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It Maybe Time to Rethink What You Watch on TV for Your Mental Health

Updated on August 7, 2013

Why Watch Something That Never Uplifts You?


Linden and Holder, Coming Up Empty


Why Did I watch That!

I've been asking myself that ever since I began watching AMC's "The Killing", which is winding up it's third season. The other night I watched a scene in which a convicted killer, (actor Peter Sarsgaard in a performance that deserves an Emmy), was taken to be hung. All season we were toyed with whether he did the deed or not, but the other night we found out he definitely did not kill the person he was convicted of and every last ditch effort was to no avail. We watched as his body was trembling so badly he couldn't even walk to the gallows without help, and if having to watch the hanging weren't bad enough, the procedure itself goes badly and when the drop doesn't snap his neck as it should, the audience has to endure as he slowly strangles.........REALLY!!

Although the show is well written and the actors are superb, after the show was over I was left feeling sick and depressed. Unfortunately, the show is depressing from beginning to end, every show. These people do not have any life. I guess they don't go see a funny movie, go bowling or any other "normal" activity. They live in Drearyville and welcome all to wallow in their misery.

I decided that night it was the last time I'd be tuning in. Although I have come to care for the characters, I just can't keep subjecting myself to week after week of grey, rain and shadows; with no hope for a better tomorrow. Farewell Linden and Holder. May you find something to be happy about soon!

Graphic Details are Now the Norm


Dark is a Growing Trend....for Now.

Dark....really dark dramas, seem to be a growing trend which had its start with cable shows such as Dexter, (finalizing after eight seasons), followed by Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Homeland and now The Bridge to name some.

Network shows use to attract an audience with great writing, and compelling characters which didn't have to resort to shock tactics and continual heaviness, but now, more and more, they too have surrendered to the dark side! I couldn't watch Criminal Minds, or Law and Order any longer for all the same reasons as the cable shows, and even CSI Las Vegas has become much darker then when it first started with rarely a reason to smile.

I have always been a fan of criminal shows and still will watch some, such as Major Crimes, Rizzoli and Isles, NCIS etc. for, although crime is a part of life, at least these shows have some aspect of humor now and again to break up the seriousness of what the characters endure. There has to be some redemption; some happiness in the lives of the characters now and again, otherwise every law enforcement official would be locked in a rubber room if all these shows were a complete depiction of real life.

Time to Re-Evaluate What Needs to go so You Can Feel Better


You Can't Take it Back

Stress, anxiety and depression are a huge problem in this country. People attribute it to personal issues, politics or the work place which is of course a big part of the overall picture, but they never think twice about the negative effects these dark shows play on the psyche. Everything you hear, and see will stay with you forever. You can't take it back.

Your mind is an incredible sponge. You may not think it matters when you watch one disturbing show after another, but each one gets stored in your mind, accumulating in your subconscious. And, like it or not, it affects the way you look at the world.

In the 1950's people would have fainted if they watched even half of what we see on TV and the movies these days. Nowadays you can watch horrible mutilations on the screen and say, "It's OK, it's not real", but real or not, your mind will hold on to those images.

When you hear people are desensitized to graphic violence, what they are, is accustomed to, and accept a very negative way of looking of life. Accepting negativity as a norm, in essence says, "I'm OK with this kind of life." And if you're OK with that, then you will live in a world that is negative because that is how you see it. Your world is, and always will be, what you think of it!

Light or Darkness....It's Your Choice


Choose How You Will See the World

So, even though what you watch is only part of the whole picture when it comes to mental health, you may want to rethink what you watch if you find stress, anxiety and depression becoming a bigger problem in your life.

It won't be easy, just as I will have to get over not watching "The Killing" anymore, I know and accept that if something doesn't make me feel good, at least most the time, I need to find something that will. Seeing the world as a good place to live is too important to me and I hope it is to you as well.

Lucille Ball Knew Life Wasn't Suppose to be so Serious


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    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 3 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      I agree with you. It's good to watch something that does not affect one too much.

    • New Understanding profile image

      New Understanding 4 years ago from Northern California

      Thank you wish-list-gifts I'm finding I'm weeding out more and more shows every week, and I'm feeling much healthier, mentally.

    • New Understanding profile image

      New Understanding 4 years ago from Northern California

      Thank you LeslieAdrienne I so appreciate you kind comments.

    • New Understanding profile image

      New Understanding 4 years ago from Northern California

      Thanks soconfident. Yes, I know someone who suffers from depression but she can't get enough of very sad depressing movies. It's just a matter of realizing what you are doing to yourself before you can make things better!

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      Totally agree there has occasions where what I saw on Tv is what I'm dealing with in life and it only makes thing worst

    • LeslieAdrienne profile image

      Leslie A. Shields 4 years ago from Georgia

      I am giving you a standing ovation right now... You said it all. It is no coincidence that people rarely smile when they meet or that 30 seconds into any conversation is when the complaints, dread, anger etc. begin.

      I am with you, the thoughts and feelings go hand in hand and actions directly follow thoughts..... God Bless you for writing this one.... I am pinning it .