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Is your immune system heading towards a speed–bump too fast?

Updated on June 2, 2016

Here is 'food for thought, and food for thinking.'

If you haven’t already hit a speed–bump in your life, then you might just be heading for one! What do I mean? Just this . . . we have created an amazing paradigm in today’s society. We’ve found a new way to starve ourselves while still eating! In-fact – over ¾ of us starve while overeating!

This is our desperate attempt to get the nutrients’ we need to function! We also face ever increasing stress and corporate pressures at levels that society has never before faced in all of history!

The food we have now is rampant with thousands of poisons, additives and chemicals – massed produced on over–producing, starved soils; creating a dramatic reduction in the quality of the produce we eat every day.

Take action now and look after your family! But what action can you take; and how? The only way is by strengthen your immune system.

We are what we eat — literally, but not only that . . . we are what our plants eat!

In today's world - with our soils starved of valuable minerals and vitamins, we need — 75 bowls, of mass produced spinach to give us our daily iron needs: where–by what was grown fifty years ago . . . we would have only needed one bowl to get the same amount! This is astounding; and very scary!

Did you know, in February 1996; out of the ‘top–ten’ advertisers in the USA, numbers one, two and six were for fast food restaurants! Today’s eating habits and degenerated foods actually leave most of us metabolically ham-stringed! We are actually starving at a cellular level!

You might say, ‘So what! It’s only a few hungry cells; I’m still alive!’ Unfortunately, there is much more to this picture. It has been discovered that an estimate of the 60–trillion cells which we possess in our bodies — each of those cells complete as much as 6–trillion activities per second; with the sole purpose of keeping us alive!

Therefore, why don't you think about just what our 60-trillion cells in these starved bodies actually do for us – every breathing moment of our lives . . .

If you do the maths you will come up with a staggering figure of 360 activities per second . . . with 24 zeros’ after it (that my friend is what you would call 360 septillions)!

The gut of the matter is this – all those busy, starved cells are sadly lacking! Our quality of life is pitiful with heart disease, cancer, and any number of other degenerative diseases effecting us and our families — every hour!

Don’t kid yourself . . . WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

Have you ever wondered why you’re so tired all the time? Why is there an epidemic of depressed people, where you work, live and play? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out!


Is our immune system 'really' keeping up with the pressures we face every day?
Is our immune system 'really' keeping up with the pressures we face every day? | Source

Symptoms - what are they really?

Remember the top 10 advertising companies I mentioned earlier? Do you have any unction of what two of those other top companies were? Pharmaceutical producers. Any guesses what they were advertising? Drugs and painkillers designed to relieve symptoms. Very interesting!

We consume tonnes of drugs, every year! We spend billions of dollars buying them to relieve symptoms! There is something wrong with this picture!

Why do we have symptoms anyway? It’s because our bodies are screaming, telling us — we need help!

Will relieving those symptoms solve the problems? Absolutely NOT!

We are all driving towards a speed–bump! In fact, many hit one too fast, when their bodies giveaway to the external pressures, and they collapse under a heart attack, or a cancer, or any other problems that ‘quote’ have no known cause! On the other hand, maybe the cause is known . . . you just didn’t listen!

We have to make choices between diet, exercise and rest; disease — or degeneration. You choose!

This is a funny qualm about us humans, we don’t want to do – or have any of these things to cause an effect on our little lives, yet two of them will kill you, and three of them will vastly improve our lives!

We are in a losing our battle, at a molecular level. We need to take charge of our own personal development — take responsibility for ourselves and the development of our Immune system!

Speed Bump

Are you heading towards a speed-bump, or a wake-up call too fast?
Are you heading towards a speed-bump, or a wake-up call too fast? | Source

Look out! Speed-bump approaching!

Imagine you never changed the oil in your car, yet you keep on driving. You never check the water, or do basic maintenance. Slowly but surely the engine burns up what little [shall we say] nutrients it has. Then one day — BAM! . . . Your engine overheats and suddenly blows up in your face! You have just hit your speed–bump!

Are you a victim of that situation? NO, you are not! You’ve just failed to give your engine what it really needed. We are not feeding our immune systems, and they are very hungry!

Taking Personal responsibility means taking action! If you keep doing what you have always done, then you will always get what you have always had . . . tired, sick, weakened bodies and immune systems!

We are so tired, sick, grumpy and depressed because our bodies suffer serious damage every day from free radicals. Our bodies are polluted with chemicals. And our overproduced, low quality foods we eat can’t even pull a small dent from out of that damage.

So what can we do about it? We need to turn to SUPER-FOODS just to keep our immunity up with the fight; we need to FILL our diet with ANTIOXIDANTS. Our body does produce these weapons against those dangerous free radicals, but not fast enough!

We need things like selenium, copper, zinc, and amino acids to name a few. We need quality organically grown foods where ever possible. These will increase our personal reserves of beta-carotene, vitamin e and vitamin c. These in our diet help to build up our resistance from the constant barraging we receive every day.

The concept of super foods is necessary today because we face ‘higher than normal’ stresses, over and above our predecessors; our food is of a ‘considerably lower than normal quality of once was’ and therefore we need ‘much higher than normal’ intake of these daily nutrients.

Super foods will give us what we need in tightly packed bundles. This is really the only way we can punch these basic needs back into our subordinated diets.

If we want to WIN this ‘war of the cells’ then we need to take drastic action, and we need to do it now! Because what we’ve been feeding ourselves over a period of many year, has been doing damage to us and it will take time and plenty TLC (Tender Loving Care) to repair and stabilise.

Take note — in fact, write it down! Write down any changes you discover happening within your body after you have been taking super-foods regularly. You could experience anything from ‘increased energy level,’ to improved digestion. You could even experience a better-balanced weight and a lift in your emotional state.

Your body has been through the mill, and has worked hard to fight. It’s only right to give it a break and to shovel something back to it that it can work with.

Don’t eat and yet starve your cells anymore - You might end up running into a brick wall with an unwelcome speed–bump!

This info is based around notes I’ve taken from a conference held by Dr Keith Jeffery: Food for thought; Potential for the immune system.

Bullet points

  • We are what we eat - literally!
  • Taking personal responsibility means taking action
  • Exercise and rest are more important than you think
  • Super-foods are the new black

A World without cancer


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