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It Can Be Hard Staying Focused With a Ruminating Mind

Updated on October 1, 2017

Our thought has so much power over our lives. They can make us happy. They can make us work hard with ideas of what we can attain or who we can become. They can make us discover new things about the world and the universe we live in.

Our thoughts are such amazing things. However, at the same time, our thoughts can very much make us sad. They can make us depressed. They can keep us stagnated.

Our thoughts can very much be either our servants who can lead us to a better and brighter future or they can be our master who can keep us chained to a negative past.

It is so important we learn how to be the champions of our thoughts and guide them into areas that we won't them to go. In areas which will make us the best versions of ourselves possible.

However, it is a constant battle trying to control the mind. A ruminating mind is a very dangerous enemy in life but an enemy that can be defeated.

So here are three ways that one can stay focus and keep the ruminating mind at bay.

1. Self Affirmations

Our thoughts come from our mind. What we feed our minds is what our thoughts will produce. Think about wanting to get a six-pack. You want to get a six-pack, but you are eating hamburgers and drinking beer. Would you believe you will get a six pack by putting that negative food inside you?

Of course not. Likewise with our thoughts. We need to feed the positive mind affirmations. Wake up and immediately say "I Am Grateful For Another Day." Say to yourself "I Have Another Opportunity To Become Better Today."

There are a plethora of affirmations that you can say to yourself that will help to keep you focused. Whatever you are trying to do or whatever you are trying to overcome it is important that you regularly tell yourself these positive affirmations.

2. Meditations

Meditation is an excellent way to keep the mind from foraying back into the negative past. Meditation can help to keep you in the presence. A little bit similar to the previous example, meditation will be able to keep you present whereas the former will keep you looking to the future.

It is very beneficial to be able to stay in the present. Rumination takes us back to the past and keeps us there. It keeps us locked in the past and chains us to events and situations we would otherwise, if not so emotional, be able to move beyond.

This is the power of rumination but the power to stay in the present is so much more and so much more beneficial for your life.

3. Talk To Someone

In getting over your past, it can be constructive to speak to someone about the pain you feel. Speaking to someone allows you to let go of that negative past and move on. What keeps you going back to the past and to continue to fight with your present moment is the fact that you keep those negative events and situations bottled inside yourself.

Let go of the past by letting it out verbally. Keeping those toxics thoughts inside of you will rot you away from the inside. You don't have to speak to a therapist but merely talking to a close friend will do wonders for you.

Stop Your Ruminating Mind

There is nothing more problematic to the mind and our dreams than a ruminating mind. A ruminating mind can make life so unbearable, and for some, the rumination leads to not only depression but suicide.

Life is always worth living. Yesterday does not need to define your tomorrow. Let go of your ruminating mind. We are all always trying to improve,


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