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Israeli Army Diet: Burn Up To 10 Pounds In 8 Days

Updated on May 28, 2015

Israeli Army Diet was well known during 1970s. Still if you follow the diet plan religiously, you can get good results. It’s easy to burn your fat with Israeli food consumption plan and look healthy and fit. Though Israel is not a big nation in world map, the country fights with its big enemies with ease and wins most of the times. The role of fit Israeli army personals also matters a lot during their successful military operations. They not only fight against terrorism but also ensure to win the battle. You can also become slim and attractive by simply following a few simple dietary tips mentioned in Israeli army diet.

What Is Israeli Army Diet?

This diet lasts for 8 days and during the course of diet you just need to consume one kind of food for 2 days of interval. Including fad diet substances such as grapefruit is strictly prohibited in Israeli army diet. These days this diet is not followed in Israeli army.

You just need to consume one or two foodstuffs a day on top of tea and coffee. As the diet has less amount of calorie intake, it is not certified by any health or medical professional. But it is still considered by those who want to quickly get rid of excessive fat.

  • Days 1 & 2: Apples are allowed with black tea and coffee.
  • Days 3 & 4: Cheese is allowed with black tea and coffee.
  • Days 5 & 6: Chicken is allowed with black tea and coffee.
  • Days 7 & 8: Salad is allowed with black tea and coffee.

Results of Israeli Army Diet:

If you follow the diet for 8 days, you will likely to lose up to 10 pounds. But it is not a long term weight loss plan. After leaving this diet, the dieter will quickly gain his/her weight back with normal food. So it cannot be considered as a permanent source of burning body fat. Lack of protein and other essential nutritionals like vitamins and calories can even affect your health in an adverse way. A balanced dietary plan is always preferred to gain a well-shaped body.

Advantages of Israeli Army Diet:

  • It’s not a lengthy dietary plan and within eight days you can complete it.
  • Likely to burn fat for a short term.
  • Easy to follow and includes only a few food items.

Disadvantages of Israeli Army Diet:

  • Known as a fad diet
  • High drop-out rate
  • Not linked with Israeli military
  • Strict dietary plan

Consulting Your Medical Practitioner:

It is important to consult your medical practitioner before going for such kind of diet to avoid any health concern. Also thoroughly analyze the facts about Israeli military diet.


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