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ItWorks Crazy Wraps

Updated on July 11, 2016
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Chelsey Thompson is a graduate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, stay at home mother, owner of SAHMWriting, and a Crazy Wrap Girl!.

There are many great health and wellness products on the market. In my search to find a reputable company that has great products that work well and actually work the way that they promise, I have come across a lot of passionate people who are ready to help their customers get in the best shape ever. But one company that really stuck out to me because of their great products and passionate sales people was ItWorks!

I have been trying to lose weight for over a year now, and the only change is the scale going up. I tried exercising and diet like crazy, but just ended up tired and grumpy, but I didn’t want to just jump on the latest weight loss craze and get sick. I spent most of this year looking at other products, just to see what they have to offer.

ItWorks! really stuck out to me because of the all natural ingredients. You can go on their website and actually see the ingredients, and many of them are common items you can find at your grocery store. This got me curious and I decided to start out with the skinny wraps, one of their most popular products.

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about using these. How could a wrap really provide all these benefits? I had two kids within 18 months of each other (and they were big kids) so I was sure that I wasn’t going to see much of anything, but I figured, why not give it a try?

The first wrap was interesting. It took a bit to get it organized, but the tingly feeling helped to invigorate me and make me more excited to see the results. I only left the wrap on for the 45 minutes because I wanted to go by the claims, but there are many people who leave these on safely overnight and are just fine.

I will say I was impressed. There was a bit of toning and difference when I took it off. I would recommend taking pictures because it is hard to see the difference in 45 minutes. You will not notice a ten-inch difference in this time period, but a slight one is possible when comparing side by side.

I would recommend waiting until the next day or a few days later. The ingredients in the wraps are meant to last and keep working for 72 hours and you are really going to see more of the results when you wait. I was impressed by the difference after the third day since you can now see it without the pictures.

Overall, I was impressed with these wraps. You are supposed to use 4 of these on one area for a full treatment, which I did and liked the results. Any area below the neck works with these (they have a facial if you would like to work on the face), to tone and tighten.

I have since used some other ItWorks! products and love these even more. They have helped me to lose a total of 10 pounds in just a few weeks, really impressive since I’m still working on eating right 100% of the time.

Whether you are just starting on the weight loss or have been trying for years, ItWorks! is the company to go with. The skinny wraps are not necessarily for weight loss, more for toning and tightening that lose skin, but ItWorks! provides many other products you are sure to love.

If you are interested in trying out the Skinny Wraps for 40% off ( a 4 pack for $59) make sure to check out my website!


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