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It Has Been Over One Successful Year Without Smoking

Updated on December 30, 2011

read up, it is very individual

Here is My Story

I began smoking when I was about 25 years old, and after I had had all three of my children. It was the last of the bad habits I picked up as an adult. It was also something that I found very appealing and satisfying especially at certain times, like after I ate a meal.

I had attempted to quit many times through the years, and did so successfully for short periods of times, like for a month, or even so long as three months at a time. Eventually, I would go back to it, slowly and one smoke at a time, until I was a full time smoker again. I found that it was a very hard habit to break, and needed some help to do so.

I decided that professional help was in order, and went to a psychiatrist, and neuro,-psychiatrist to be exact. This is a doctor who has studied human behavior, but more than that, he has studied human behavior as it has to do with chemicals and their influence on your brain and your behavior in turn.

He told me about different people and their situations, and about some research that he had done that led to him figuring out that every single inventor that he could find information on in our United States history, had been inflicted with diabetes. It picked his curiosity and to this date has not found a single person who invented anything of any importance, that did not have it. I began inquiring,on the same subject, and also could not find anything contrary to his findings.

Now if something like diabetes could affect how a person behaves, why not other things, and even in the same line of thinking, perhaps something like the same could help a person with reversing the habit. It is though provoking.

I went to this doctor every two weeks, for two hours at a time, and we discussed this and other topics, trying to find helps and cures for all types of behavioral problems I was experiencing at that time. Smoking was a big one, and so was drinking alcohol. I had to get to the root of some of my behavioral problems, and solving some of habitual problems too, and we both felt that there were reasons not only in my childhood that helped this along, but substances that encouraged the same.

After talking and talking about these and other issues, he gave me a couple of ideas as to possibly helping me get a handle on some of these issues. His advice was sound, and when I followed it, I successfully was able to quit. Here is what I did.

To begin with, the first and foremost thing that has to be done, is to actually make up your mind, and make a conscience decision to stop. Once this is done, the rest of the helps can follow. Until this decision is made, there is no point in going on with any of the other helps, for it is bound to fail. A person who says they want to stop something, but does not really, deep down, will not be able to quit. The mind is a very powerful thing, and our thought create a reality. The first step has to be that clear conscience decision to actually not only wanting to stop, but positively deciding to do it.

Once the clear cut decision has been made, then the next step I took was to begin a regiment of self hypnosis, and brainwashing. I did this by simply buying a new notebook that would be used only for this objective.

In it I labeled the first page with the heading and title of "Homework" and "What it is I am Expecting to do". On that first page I wrote a very short, maybe two paragraphs on my smoking habit, what it existed of as far as how much I smoked and when was my favorite times to smoke. It also contained my written decision to stop and why I wanted to quit. On the following page I began the actual homework, as the doctor called it. This was one sentence, which I must tell you now, must be exactly what you want, for you must be careful of the wording for your own good. The sentence I wrote was "I hate the way cigarettes taste and smell."

I was instructed to write this sentence fifty times each time I wrote it, and a minimum of three times a day. I decided to improve my handwriting at the same time, seeing as how I was about to do a lot of it. Also, I was expected to tell at least one person a day, it did not matter who it was, that I was quitting. The exact words I used was important. I told at least one person a day, and I quote, "I decided to stop smoking, and I am going to do it, starting last Monday." This, he said was called proclaiming something. This actually meant that when you want something or want to do something, that you claim it for yourself in front of a witness, and you must do this every single day. The last part of this homework assignment was to turn to the middle of the notebook, labeling the page Journal, and with the time and date on each entry, write a journal keeping track of each day and what took place, successes and failures. This sets everything you do, and what happens in ink, making it permanent.

All of this makes it a 100% commitment to you, a witness, and the world that you made this decision, that you made the effort of trying, and what you did to try, and the end result as you go along, keeping track of the whole thing.

One thing you must remember, and that it that there is no such thing as a failure. If you do smoke, it is not a failure to quit, only a humanistic setback, and a very brief one for a slip up is only due to the fact that it is a habit. A learned habit took time to learn and therefore will take time to unlearn. If you do smoke, you must not feel guilty, only try not to do it again. It is not a failure, only a small setback that can be reversed by not smoking the next time you feel like it.

So, this is what I did, and it took me about three months to stop completely. It only took four days of writing the sentence, I hate the way cigarettes taste and smell, to light up a smoke and have an actual physical distaste for it. That part really worked and was easy because I really did find the taste of it nasty. After they tasted bad, and while I kept telling people what I was up to, the rest of it was not hard at all, once I was certain about my decision to stop.

Three months of trying, and another six months of feeling tempted once in a while, and it was over. It really was not very difficult at all. I was surprised at how hard I made it on myself in previous attempts. I had set myself up for failure before that, and then felt guilty about it.

Give this a try, and maybe even let us know how it worked out for you, for this was the easiest I ever did with it. What can it hurt, it may even work.....


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