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Skinny Body Wraps: Do they really work?

Updated on July 4, 2014

There is always some new fad making waves in the weight world, and one of the current fads are body wraps. If you have a Facebook account or are a constant online visitor I’m sure you have been bombarded with testimonies and ads for the various types of body wraps. Everyone is always looking for a fast and easy way to lose a little weight. I usually try not to give into the fads but I had friends who were selling body wraps and I decided to jump on the gravy train and give it a try.

Wrapping the body in saran wrap! Fun Times!
Wrapping the body in saran wrap! Fun Times! | Source

The Skinny on Skinny Wraps

I didn’t order my wrap from one of my friends, simply because I was slightly embarrassed to be trying this new fad. I was hopeful that it would work since my friends swore by it and who can I trust if I can trust my salesman friend. I went onto one of the body wrap sites and began reading about the non-woven application cloth that is covered in a “botanically” based formula, which is supposed to tighten, firm, and lessen the visible cellulite on the area where the cloth is applied. I have three children and my stomach has never been the same since their births so I was willing to give it a try. The applicator is covered in a gooey tan goop, that smells a lot like Bengay. I was unable to wrap myself, so I had to get my husband to assist in this insane nonsense. After placing the applicator cloth on the desired area, mine being my tummy, you are supposed to then wrap the area in saran wrap. So yes, my husband took our roll of saran wrap and tightly wrapped it around my abdomen area to hold the applicator tight to my stomach. After wrapping me up tighter than a fruit salad, I had to sit in the saran wrap for at least 45 minutes.

When the 45 minutes was up, we removed the slimy wet saran wrap and applicator cloth from my stomach, and then promptly massaged the remaining formula into my skin. I smelled of Bengay for the entire night. Upon waking up, I did feel like my stomach was tighter and it seemed to make a difference however, by the next day, the difference seem to vanish. I completed the wrap a total of 12 more times hoping each time it would last longer but it did not. The results never lasted very long. I guess that’s how the body wrap companies make their money. It makes an instant difference but the results quickly fade and you need to purchase another wrap.

Each wrap cost anywhere from $49 - $100 depending on your customer status. However, being just a teacher, I did not have enough money to fund this insane wrapping technique that only last for a mere days.

Example of the non-woven cloth applicator
Example of the non-woven cloth applicator | Source

Should you Try a Skinny Body Wrap?

If you are someone on any type of budget, then this is not for you. The results are very short lived and you must continually purchase the wraps in order to maintain any results. If you have an infinite amount of money and do not mind being wrapped up like a turkey sandwich every three or more days, then go for it. You will have a slightly tighter stomach for about 48-72 hours and then you’ll have to wrap again. Now of course you are not only limited to your stomach, you can of course wrap almost any part of your body, even under your chin. But again, to maintain the desired result expect to pay hundreds of dollars per month.


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    • profile image

      trish 3 years ago

      The body wrap is just a jump start to a diet it is not a miracle worker you have to exercise to keep it off and it wont help if you eat like crazy after too...