experience sanity in their adult years when as children we learned how to hide those shameful secrets far down within? Even though you are an adult now you carry the load of your past traumatic experience, while trying to cope with your everyday responsibilities.

The sad thing is that such secrets without professional help can cause a level of insanity that can build up slowly with responsibilities and commitments that we are not ready for, as an adult. Eventually, creating any various form of a potential mental illness that leaves us temporarily or permanently immobilized. Trying to learn how to deal with the situations but you end up finding ways to self - medicate through drugs, alcohol, sex, criminal activity, or suicide rather than face and deal with a mental illness or disorder, which by the way is not going to happen without support and professional help.

There are so many people out there pretending to be “normal” which is sad because inside they are hurting and they are dying trying to find that one person they can trust in order to start healing. I want to encourage as many people as I can who have been victimized or who even know of someone who has been victimized, to please don’t let the past rule your future. Get help today, because today is a gift of life called the present.

“Years ago you hurt me, pain that feels like yesterday…thought’s and dreams, nightmare’s and screams…crying by day, crying by night…now you are gone never to return now there is healing and a past to be burned…yes, today I may struggle but today I will learn that I am in charge to feel confident and free, and that no one can ever again hurt me. So, I will carry the present a gift given to me and share it with the world that they may see, that nothing is impossible for you or for me”

Poem by Monica Ortega


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